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  1. Melbourne landboarding

    Welcome @JamesLH More kiters are always welcome. We are going to be at Dingley this weekend if you can make it. Single stringers, buggies and, if you turn up, mountain boards. Plenty of room at Dingley, check the meeets and events section. Hope to see you there. Nigel.
  2. Dingley Christmas Fly

    Floaties might be required! And yes, we are going to have to wait till late Saturday or even Sunday morning before making the call if we fly. Peoples thoughts on making it the next Sunday (10th), if we don't fly this weekend??
  3. Broken struts need replacing

    Hi Sandra, and welcome to the forum. First up, we will need to know which bits need replacing. Hope the diagram helps. I think you might be referring to the stand-offs?? But even better, the gent who ran Ground Zero kites, is still around, and makes awesome single line display kites. Try here: www.robertbrasingtonkites.com Send Robert an email (he might be overseas so give him a day or two to reply). Let him know whats wrong and I am sure he will be able to help get the Nipper back in the air in no time. Good luck, and don't forget to have a good look around Roberts web site, lots of fantastic kites to see.
  4. Peter Lynn arc spars for under $15

    +1 what @SoutherlyBuster says. Had a set in my 13m Phantom/Scorpion hybrid for years, still going strong. Two coats of Estapol and its good!! Gloss is more hard wearing and a better surface to resist abuse, than Matt or Satin.
  5. Custom Rev ZEN For Sale **Price Drop**

    Three Rev's for $360!! That's a steal @KaoS
  6. Big Daddy Deluxe!

    I seem to recall two men huddled in an ARC on a cold and wet Elwood day a few years back...... Got the images to prove it. What were you doing in there with Danny??? Your swags tiny, get a real swag. Survived more than gale force winds and driving rain. How do you not get a wet bed when it's raining, and you need to get in your swag??? Where do you keep you wet boots?? Outside with the scorpions? (you'll need a UV torch next)
  7. Buggy bits clean out.

    Hey Gav, The picture of the end plates for the axle of the nabx buggy, what bolt sizes are they? Are any of them angled? Trent, Jo's son has a prototype buggy that I guess is the first prototype of the nabx buggy, the three holes to mount it look a little different but should be able to make it work fine. I have the buggy currently in my hands and it's got a new swan neck down tube and about to get new fancy foot pegs.
  8. The Dark Force

    I'll set the 7m up for you if you like. Will need 25 knots, ...............then catch me
  9. Speed Week v2 2017 - CANCELLED

    Might be down for a day trip, but very weather dependent.
  10. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    I'll pay for that if, you cover the freight costs of the kites. Your going to need a few more kites than in the video I think.
  11. Melbourne Cup Fly Day.

    Have you sent him an email and asked???
  12. Surf Coast Kite Festival

    Quote of the day by Mr 4; " Why do we have to pack up, there's still wind? " A great day for little people, and a bucket load of small kites filling the sky.
  13. Surf Coast Kite Festival

    Looks like we are going!!
  14. Well, what an interesting weekend!! Great company. Thank you to all who made it down, even for the day. Besides the beach, the wind is our next requirement. Well we got more than enough!! Friday night/Saturday morning, it blew what must have been gale force through the caravan park. Wilson's Prom (about 25kms away) recorded a gust of 147kph, so yes it was howling. Our camper trailer coped the brunt of the wind, as we were beside the fence that it funneled down, and the kids room was like the inside of an accordion!! I moved the car at 4am to act as a wind break, and even occy strapped the tent pole that was taking the brunt of the wind to the cars roof rack. We survived, the odd drop of water inside, but other than that, got to hand it to the manufacturers of our camper, she's a tuff nut to crack!! As for buggying, the wind was strong, but the angle wasn't the greatest. My first run on Saturday was the best, no tacking to return home, but the next two runs to the point needed many tacks to return. Top speed was only 78.8 kph, with the GT, and the 6m phantom mark II. First time I've had both out in winds that strong, so a good learning excersize. And the 6m needs more wind, as I ran it at almost full power for the day. Or is it the fact the GT just laughs at the power? Sunday's wind was straight down the beach, and on Monday it was looking the same again, so we headed to the Prom for a days walk. The boys that stayed were presented with a great on shore from about 2pm, so they got a super run in. Hope all that made it had a good time, see you again!!
  15. Looking at the current wind forecast. Friday looks like a waste, all North Westers 15-20 knots, straight down the beach. Saturday, a perfect onshore SW 15-20 knots, turning more Westerly and picking up a little to 25 knots. Sunday more WSW 15-20 knots, so cross onshore, but should be a goer. And a guess for Monday, should be lighter, but fingers crossed for an onshore Southerly. Saturday seems to be the pick of the bunch for any day trippers thinking of coming, BYO BBQ meat, and some thing to share if you want to hang around afterwards.