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    @twojaythomo, a bit far to drag the buggy all the way around but if you don't mind a few k's on the pushy, jump on the ferry at Nelson with your bike/kite/landboard. Hop off at Tea Gardens and pedal to Yaccaba spit. Works well in a NE breeze and I've never been bugged by rangers at Hawks Nest
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    It's all good anyway guys I'd rather not loose my beach permit over the argument, the beach is on a bad angle and wind is never really in the right direction to do any kind of decent run. Fingal is my go to beach as it is pretty much a 2/3 of a circle so can nearly always find a spot along there, no rangers and is not a driving beach so pretty sure nobody can stop me there except the tourist at holiday times. SoutherlyBuster I reckon if I moved up past the north entrance maybe they couldn't really say much but like I said the wind is only good once in a blue 🌙.
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    Some film from Kingston 2017

    I must have some effect on him
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    Bugger. And here I was remotely considering New Castle might be a nice place to move to considering Stockton Beach. First they said the dunes for buggies are off limits, now the beach as well. Buggies banned for the whole beach or just some of it? Common sense pervails, if it is a busy long weekend, too many car drivers on the beach (plus the odd moron driving the car) and I would not traction kite on the beach. But all other days if there are not many cars on the beach and you slow down going past the walkers what’s the harm? Perhaps you might want to ask them what by law and if they draw a blank, perhaps you turn around and ignore them? Personally I reckon the cars on the beach are moe of a hazzard than anything else. Here at my local in New Zealand on New Brighton Beach, the rangers wave (friendly) as I go past on my landboard plus kite. I always slow down to walking pace when going past walkers, and for the odd cars give them a wide birth with kite up high.
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    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Sounds like the conditions would have been ripe for an epic down winder from Warratah Bay to the Sandy Point Surf Life Saving Club kite surfing, was one of the best sessions I had (Zac, Jason and I) a fews years ago.
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