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    Yeppoon 2019

    Well it was sad to see Andy and Bob go but the winds have held up. It was a great time again today and managed a PB distance in the 29 consecutive days we buggied. I got to meet some great people along the beach and some fantastic nights at the sailing club with good mates. I pack up tomorrow and out to tea and 3 flights home on Tuesday after Rob drives me to Rockhampton for my first flight.. @roblukin never stopped buggying and put the pressure on me when I said I wanted to cross Australia from Byron Bay to Steep Point in WA. 4102kms. I managed that last Tuesday and Lukin said I couldn't go through the desert and had to travel by road. 5113kms. So I've had a really FAT TIME!!!!!! I didn't quite cover the distance from Yeppoon to the starting point at Bryon Bay. Missed it by that much!!!! All new bearings before I started this year and I had a wheel bearing fail on the front at 3,115kms. 3 of the balls fell out and it sounded terrible. I borrowed a midi off Rob till @Bernie got me 2 new bearings. (Cheers mate). Now my rear wheel bearings are totally stuffed with 10mm of side movement at the tyre wall on the right hand rear, and 5mm on the left. Now have 3 bald tyres too. This pic is when the front bearing failed. Stuffed front wheel bearing. I'll post more pics when I get home. Thanks

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