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    Darren Tibbey

    PL mini kites

    Its all crabs around here. And stingrays.
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    That's what I like so well about this site. I don't use any third party for posting pictures here. Just click and drag images from my desk top. I had to use photobucket on pkf because I was never smart enough to embed pictures directly in the post without it. Either way, I could care less if I live on through my kite pictures posted and definitely won't pay photonucket. It was always awful to use. The only other forum I post pictures to is weber kettle club and that's because i can post pictures direct from my phone using their app. Ha, just learned I can upload direct from my phone here.
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    Photobucket has a hack, type ~original at the end of the link (before [/IMG]) and the image will appear. Working for now at least....
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    Ocean Rodeo Stick-Shift 2017 Bar

    Demo bar from Nigel @ East Coast Kitesurfing has arrived today for review @Spartan will be hooking it up to one of his Boost2's for a fortnight to see what he thinks.
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    Darren Tibbey

    Extreme Kites Winter Chill Hoodies

    Mines on the way.👍
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    Born-Kite StreetStar

    Thanks Steve! @windstruck sent me kite that steffen sent him to try out. Kite control was intuitive but still took time to get the hang of while moving. My style of street kiting involves a lot of fluid transitions in a semi confined area so that's what I wanted to test first. It took me a good hour to get transitions down. The main reason is one handed control. This is where it gets hard to explain and will vary for different riders. I'm goofy footed (right foot first) and I transition from frontside to backside and ride toe side so my right foot is always forward. keep in mind your thumb always needs to be pointed to the top of the bar. This means I'm comfortably riding toe side using my right hand (I'm right handed) but when I transition there are 2 options. continue to hold the bar in my right hand but upside down (a little awkward but doable) or switch hands and use my left. I've never been good flying left handed so that took a lot of time to get down. Keep in mind your switching hands during the transition. All that is to say that when I use a normal bar on a nasa star, I would always fly toe side one handed with my strong hand and when I would transition to front side, I would be flying with both hands on the bar so I've never been forced to use my left hand solely. I've only used it for a couple hours so far so this will probably be a minor hurdle and something that I already was getting good at by the time I left. The relaunch and landing works flawlessly. Really impressive. The turning works well but does take some practice and getting used to as to be expected. My first impression is that a standard nasa star would be much easier for a beginner but for intermediates, this kite offers a much more dynamic flying experience and most likely will have much better upwind capability. I'll test that out when the wind direction cooperates for a couple of my long road spots. Transitions were much more similar to flying my peak on handles as far as how the kite behaves but using just one handle for all control. Very wild and fun kite. It does take some skill to use but I like that. I would like to add some 2m or 5m lines to see how that goes. I will take a look at how easy that will be to add next time I'm out.
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    Born-Kite StreetStar

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