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    analogue gps speedometer

    A video from last Sunday testing a gps speedometer that finally arrived from China on the Friday before. I bought it on Amazon without checking the delivery times or where it was coming from. I just assumed it was being shipped locally, so I ended up waiting a whole month for it to arrive. So I was impatient to try it out that same weekend and hurriedly mounted onto the bug using an old funnel which I had laying around, but it worked out better than expected, although it did cause a lot of vibration as you will see. I have since modded it to hopefully prevent this for next time. In the video I compare it with the Gopro GPS gauge. The speedo is powered by a small 12v battery, also waterproof. On playback I found that the speedometer lags a little as the needle falls but this might be due to its mechanical nature and dampening effect, but it is very accurate in comparison. It reaches and maintains the same numbers. I hope to be out again this Sunday for a twilight session. It will be a chance to test the various coloured backlight options on the dial and see how it looks in low light. The second half of the video is pure filler and unrelated to the speedo. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07DYNX5N2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KG58UWS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    analogue gps speedometer

    Wow. That’s awesome and some serious speed. I had to rewatch the start, because the speed just kept going up so fast. Brilliant.
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    analogue gps speedometer

    Brilliant piece of kit @RedSky and just the thing for our buggy riders to "pimp their ride". Love the shaky vision of the speedo as it really gives a sense of the speed and the forces involved on an unpaved surface at 100kph. Thanks for sharing 👍
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    Peter Lynn zipper replacement mod

    I had a zipper on my 16m venom 2 give up on me last week. Bloody frustrating, as it was the inflate zipper and I was about to launch 🤬. The slide was so worn out that it won’t close the teeth anymore. anyway, I have fitted new waterproof zips to an arc before, but they can be a bit expensive and hard to find. So I thought it was a good chance to test out a Velcro alternative. its basically just a short sock and Velcro opening similar to the deflates in the flysurfer kites. the Velcro valves work quite well. I inflated the kite and slowly opened the Velcro. No air was escaping until it opened far enough to for the end of the sock to open. Sorry, no pictures before they got sewn in. But a few pointers I worked out for anyone wanting to do this mod. -Make the sock width about 50mm more then the zipper opening in the kite. - place sticky ripstop inside the kite where the zipper stitching was removed. - measure from the opening in the kite to the cell wall, subtract 1cm. This is how long the sock needs to be. -sew the sock in the direction you would use it to inflate the kite (pointing towards the centre) - sew a deflate valve into the trailing edge to replace the deflate zipper.
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    Last Ride for Jase

    Finally got my fork fixed from when Rob crashed into my buggy and had a solid couple hours in the seat chasing Rob up and down the beach felt a little rusty but once I got going felt good actually really good but being a freak off season day its re fueling my desire to get back into it again
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    Decided to go out for a quick fly with the family today (as it's corona Kite fest weekend), and take some pics to add to the fun. But greeted with a buggy zipping around the field and a new kiter struggling with twisted lines. So a big Hello to the boys their today!! Don't be lurkers, say hello, post up a message, and we can include you in our events, or random banter. Plenty of old farts kiters here to help if you want it. Or even if you want a hand setting up a kite! Hope to catch you both next time!!! And a pic of what I set up for the Corona Kite Fest.

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