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    Well I didn't see you offer to pay my $1600 fine if I got stopped by the police for picking up a kite.
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    Need a favor - Covid19 Melboune

    Melbourne, Victoria, one of the best cities to live in the world..........well Covid likes it alot! But Karen doesn't like being told what to do. NSFW!!
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    Kingston 2021

    Is anyone wistfully thinking about going to Kingston in 2021? I've had so many travel plans thwarted this year by the 'rona that I am looking at next year Hoping to get there (I found a route that does not go through Victoria) BobM
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    Kingston 2021

    Wistfully thinking is about right! Yep, me too.....if they let us out of Vic.
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    4AM Landboarding

    Just because why not.
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    10 Weirdest Kiteboarding Inventions

    Interesting watch, they've dug up some kooky inventions and tested some of them from the patents published.
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    @nigel, our restrictions in qld never seemed as bad as what you are having in Victoria. And I imagine that in northern qld the “restrictions” were almost none existent, so asking someone to pick up a kite was pretty reasonable. Unfortunately what is normal every day for some areas of Australia is not for others 🙁

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