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    This is probably my first post here. I usually frequent Powerkiteforum.com. But I am a heavy lurker here. In fact I feel like I know some of you, I read your threads so much. Especially the GT build thread. Was a big influence in my decision to order one, and is still a great reference. I love this buggy. Only two times out in it so far, but the love affair is solid. Here is a quick clip of my second session(first one on duros)
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    Yeppoon 2018

    Here in Yeppoon with only Bernie who lives by the beach. (lucky bugger) Andy headed home early last Sunday morning. Lighter wind day today so 18m2 all day and run into these guys who were training up by the ramp at Bangalee. Landed my kite and spent some time chewing the fat with them which was fantastic and gave me an understanding of how their canopys work and can be altered in flight. Stressed to 5.1G for aeros too. They are back again tomorrow weather permitting. Pete and Theresa headed home and I'm amazed at what Theresa achieved in such a short time. Fantastic to be in the company of 2 world record famous people. Last day buggying tomorrow before boxing all my gear up to send home Thursday. I fly home Friday morning. Boy where did the month go?
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    Yeppoon 2018

    Ha ha Joel. @wolfie reckons an average so 93.9kmh (just upped my PB slightly) and I held over 90kmh for 1,283 meters up past Ridges resort for a 90kmh/ fastest kilometre. Wet yesterday all day so just socializing happening. Make that pissed rain all day and last night blowing like 40 bastards. Sun is out today (Monday) with a 28-30knot SSE blowing, so just having lunch waiting for the tide to go out to get some beach to use. Awesome conditions as the cyclone is threatening. 7 years coming here and looks like it wont let me down this year with another weather event/cyclone?? Will have to see what evolves wind wise. The beach is absolutely perfect all the way to the point. Creek crossing is a total non event only being 50mm deep at low tide, but surprised me by being 400mtrs wide at low tide. Gotta run baked beans are finished and it's off to the beach. .
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    Grandfathers Axe

    If a man speaks in the forest and his wife doesn't here him, is he still wrong?
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    Born-Kite Racestar 5.0M

    I’ll admit I’m a big fan of Born Kites. I first heard about them from watching a video by John Holgate about the NASA Star 2 kites a few years back. I bought some, and have been a Born-kite fan ever since. I also own 4 of Longstar 2’s, which I like a lot. I was waiting with some anticipation for the RaceStars. And when they were released I decided to get one pretty much straight away. But which size? I debated for about 24 hours with myself, and then, being cash-rich and self control poor, decided to just avoid any hard decision making and buy a full quiver. The kites arrived and sat there taunting me as I had injured my back and could hardly walk, let alone fly - until a few weeks ago at the 24th annual Blue Balls Buggy Bash at Port Waikato in New Zealand. The RaceStars are designed to be a buggy race kite. To go fast on a nice flat, hard pack beach. So in true kiwi style, we tested them in the dunes at port Waikato, because anyone can fly on the flat, but it’s in the dunes where kites and men are truly tested. As usual with Born-kites, the construction is top notch. Like many single skins, the leading edge contains small flexible battens to keep the edge in shape. The sail is pretty much flat, except for a few small triangular ribs that spread the load in places of high stress. This means that unlike most other single skins, the RaceStars are pretty much flat with no "ribs" running down the wing. The biggest difference with the RaceStar over previous Born-Kites is in the bridling. There is much, much less of it than with the longstar2’s and it’s made from a proprietary coated line developed exclusively by Born-kite. Less bridling reduces drag obviously but also makes for a much more pleasant experience when you crash in grass or on a beach with that horrible dry razor sharp weed - no more spending 20 minutes getting that dry seaweed out of the bridles. Born-kites are looking at using this new bridle line on the longstar3 as well. I ordered my kites fitted with the FAS (front area safety). This an optional fifth line safety that essentially folds the kite like a taco. I was intending to use a fifth line setup, but have since changed my mind, as I use an Ozone bar with front line flag out. (Several people asked what that extra line hanging off the kite was until I bundled it up and locked it into its retaining loop) I will probably end up removing it. Shortly after I ordered mine, I received an email from Steffen with a diagram showing that the RaceStars worked best with a 31cm extension on the steering lines. I made some pigtails up and took them with me to the meet. I hooked the 5m RaceStar up to a brand new ozone bar, on 25meter lines and launched it. The kite was responsive but a little twitchy in the air and was suffering a little from some back-stalling. Still quite flyable, but “not quite right”. I’m still fairly new to de-power kites, and still working out what to adjust when things don't feel right. Plummet was keen for a go, so I handed it over. He quickly confirmed that it wasn’t right and reckoned it needed a bit more backline. So we landed and added the recommended 31 cm extensions I’d made to the backline leaders, and relaunched. It was a different kite. No more tendency for back-stalling, much better de-power range, and just really nice to fly. And fly it does, fast, with a nice smooth power build up. Plummet hooked up the 7 and took off into dunes with it. He’s been known to have strong opinions about born-kites in the past, and as a very experienced kiter I respect his judgement, so when he got back pronounced the Racestars “Good. I’d definitely have one of those.” and then went on to give it a good review. I was quite pleased. I had a brief session with the 7 which was fantastic, but most of the weekend the 5 suited the conditions for me. The kite is awesome to fly, the 5 is incredibly fast to turn, which can make powered turns in the buggy a little hard as it tends to pivot around its centre, I think with a little practice fully powered turns would be fine. After a couple of hours tearing around the dunes I really got the feel for the kite and started getting some nice fast runs. The power comes on smooth and fast, but very controlled. As I said upwind performance is fantastic, Plummet says not quite as good as his Chrono, but it’s not far off. I certainly was able to go upwind better than any other kite I own and there were very few times I had to tack to get where I wanted to go. The kite was super stable in the air with no tendency to tip tuck and sat nicely in the window. As Plummet pointed out in his review, it would just drift back into the window when slack-lined and not wad itself into a ball and fall out of the sky. All single skins have a tendency to ‘flap’ (Aka “shopping bagging”) and the race star will if you are de-powered, but when even minimally powered up, the wing pops into shape is very stable with no flapping at all. I only mention it in the Negatives summary because - well - you have to put something in there. The RaceStars two-tone colour scheme with the black looks stunning in the air. There is something about the fabric or dye’s Born-Kite use that gives their kites a vibrancy of colour that other kites just don’t seem to have. I also spent some time with the 7 meter last weekend on a nice stretch of flat beach. And it was a blast. However, I was flying on a 50cm bar, and the kite definitely needs a bigger bar as turning was a bit sluggish unless I tent-poled the floats to give it a bit of extra leverage. But that’s not a kite issue, just something to be aware of when matching your bar up. I haven’t flown the 9 or 11 yet, but I am looking forward to it. So are the RaceStars any good? Hell yes! Fast, responsive, superb upwind, less bridling, and look good. Low bar pressure makes long sessions a breeze. Light and small pack up compared to a high aspect foil. And, as we discovered on the last day of the Blue Balls, fast to pack up when you have lightning storms approaching. If you are buying kite only, just make sure you add the extensions to your rear leaders to give that 31cm extra on the steering lines. I think Born-Kite are a great company who are competing in a tough market by doing innovative things - they haven’t always got it right <cough>longstar1<cough> but sometimes, when a company is trying to innovate, instead of just flog a yearly upgrade, it doesn’t quite work out. But they clearly learn from any mistakes and are committed to designing and producing top notch kites that get better and better. The RaceStars are definitely an example of their innovation and skill in the single skin space. So If you are looking for a buggy engine with serious get up and go, great upwind performance that looks great in the air, buy one - or four, you won’t regret it.
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    GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Thanks @.Joel. Feel like part of the family now. Here are some shots of mine.
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    GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Hi Mez, I have the Rapide V. The website was revised after I placed my order. No pics of the Raw yet. As I mentioned I followed the buy/build thread of those guys closely. They are part the blame for my purchase. Here is a video of my last ride in my Peter Lynn with some friends. Short and sweet. Amazing what you can do on your phone these days
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    2018 Moosemeet

    Details Moose Meet The Moose meet will be in October in the dunes 22km south of Glinks Gully on Bayles Beach near Dargaville. Dates are Thursday the 25th till Sunday the 28th. Tides for these days are: Thurday 25th- 5:00pm low Full moon this night<br> Friday 26th- 5:30pm low Saturday 27th- 6:00pm low Sunday 28th- 7:00pm low Bring all your camping and kite gear for a weekend of kiting at the beach
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    Yeppoon 2018

    Had a ball yesterday with Rob Lukin, Bernie and myself in fantastic winds and getting lots of runs up to the point overtaking cars. Goz and Chuck were overhead filming the action with their quads. Had an incident by breaking a power line on my Ozone R1 and ripped out some bridals. All respliced and back up and running as we are getting the tropical cyclone weather today and steady rain. It took 2 hours to untangle the bridals as when I dumped the chicken loop safety, it was the flag out line that had snapped so it blew 100 meters into the creek and had the walk of shame back to camp. Just a little note to Joel.
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    Yeppoon 2018

    We're back with some @Chookenomics! Apparently @Chook managed to do 45km/h in 30 knots
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    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Tread Marks @ SPEED WEEK 2018! Saturday November 3rd - Tuesday November 6th. More info to follow.
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    Born-Kite RaceStar

    Ok here's my review. Tony had the kites set up on an ozone bar. Out of the box we had to put some rear line extensions on (which is recommended). This got the kite flying in the right without too much back stall. First up I flew the 5m. That was a fun kite. It flew like a normal traction kite but also you could stall and pivot loop it easy for some aerial gymnastics while flying. Upwind was good. Better than my lei's but not as good as my Chrono. The 7m was less pivot turney and flew slower as you would expect with a bigger kite. My gut feeling was that I wanted a bigger bar on the 7m. Power per meter squared was similar to a fixed bridle. The 7m was a similar output to my 10m lei. Power delivery was smooth, the kite lacked punch until you got some ground speed up then you felt the power and speed turn on smoothly. The kite really likes to pivot turn. Which means it looses power through the turns, but it does a tight radius turn for it's size. To do a powered turn you need to ensure line tension on both steering lines. It's a technique that would take a little while to master on each size kite. If you like powered turns this is the only real down side I found on the kite. Running down wind slack lining the kite showed good drift. It simply floated back in the window without bow tieing. Letting the bar go when powered up would depower the kite and make the trailing edge flat. Bridlles follow a standard methodology and there's a normal 2 pulley speed system. The speed system isn't adjustable and the bridles running through the pullies are a little skinny for my liking. I would mod the speed system with thicker bridlles and make it adjustable. All in all I enjoyed flying the kites and think they make a great buggy engine. I would buy I set for adventure riding sand dunes if I had the cash.
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    Eco Charging....

    I can see a small row of these lined up on the top of either @nigel's or @igeighty's & @Mez's campers.....
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    Home Brewed Kite Buggies

    Fa Be.... building something new..... Looks pretty solid with that double side rail
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    Lady Bug Workshop

    For those that missed it, we had a great time!! A few big bugs for the next kite event. Here is my first real effort with a sewing machine, a nice red lady bug, and it's two offspring (purchased). Tested out down the beach in quite strong wind. They work like magic!! They stopped all the beach walkers, who came over and had a look. A big thank you to Jo and Ricky for hosting the event, and Darren and Naomi for their expert construction input. What to make next??????
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    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Budgie the little Spark has a 2 axis Gimbal so smoothing those spins will take a bit of practice, however for a drone of suck size, it really did well in the windy conditions down there. it was the first 'Real' outdoor fly for both drones. We tested the wind resistance, the range and the return to home features, Everything was amazing. Mezz did some 'active track' with the little spark where you can get the drone to follow you based on shape recognition and it works really really well. These little drone are amazing considering the low price. The view from above shallow inlet gave a whole new perspective of such an amazing place. I flew the mavic out from the sand bar right out over yanakie, some 3.5 k away twice on one battery. very stoked about the range. This is Budgie the little helicopter, And This is his new big brother Lionel, the Mavic Pro Platinum.
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    What a cracker year for wind!!!!

    Blowing again here in Esperance with the approach of a cold front. Farmers are REALLY desperate for rain, as a lot have gone ahead and dry seeded crops, so fingers crossed. Pink Lake is in prime condition and really handy being only 2kms from the Chook house. (Black dot in small circle below Pink Lake Rd) Greg and I headed out for a short sharp 1 hr run this morning and the wind turned out to be really gusty from the north and very unsettled, blowing dust everywhere. I managed to tick over 6,000kms (6,016kms) covered by wind power (kite buggy and land yacht) so far this calendar year. So having a ball. Have to wait and see if rain stops play for a run tomorrow as well.
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    Freda Latou

    bugying on water

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    London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    I loved the video - so relaxing I watched the whole thing and have just woken with jet lag!
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    Yeppoon 2018

    Two beautiful weeks at Yeppoon with awesome kiting friends, plus the proud moments of helping and watch my daughter Theresa learn how to use a depower kite and the painful road of mastering the art of kitebiking, which Theresa did to the highest level by breaking two World records. it's time to head home today, till next year http://popeyethewelder.com/archives/16184
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    Project speed

    First run on half kart wheels. It's reeeeeel good. Smooth, fast, slides are buttery. Holds power ok, jumps sweet. No wobble the wheels run true. Rides the soft with ease. Very pleased. Now I need to find 2 more
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    Yeppoon 2018

    Finally the rain has stopped today and we got out for a morning buggy before the incoming tide stopped play. Bernie and myself along a still perfect beach after the storm. The wind was 15-19 knots up the beach a bit and made it hard work to get back to the caravan park at times. Practically no-one on the beach as everyone has cleared out due to the cyclone threat. There is only 6 vans in the park today and I'm by myself at Driftwood during the day. Very quiet makes it fantastic buggying for us. I was surprised as our quick 1 hour outing this morning got me to 88.8kmh in what I though was pretty tame conditions with my old 7m2 Ozone R1. Not a single bump along the beach due to the big swells planning it flat. Might get an afternoon run in if the wind holds out. Forecast is for great onshore winds for the next 7 days.
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    @nigel did a great job all weekend... in more ways than one!
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    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    Oh SAND. I was looking at this on the small screen of the phone and thought the thread title was SEND...
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    Grandfathers Axe

    I have just finished putting the latest parts onto my buggy and I’m wondering if I can still say that it is my original buggy? Like the grandfathers axe paradox my PL buggy has had every part replaced. Well almost, the front fork and foot pegs are still original. Now if I had of replaced all the parts at once, then I would of said that it was a new buggy that was using my old fork. But the parts have been replaced in stages over several years. So, can I still say that this is my original buggy?

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