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  1. ANZAC Day buggy run @ Sandy Point??

    Well the forecast isn't looking to good. Light winds. Any wind forecast is under 5 knots, so I doubt that we will be going down. Unless Mother Nature changes her mind.
  2. So with a low tide at 12.47pm, Sandy Point could be a real possibility. Still waiting for the wind forecast, so we all might have to wait till the weekend before we get a good idea if it's good or not. Who's interested??
  3. Video Les Hemmes

    Love the rims!! Painted or anodized?
  4. Last day of flying tomorrow. Two great days. Saturday was a stand out, Rob Brasington rated it a 9.75 Lots of quad work by the Pheonix kite crew, and plenty of maxi kites filling the air. One more day; come on down if you're Adelaide!!!
  5. Grandfathers Axe

    Sorry @andy666 your just not trying hard enough. Yes the seat buckles are far too weak, now tied to the side rails. Forgot, the plastic Fallshaw rims are original, but on the third set of tyres for the rear and second for the front. The Libre Full Race on the other hand..... Repaired the forks 4 times, even added gussets to the foot peg connectors. Cracked the plate on the side rails where they connect to the toe-in toe-out adjuster. Fubared the toe-in toe-out connectors. They are 6mm thick stainless plate, cracked right through on one plate and 60% on the other three. And the side rails are in need of some TLC, as they should be at 120 degrees, but fat buggers like me have compressed them to about 150 degrees. So they need a go in the press at work. The 15 year old seat is starting to look it's age. And the Fallshaw rims have just been replaced with some Sysmics, for more bling. And the GT.... Nothing yet...........or not trying hard enough.
  6. Grandfathers Axe

    Sounds like my PL buggy! Lets see....... Third set of forks (current set repaired three times) Two or three sets of side rails (fixed once again, and needs another go, loose bolt) Two axles (fixed um... um... um... quite a few times?) Three seats. Two splash guards (the current one has two holes in it) Countless number of 12mm bolts, guess I am at about a dozen. Original foot pegs, but only because I don't use them. I made a set up at work many moons ago, the're still kicking. And drum roll.......... Original down tube!!! (which really needs a check to see if it's got any cracks in it) And it's still the old original buggy!
  7. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    You didn't get the shot of Alex giving his cow mouth to mouth.
  8. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    Nigel sets new PB!! Well it's taken a bit of planing, but it worked. Set the bench mark quite high for you lot. Could have gone faster but the kids were asleep. At this speed I almost feel asleep as well. Top speed 50.00 kph. In this!! Three passengers and one kite.
  9. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    See you tomorrow for the big day!! Here's some shots of todays mini fly.
  10. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    Forecast for Monday looking sweet!! Perfect on shore at 10-15 knots!!
  11. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    So who's going to Rosebud??? @Darren Tibbey @Mez & @igeighty @The Duke Fun for the Family as well! @bakersdozen @DrWind @.Joel
  12. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    Next Monday might be good for a run too. It's the Monday Labor day holiday, and a front is due during Sunday, so it might be good Southerlies on the Monday, fingers crossed. Low tides at 2pm.
  13. Death Kite Nomination

    The only problem is the kite will need ten minutes to inflate, it can't "pop open" and be ready once the lines are out. And, Yes, that's the Duke method of kite launching.
  14. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    The tribe will be there!!