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    Flysurfer Soul

    Interesting, I have never seen you here. Actually I never kite Sandgate, so not only do I not trust your kite advice it seems you can't be trusted in general to be truthful. If those videos can be done with any kite, why haven't they??? Also why are you even on this thread? I't generally poor form from a "business" to bag out other products just to pretend their product is just as good. No Pansh are not as good, period. They don't fly properly out of the bag, are made of lesser materials, don't have the R&D, don't fly as well and often won't even relaunch from the water. In essence you are a lying, trolling bottom dweller.
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    Video Les Hemmes

    What a great video!!! Ha ha, I feel his pain. It took me a good while to change over from my Peter Lynn Vapors to Ozone R1's. It wasn't till Pete from New Zealand gave me a few tips and got me up and truly running depower, then I've never looked back.
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    Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120

    Hello @outlaw I have used f arc 12 & 16 few years ago, sold them, and looking for now again. Would you still have any for sale (16 mainly, but 12 too) , and if yes, post to France ? (NZ post rate finder seems acceptable). As I am a newcomer, I can not PM you, could you PM me for answer? Thank you very much, and good ride. Morgan.
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    Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

    Yes, Frank doesnt use a harness - his kite is connected with the safetybelt of his buggy. Another way of riding, but not allowed for FISLY events.
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    Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

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    Northern Kites Australia

    Flysurfer Soul

    LOL.. from what I've heard from "your" locals around Sandgate, I would say you're not far behind either. Besides - those videos are useless. Change the kite to an Ozone, or even a PANSH Aurora II and they too give you floaty landings and decent jumps. When are kiters going to stop this rort of buying expensive over-priced kit, when wind-is-wind and it all comes down to the pilot - not the kit (not as much anyway).
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    Blokarting in New Zealand

    Ripiro Beach is located on the Kaipara Coast line, (North West of the North Island of New Zealand) (close to Glinks Gully where the Moose Meet is held) Taken from the Coast New Zealand - aired May last year. Ripiro Beach is a 107lm long golden beach and is a gazetted highway so the standard rules of the road apply. It is possible to drive along its hard sands two hours either side of low tide, 4WD vehicles are recommended. It is suggested that you ask locals about the conditions before venturing on to the sands. Fantastic location for buggies and land yachts and yet another reason to attend the Moose Meet future events. Coast - Blokart 1.mp4

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