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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Some video of what the foreshore looked like on Australia Day....
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    Something diffetent

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    after much procrastination, here is Lionel's view of Kingston. enjoy. (I uploaded a 4k file and all I see is 360 ?) not sure what the go is there.
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    Dave Shepp

    On camera

    Finally got a Frontroll on camera and I couldn't help myself
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Good to know you left the sandhill behind Chook, and I’m sure your mileage was better after that😄. We’ve been home a few days then hooked van back on and are in Mt Barker SA for the weekend and caught up with the grandkids including our new granddaughter (Poppy) who was born a few weeks ago 7 weeks prem. Great few hours for Jen and I to nurse her as she’s not much bigger than a bag of coffee beans. There all healthy and gave us lots of hugs and kisses. Great to be a grandparent and your time will come soon enough Chook and Anne. Glad you’re home safe. 👍
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Some awesome shots there mate. Back home, settled back in and missing Bull's coffee already. It was fantastic to catch up with close friends once again and a shame others couldn't make it. Had a brilliant trip home experiencing nature at its best with heavy fog out of Ceduna at daybreak all the way to Yalata then 46 degrees as the day warmed up further into WA. Booked into the Park at Kingston again for next year and cant wait for it to roll round. Did an oil change and filters on the Patrol, vacuumed through the old girl and she's several kilograms lighter now. (Yes Bull I got rid of "The mobile sand dune" in Meningie at the car wash while Anne grabbed lunch at the bakery. ) Good trip and covered some ground.
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    Peter Lynn Nova - Closed Cell Foil

    Hey. Though id better show face on hear. Iv been lucky enough to get my hands on a 6m Nova. Its a great kite very stable with plenty performance. hears some shots of it racing. cheers stu
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    Had a quick session on Tuesday

    Had a short session yesterday. The forecast looked promising, 60kph with 82kph gusts, perhaps enough wind to reach my PB, who knows. Got rolling at 10am. Tide in by 11:15am, so had to be quick. The beach was in perfect condition and I had it all to myself but the wind started to drop during the hour, and of course picks up again as the tide covers the beach. Still, I topped out at 100kph but I'm paying the price. My arm is killing me. It felt broken yesterday, like I needed a sling to put it in. Today is better though. Did not bother reaching for the trim when heading up wind and because time was against me I just ignored it. The load on my right arm was too much. I need one of those trim extensions I think. Anyway, here's hoping for better conditions next time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB9yUGw0ISg
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    A hard day at work

    Now I realise that small things amuse small minds, but I found a video from a mate that sums up my day at work.
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    Ok which one of you is the smart arse?

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    Freda Latou

    fat kite

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    Pansh Genesis 2019

    Sadly I've no experience of this kite. After modifying my 8m Adam to depower successfully, I'd love a go on one of these. Maybe some time in the future I'll treat myself, sadly paragliding has taken over...ooops.
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    Juan Valdez

    Had a quick session on Tuesday

    I agree with Tiger: the acceleration is really impressive!👍
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    Yep, it was me - you found me out. @igeightyat least we know the "owners" have a sense of humor now, so it may be a viable option . not to be confused with viagra option.
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    Best Kiting Food

    Good work Southerly. I'm still rolling with no refined sugar. I'm also focusing on more veggies and less carbs in my main mean, That has trimmed a couple more kg. I'm now 75 kg at age 47, which is pretty darn good considering my racing weight in my mid 20's was 73kg. Side note there is now less kiting and more mountain biking. Mountain biking adds to aerobic fitness way more than kiting. So my endurance and general fitness is as good as it was in my 20's also. Oh yeah i'm feeling good.
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    new buggy spot near Barwon Heads.

    But the tip looks a little soft and sticky in places, but you’d have to be nuts not to go and have a look!
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    new buggy spot near Barwon Heads.

    Most of it looks soft, but one section on the south side looks hard.
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    Sandy Point 1st Run for 2019

    lets see what we can do after Labor Day
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    Hottest Sexy Female Kiters! (Pt2)

    Great kiteboarding video, that features 4 amazingly talented and sexy kiters
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    Frans Noordhuis

    Carbon Buggy Axles

    Hi Guys, nice to see a topic on my axles so many years later. At the moment working on a wing shaped axle. I'll keep you informed. Reagrds Frans ( former carbonbuggy site owner)
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    Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

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    Dude, you know me too well. If there is an easter egg (or a cockpuncher for that matter) to sniff out - oh yes, by golly gosh I WILL FIND IT!
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    Nice one Dougie Steven Seagul would be proud
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    Nice work, Doug. Looks like a good time Michael
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    It is with heavy hearts that we loose a friend from Kingston SE this morning. Robyn from Sandy Grove was taken ill earlier this month and passed away this morning. Our kite fly will be in her honour today - and her amazing spirit and produce. She will be missed by all the frequent Kingston Kite Flyers. Please join us in a fly for Robyn wherever you may be. Robyn , may you now rest easy. Photo courtesy - Sandy Grove Facebook Page

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