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    new buggy spot near Barwon Heads.

    But the tip looks a little soft and sticky in places, but you’d have to be nuts not to go and have a look!
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    new buggy spot near Barwon Heads.

    Most of it looks soft, but one section on the south side looks hard.
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    Sandy Point 1st Run for 2019

    lets see what we can do after Labor Day
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    Sandy Point 1st Run for 2019

    I'm always keen AF. The weather just needs to line up with available time - which is slimming right now.
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    Hottest Sexy Female Kiters! (Pt2)

    Great kiteboarding video, that features 4 amazingly talented and sexy kiters
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    Anyone doing it. I've recently started it as a no wind activity that is also a good workout and you don't even realise it because your having such fun.
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    Low Wind Racing

    @Chook I think you need to build a couple of these for you and @Mez in case there's low wind at Kingston 2019
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    First Builds

    Just a question for the experienced kite builders out there, do you just use a standard sewing machine or do you need an industrial machine. I thought maybe a NPW kite might be the way to go as a starting point. Happy for any tips for a good first kite build. I haven't touched a sewing machine for 20 years.
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    Best Kiting Food

    So what is your favourite or best kiting food to get you going in the morning and keep you going well into the day for kiting? Here is what we have as a tradition on the weekends, 50% - %50 flour and ground oats pan cakes. Keeps us going till late afternoon. Served best with a spread of butter, stewed blue berries and cream on top, not to forget a strong cup of black coffee and good company. Variations include, toppings of either nutella, honey or lemon juice+icing sugar.
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    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Sorry guys, had to much work (real estate agents) just has to be done. Good wind from what your saying. Question, how hard is it to get big buggys onto the beach from Currarong end, its very difficult from hammershead. Will have to try another day if possible, Sundays suit me best ... about the only day I don't work. JD
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    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    What a great session - Thanks for organizing @Tiger37 Saw a couple of bluebottles on the beach, the resident sea-eagle, couple of pelicans and lots of seagulls(rats of the sky) Only a few hardy beach goers, a few joggers and an amorous couple enjoying (what they thought was ) the seclusion.
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    NSW and Canberra Buggy Meet

    Thanks @Tiger37. Nothing too serious but I won't be able to get away for the next couple of weeks. Hope you guys have a good session this afternoon
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    Sandy Point 1st Run for 2019

    I’d try to get down if you made a weekend of it!
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    Videos from Facebook

    most likely me being sneaky with pi-hole and blocking facebook through DNS F#ck facebook in my house
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    First Builds

    Hi Matt, any machine can be fine for sewing ripstop, I recently bought a singer heavy duty 4423 from spotlight for around 300, and on my latest build has not missed a beat. Easily sewing through multiple layers and Dacron. I also bought a walking foot for it for around 60 and this has helped immensely when doing the appliqué. Many stitches but I use mainly straight and triple step zig zag. A brilliant machine for the money. regards Doug https://www.spotlightstores.com/sewing-fabrics/sewing-equipment/sewing-machines/singer-4423-heavy-duty-sewing-machine/BP80304571 $299 currently
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    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    @Steve if John is still around, perhaps you could coax him to come and post here. I haven't seen him since parting ways after World Cup at lakes... last heard he had moved south to Forster tuncurry to continue his locksmithing. I do miss that crazy but loveable old dodger.... the workshop used to be in the underneath the house at Flynns beach in Port Mac but that was under the 'superb flying devices' moniker back then. I have left many messages with the seller and even phoned her but am still waiting for her to TAKE MY MONEY.......!!!
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    Power Kite Line Sets

    There is no such table. The amount of power isn't really related to the kite size, it's relative to the amount of load put on the lines. This can actually be higher on a smaller kite than a large one.
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    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Pretty sure I know who it is, name is John, he had a kiteshop up there years ago and organised some kite festivals in the area, this is pre kitesurfing days back around 1995-1997. They are a large 2 line delta I think.
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    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    You need to get a pi-hole. makes all those ads disappear https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/balmoral/other-electronics-computers/raspberry-pi-3-model-b-plus/1206307381. (just to keep it on topic)
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    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Never heard of them. But probably worth the money just to find out what they are!
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    Funny Videos

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    Frans Noordhuis

    Carbon Buggy Axles

    Hi Guys, nice to see a topic on my axles so many years later. At the moment working on a wing shaped axle. I'll keep you informed. Reagrds Frans ( former carbonbuggy site owner)
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    Selling this old gem! Bar, Lines, and Bag included. No rips or tears. In great condition for its age. Asking $300. For more info on this kite have a read through this webpage: http://www.racekites.com/1494/ Happy to negotiate price and answer any further questions. Can also arrange postage. Cheers!
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    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Thanks for that one Chook, kite is now in the mail.
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    Mountainboard is quite fast with 5 bar pressure. Paddle used as bar

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