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    Happy Christmas

    To all kiting enthusiasts out there, wishing you all have a safe and happy Christmas with fair winds and enough free time to enjoy them
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    Stuart Mackay shared this photo on a post, after some reading it's a new Closed Cell from Peter Lynn for 2019. It will be available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12M.
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    Strapless... this is pretty bloody good riding!
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Hi guys As Mez said we haven’t been to Kingston for a few months to keep everyone updated on the state of the clay pan. Unlike the rest of Australia this area and about 120kms east has had an above average wet winter but having said that I went for a drive up long beach and it’s the smoothest and cleanest the beach has ever been and a visit out to the clay pan showed water on the eastern half so may be a chance to buggy along the highway side which is not what I expected as our last visit early November the water was almost over the causeway. Should be a great get together and so looking forward to it. Jen still home working at Viterra grain receivals and hopefully I’m here for a while although that can change. Hope to see you all soon. Drive safe. Bull
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    Couple of new builds 2018

    And my last kite for the year to replace the snowflake kite.
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    Giving the Chrono 11m a fly in 3-5knots 5DB4CCBE-DAC4-44AE-9C62-A94816A14EBD.MOV
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    PL XR Buggy with Midi Tyres

    Late model PL Buggy with all the upgrades done. Midi Wheels Siderail Pads Wide Axle 20mm rear axle bolts Spray guard $620 including Freight
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    Many moons ago...
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    You are correct. A few years ago I had what I refer to as my "freak gasoline fight accident" (Zoolander) while riding on a grass field with wheels of doom and a 9m Ozone Frenzy. A dirt devil snuck up on me and I am said to have been 30-40 feet in the air. I have no memory of the flight or subsequent crash but I do have a broken helmet and a recovered subdural hematoma to show for it so I guess it happened. To stay married to a woman I love I agreed to stop kite skating and snow kiting and stick to buggy riding with an AQR. Easy decision. I'm a proficient ice skater and skier so I picked up kite skating easily having already been buggying for a while. I owned both wheels of doom and 3-under off-road skate setups. IMO, pluses and minuses for both. Wheels of doom are great for tracking long powerful tac lines but a little more clumsy in the turn as you need to step turn. I had some nice aluminum frames out of Germany with pneumatic knobby 150x50mm tires that were sweet, sweet, sweet. Even worked in plush grass and worked really well on hard lakebed surfaces (and I'd think hard beach sand but not tested by me). I would be spooked to do a lot of (purposeful) jumping and landing under kite power with wheels of doom setups because of the risk of wrenching your knees if you don't land in good alignment. Clearly people do this but I'd be cautious to start on wheels of doom without first going 3-under for the knee wrench reason alone. My other off-road skate frames were by Powerslide and had three 125x25 mm pneumatic tires that had a tread pattern similar to a road bike. These skated like big clunky hockey skates and with a little effort could be made to do anything you can do on ice skates. By that I mean skate up to speed, turn by carving, skate backwards, etc. I never did try to "hockey stop" but I've seen it done on video. For kite skating these sorts of skates don't offer quite the ability to tac against the force of the kite because you are poised above the skate wheels and not down between them, but it is certainly possible to work them this way and of course many people do. For jumping I'd certainly think these are a better option at first since you could land any which way and probably skate it out, something that might not work out so well with wheels of doom. Downside was these smaller narrower wheels had more resistance in plush grass and I suspect would dig into beach sand more if it wasn't really hard. My two cents. Both are great setups with different feels, different benefits and different shortcomings. Good luck!
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    Chasta's Flow

    Its been a while since seeing a Chasta snow kite video!
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    3.5m Flexifoil Blurr for sale

    You guys interested in the PL buggy will need a good kite!
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Just starting to get gear organized and Anne and I will kick off from here very early Thursday 10th for Ceduna. So that's just over 1500kms that day and we will then just follow our nose arriving in Kingston on the 12th. Catch you there guys.
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    Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

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    Blazing Swan Easter 2019 WA

    Blazing Swan in an official regional Burning Man event.The event is held over 5 days on the Easter long weekend and in recent years has attracted about 2500 participants. This year (2019) a couple of us are organising a wind sports theme camp with the intention of promoting land sailing, kite bugying and wind sports in general. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along and join our camp, sail all day and party all night what could possibly go wrong? While tickets are not cheap at $300 per person they are fair value for a 5 day festival.The event site is located on the western shore of Jilakin Lake near Kulin about 3h east of Perth. Jilakin Lake is approx 4km wide and 4km long with a surface area of 14sqkm. To be honest the amount of water on the lake at Easter is variable in 2014 it was too wet to sail, in 2018 it was totally dry and perfect sailing. However on the + side the area is renowned for constant winds at that time of year its almost guaranteed that there will be plenty of wind.For more info on Blazing Swan blazingswan.com.au/Please feel free to contact me for more info on our theme camp and how to get involved.
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    Couple of new builds 2018

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    Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

    BCH Oliebollenmeeting 12/2018
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    Lightweight Buggy rims

    Anything can be made lighter. See this picture from the "gram freaks" in the bicycle industry.
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    Peter Lynn Bomba

    Bomba sold
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    I'm fine, I didn't have an accident. I cracked my chassis. I've got another van but my problem is getting hand controls fitted in time for the meet. I'm still hoping to get there but not holding my breath..
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    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
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    Kite buggy

    Kite buggy for sale Peter Lynn seat beach type wheels custom built used once at the beach been in my garage a couple of years taking up space now has to go! $750 ono.mob 0407685504 frankston sth vic. Pick up only
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    Very very true. We found that out when @roblukin and I attended the "Moose meet" in New Zealand and we were literally blown away kiting in 45 knot squally conditions. My buggy and 7mtr R1kite spent most of that day constantly being retrieved from the lake in the dunes! @gannet was still on a 9 meter foil and is probably only 2/3's my weight and was happily buggying all day. @plummet couldn't be stopped either.
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    Video Les Hemmes

    With our local beaches battered to bits by this past winter storms and the local Pink Lake still flooded, I always look forward to your videos while I'm grounded @Juan Valdez .
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Oh no @Tiger37. That's a real bummer mate. We so enjoy your company.