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    New single line kite

    Meet "Lolly" the lionfish - made by Rolokite
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    Last Ride for Jase

    It's with a heavy heart that we lost a avid member and my best mate yesterday he is now our angel his passion to still kite till couple weeks ago was strong and even at a low point asked had I seen the forecast and tides made me laugh but life is short please go and see the doctors more often and make your health number one
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    Composite Laminating

    I wonder if this will be a topic of interest to some folks. I've recently taken it upon myself to make a hydrofoil kite board, laminating with mainly fiber glass and vacuum bagging the parts . I have to say that I have a new found respect for those who do it and do it well. The project has cost hundreds in materials and and equipment, (vacuum pump, consumables etc) and many hours on YouTube. But still I find it a challenge to get great results. As well as making the hydrofoil I've modified an old Liquid Force surf board by shortening it and dropping in the fin boxes to attach the base plate of the hydrofoil. It has been a long, hard slog but i think I might get the whole thing finished in a couple of weeks!! Any way, I suppose I interested in others experiences with laminating and Vacuum bagging. There is plenty of info on the internet but mostly they talk about 'How To' and very rarely What To Do when the results are not great or need to be improved. The Mast was the first part I vacuumed as it was the simplest shape to do and it came out alright. But the other shapes were a different matter with varying degrees of finish. All parts were 3D routed out of 50mm Paulownia wood.
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    Its the start of the season @Tiger37, so if you want to make a date in November, we will certainly make it down (its only a couple of hours for us, not a full days drive, and some!) Would be great to get out every weekend from now until Feb!
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    Was hoping it might have been later (perhaps early Nov) as I’m still in the Flinders National Park bushwalking over that period. Hope it all goes well for you with good winds.
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    Terry M Castella


    So you want to coat ur sweet kite, here is how you do it... Mix pure, new silicon sealant with turps/white spirit/mineral spirit (oudorless if possible). MIX thorughly then put into a clear water bottle and shake until the silicon is FULLY suspended, no lumps. Apply two coats to the extrados 1st coat 5:1, then, leave overnight and then 2nd coat, 3:1 (3 parts white spirit,1 part silicon sealant). Be aware that the first coat will soak through and you dont want a slippery floor 😀. The turps evaporates fairly quickly the fully silicon cures up to 24hrs later The extrodos (outer surface) takes all the wear as its pumped up, deflated, and packed away on the sand (or whatever). Also the extrados takes the main UV hit. Best to start treating the kite in the first year. Im hoping that one treatment will last the life of the kite as silicon doesnt not break down. We will see! It can be applied applied a broad brush and cereal bowl. Kite must be dried flat. The kite weight will increase by the about the weight of the silicon chaulk, but the canopy will not hold water as it is hopefully non-porous. The kite MAY still be lighter than original weight.Tear strengh improves, hang time inproves, wear is reduced big time. For the LE you may wish to try the window film, for areas that touch the sand (not tried) or car wax wipes. If the LE bladder is out u can coat the whole kite in one go (u dont want to unglue valves, or contaminate the bladder). Ive never had a strut blow out, so why add to the weight. I live in thailand, UV damage is a bitch. Everytime u use the kite it gets lighter. Prevention is better than cure (and MUCH cheaper). c u on the water.. Doctor Terry 😀 PS..Hey, let me know how u get on!
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    Do you have an old kite to test it on? I can send some up your way
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    Still in my diary. Weather permitting, I'll be there.
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    great, so i wont be stuck there on my own, ill see you all there
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    I'm keen AF, have taken the Friday and Monday off work so will make a call that week as to when best to head down 😀
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    Last Ride for Jase

    When the wind fills our kites on the calmest of days, and my sail pulls on tight, I know I will look up, with a "good on ya Jase!" and rip up the beach!
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    Alex D

    Flying Wings Alpha +

    Like-new Flying Wings Alpha + the big brother of the Beetle that is good for beginners and more towards than intermediate than the beetle. Perfect condition - Cool color scheme! - Comes with Dyneema line, OEM booklet in OEM Case. FW info: The Alpha+ is a very stable kite, capable of performing many advanced tricks. Its size gives the flier the advantage of slow and elegant maneuvers. The Alpha+ is also a very popular kite for team flying. Wind Range: 4 - 27 mphFabric: Ripstop Nylon MylarFrame: 6mm ,4mm CarbonPacking: PolybagLine: Includes 80lb Dyneema 150lb x 82 ft $80 incl. Shipping to the lower 48 - A new Alpha + right now is $123 plus S&H (and possibly tax) Contact 919-667-8576 (Text Only)
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    PL phantom2 15

    Will be keen to swap for 12 if in similar condition, be hard to tell because im in NZ. Photos only. They never made a 13, it will be a 12. If was to sell id want at least $750, paid 1100 off ebay after taxes and shit. Would replace it with a chrono 9 if sold or swap chrono 9 if anbody keen.
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    Soul on Waves

    I've just had the sickest wave riding/freeride session on the Soul. Just had to share that!
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    Composite Laminating

    Yes, it's a fun tool. But you don't need to have such a big machine to make some cool stuff so if you ever felt to get a CNC there's some nice little and inexpensive options out there. (off topic I know!)
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    Composite Laminating

    Yes, router number two as of the 2015. I did have a little Chinese 6040 which i did my wheel on. This one is 1200 x 1200 MultiCam machine. Actually during the the routing of the last part, the fuselage, the Z axis stopped working properly. So after this foil is finished I'm doing a major upgrade of the mechanics- new Z axis and raise the gantry height by about 150mm... big project. But will be a much better machine.
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    Composite Laminating

    Putting on extra layers, I came to the same conclusion, but still with the 600 gsm. I'm sanding the foil parts back and leveling any wrinkles then bagging another layer of glass. It's slow work, having to wait for the epoxy to harden, but I'm getting there. I experimented with a filler coat of some micro balloons tonight, mainly on the leading edge of the front wing and a thin coat all over too to see if it will fill in a couple of place where I'd saned through to a void. I used 400 S glass on the board of which I had some terrible results once I came do doing a sanding and 'hot' coat, really bad pooling. Now I'm wondering if it has something to do with the waxy coat you speak of. But I did sand all shinnies off so would have thought that would be enough. Anyway it seems to get less of a problem towards the end, but I still don't know why I had the problem in the first place, I did all the correct steps- sand with gloves on, don't touch with hands, clean brush etc. I also wondered if the yellow pigment effected things as I tried a coat of epoxy on the nose piece of the board I chopped of and it went on no problem. One thing I would never use again was the Inegra. If you sand through to it it just fluffs up, bloody nightmare trying to cover over it. I thought I'd try it as extra reinforcement over the fin box as at the time I was low on cash for CF. Have you put any of your builds on here? Below is a couple of attempts of hot/sanding coat and the front wing with the micro balloons filler coat. It's coming together...then I got o learn how to foil!
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    Composite Laminating

    Oh, thanks. Honestly this project has been a bit of a struggle for me, can’t wait for it to be over. Can’t say I like working with the nasty chemicals either. But also I do get excited every time I’m about to crap open a vacuum bag to find out how well (or how bad) the part is inside.
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    Hi all, selling my Griffin TRX PRO 2013, 14m, kite only. It's been gathering dust so maybe somebody can still use it. It's in good condition. I pumped it today, no leaks. Fabric in good condition, a couple of small patches. It had only little use, I prefer my 10m kite. Price $200 ONO. I'm in Sydney, can post at buyer's expense. Cheers, Marcin
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    Sorry, didn’t see your question before. no I haven’t done this myself, but I should give it a go. I’ve also wondered if dissolved stormsure glue would work better then silicon???
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    The next big thing?

    Itll be the "next big thing" for about 6 months then youll never hear of it again. During that time some &*!! will demand it be accepted as an Olympic sport. Its still a million more times interesting than golf mind. ;-)
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    Stockton Beach Disappearing

    https://www.news.com.au/technology/weve-lost-our-suburb-entire-beach-washed-away-in-massive-erosion-blitz/news-story/5e1f38423747ad87c431b55e240de721 And it's chewing away at the town as well...

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