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    Finally had a moment to throw this quick edit together of our session the other week. YouTube seems to have shat on my image quality, but you get the idea 😃
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    2020 Vision at Kingston

    Must be time for an official 2020 Kingston thread. Dates will be however long you wish to stay up until Australia Day (26th Jan). (later if you wish). Some of us turn up two weeks prior, some one week prior. It's all very casual with no particular structure. I think the Blokarts will be there again this year - if you've got any details of that, pop it in below. Let's hope for a dry claypan and a clean beach. I'm booked in 13th - 26th and will bring a few more single liners this year as the foreshore fly is becoming more and more spectacular every year. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
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    Haven’t posted in while been busy more with music compositions, but still kiting and slope soaring my gliders with my son Zachary here in Christchurch. The Distraction by Norman Freund https://youtu.be/0exNctKqQkc Special thanks to my son Zachary for helping out with the time lapse pre-processing and advice during the music production. No I have not switched to LEI’s ha ha, some one else kiting in the beach scene. Hey @bakersdozen, thanks for putting me on to the Reaper DAW (Digital Workstation). Takes a bit to get used to it to feel free enough to be creative with it. I tried putting the video together with Adobe Premier Elements, very clunky, wrecked the quality, too slow …. . So I thought why not try the video editor that comes with the music DAW, Reaper, hey not bad. Cutting up the video segments and synchronising with the music phrases is simple in Reaper since your composition is already there with all the cues and midi notes. The video quality in Reaper is good too. Hope you like it. Music only copy on Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/norman-freund/the-distraction Regards, Norman Freund
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    Last Ride for Jase

    First day without him yesterday as I hit the beach mentioned I expect a good day now Quite rusty but nice to get a good day in
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    Bye Dad.

    1yr today. House was filled with people today to celebrate and remember. We've kept his gyros busy and spinning the past year
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    New single line kite

    Meet 'Blob Marley' the 18m Jellyfish. It arrived a day after the whale festival and so did the rain. today was a nice day but wind speed of 3 knots Amazing quality for a Chinese kite. excellent stitching and great construction. pretty hard to beat for the price. (AUD$340 with shipping) Its brothers and sisters are still lodged deeply in the sunshine west blackhole.
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    Tribe of Trilobites

    finally pulled the pin on a few of these, they are sitting in the sunshine west black hole at the moment, a pair of all white. 36 and a 7. next week a 3 and a 16. an 18m blue jellyfish arrived today. (and so did the rain)
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    Last Ride for Jase

    glad you are still getting out there for him mate. He will always be there watching. regards. Dougie.
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    Tribe of Trilobites

    hi @Chookie, Yes mate, I love them, a couple of weeks ago at a small kite event in western Victoria I had a good play with Ricky Bakers 10m Trilobite. I think I was hooked. then I saw these white ones for sale on Ali, I knew I had to have them. I bought myself some decent spectra, 100m of 175kg,750kg and 1200kg and ordered the 36 and 7, and the jellyfish (Blob Marley) for mezz. Up at the Eden whale festival, Ian Burrell had a 2m the wind was cracking 35-40 knots and the little 2m was right at home. I will get myself a 3 and a 16 also this Monday all in white.. (Ali express has its 11.11 sale) with the 3 as low as $65. Mum would like a 3m also, but I think ill get her a 7 for Christmas Hopefully tomorrow I will get out and give the 36 a crack, (that's what the 1200kg line is for) Bring yours to Kingston, I know a few others from Adelaide have them too. And Bull has one or two (probably more by now) and we can see how many we can get up at once.
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    New single line kite

    Meet "Lolly" the lionfish - made by Rolokite
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    Awesome afternoon on the beach - had it all to ourselves soaking up the beautiful sun and on-shore breeze. Magic! Will have a look at the GoPro footage later on tonight and maybe do a quick edit if suitable.
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    I'm cool with that as long as I get to spoon with Lukin.
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    Kite buggy and kites

    Maybe in 1950.... Please list a price for the package, thank you.
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    Last Ride for Jase

    It's with a heavy heart that we lost a avid member and my best mate yesterday he is now our angel his passion to still kite till couple weeks ago was strong and even at a low point asked had I seen the forecast and tides made me laugh but life is short please go and see the doctors more often and make your health number one
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    Problem Solving

    Save, Print, Stick on wall for future reference...
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    U turn kites

    thanks @igeighty and @mik333 if my left arm needs a splint I'm in deep shit PS @mik333 the only bones I've broken in the buggy (technically just after leaving the buggy) are my little finger (used a bi-roe to splint that) and a rib. So probably just to splint a limb.
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    Glad you lot had a fine run!! Work always gets in the way @Mez Don't know how many are interested in another run, but mark it in your calendar, Saturday the 21st, and Sunday the 22nd of December. Low tide at 1:40pm and 2:36pm. Being so close to Christmas some people might have finished for the year, and it still gives you a few days to finish the shopping if you leave it to the last minute. Fingers crossed for a good SW'er.
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    Flysurfer 4m Peak 2 SOLD

    He got a bit rowdy with the guitar last night. Just as well there's nobody else here.
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    The keeper of kites.....

    Genuinely felt safer leaving my kites with her on the beach
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    The keeper of kites.....

    Today will be our first kiting trip without our Maggie. As many of you know Maggie came on every trip/meet we attended so today will be very strange not having her with us and the beach will be that little bit lonely without her there, watching the buggy's go by. Not a day goes by when she is missed. So here's to you Maggie Moo, the keeper of kites xxx
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    The keeper of kites.....

    Thanks Mark, that is a great picture :)
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    The keeper of kites.....

    Rest peacefully Mags! I always just wanted to curl up alongside in that cosy tent
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    Last Ride for Jase

    When the wind fills our kites on the calmest of days, and my sail pulls on tight, I know I will look up, with a "good on ya Jase!" and rip up the beach!

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