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    Looks good. Lock it in, Eddy.
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    25th Oct is fine for me. Just have to work around family health procedures. Looking forward to seeing some of the old gang. 😎
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    Haven’t been out in a while, will watch and see what happens
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    whatever you decide will be good for me, lets try and get a good turnout this year..
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    Had a look at my calendar, and it is already full :-(
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    the bigger the wheels are really a lot heavier, and weight on the ends is not where you want it for agile landboarding , when you've been to your chosen beach a few times you soon work out where the hard patches are - I have found you need an onshore tide going out and the sun tends to bake the sand a bit as I shines on the beach , and will harden more as you get ready, and stay harnessed in as you do for the water , and as you swipe across for some power to start, don't just lean back , I tend to throw my legs/feet up so you are in the right position when your wheels hit the beach, the first thing you will notice you can not hold as much power as kitesurting , and get ready for lots of sliding ,and sometimes throwing up your feet up is a good way to avoid crashes, if you slightly get it wrong , and never fall forwards train yourself to always fall backwards and land on your bottom
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