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    Dual and Quad sport kites

    I've always felt kites are for flying, not collecting. The slow progression of arthritis in my thumbs and wrists means these don't get flown... but they should. Hopefully a new owner can do them justice. Posting here before I put them on other sites next week. Rev I - Lee Sedgewick model. Excellent condition, flown maybe 3 times. Fitted with Revolution Strong frame (as standard), Race Rods frame included. $275 shipped in Australia. KaoS Quad. Excellent condition. Fitted with Revolution 1.5 Race Rods frame, "Spanish" bridle, and "French Sticks" on the rear (for faster, more stable reverse flying). $275 shipped in Australia. Level One "Reloaded". Brand new, never flown. Complete with original, unused lines, straps and winder. $200 shipped in Australia. Blue Moon "Killer Bee". Excellent near-new condition. Great precision kite, designed for (and flown by) Chicago Fire sport kite team. $295 shipped in Australia. Blue Moon "Mongoose" STD and UL - matched pair. As new condition (unflown by me, but flown once by the original owner/collector). $295 each or $500 for both, shipped in Australia Sensible offers will be considered Thanks, Kevin
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    Video Les Hemmes

    What a great video!!! Ha ha, I feel his pain. It took me a good while to change over from my Peter Lynn Vapors to Ozone R1's. It wasn't till Pete from New Zealand gave me a few tips and got me up and truly running depower, then I've never looked back.
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    Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120

    Hello @outlaw I have used f arc 12 & 16 few years ago, sold them, and looking for now again. Would you still have any for sale (16 mainly, but 12 too) , and if yes, post to France ? (NZ post rate finder seems acceptable). As I am a newcomer, I can not PM you, could you PM me for answer? Thank you very much, and good ride. Morgan.
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    Blokarting in New Zealand

    Ripiro Beach is located on the Kaipara Coast line, (North West of the North Island of New Zealand) (close to Glinks Gully where the Moose Meet is held) Taken from the Coast New Zealand - aired May last year. Ripiro Beach is a 107lm long golden beach and is a gazetted highway so the standard rules of the road apply. It is possible to drive along its hard sands two hours either side of low tide, 4WD vehicles are recommended. It is suggested that you ask locals about the conditions before venturing on to the sands. Fantastic location for buggies and land yachts and yet another reason to attend the Moose Meet future events. Coast - Blokart 1.mp4
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    Yeppoon 2019

    Another great day with Bernie joining us for a run. Started off as a 15m2 R1 kite day for me but the wind slowly increased and changed down to 13m to be more comfortable after 2 point runs. I'm wearing Lukin out. He has not gone this hard in a long time. Me too, the wind is just phenomenal. Every day from the SE and blows stronger later in the afternoon. Covered 1,300 kms this last 7 days (180.5 kms today) and topped out yesterday at 75.4 kmh on the 13m2. Rob's only just behind me on his 7m tube. He's smoking down the beach at lowtide. I was checking out the lady in the nice bright orange bikini and ran out of good area to turn at the point. She did offer to help though.
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    Yeppoon 2019

    A few shots to show you the condition of the beach. The creek is a non event this year, heres Chook not even getting his feet wet at half tide Sorry @igeighty, i havent got any more drone stuff, its been too windy..
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    Yeppoon 2019

    Yeh I reckon the discs would shine @igeighty. The beach is really nice. Awesome fun chasing Lukin all over the place. He's keeping me on my toes big time. Mind you the Midi XL's don't go too badly matey.

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