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  1. 9m2 Best TS Kitesurf Kite with Control Bar $700.00 Do it allThe TS is the ultimate crossover kite for everybody who needs a performance oriented kite to boost big airs, throw unhooked wakestyle tricks, slice waves or get the most out of a freeride session. The TS is the kite to do it all.
  2. 2012 North Rebel 13m2 Kitesurf Kite $180.00 Kite only. No control bar.The 2012 Rebel remains North’s flagship kite, combining all the ingredients you need to cover a huge wind-range, rip apart any size surf, boost huge airs and ride comfortably in nearly all conditions. It is quite simply our best interpretation of what a modern free-ride/wave kite should be and it’s really no mystery why the Rebel is THE most sold kite ever.The 2012 Rebel remains a loaded 5th line kite, offering its most acclaimed performance attributes like a short bar stroke, crisp, direct feeling, rock solid stability in all conditions, and it’s unique ability to steer while de-powered. The new square wingtip design maximizes the effective tip area, makes the tips less prone to distortion and fluttering while steering and gives the Rebel its new stylish and modern appeal. Super clean tip panels account for greatly improved, ultra smooth turning and easy handling that remains smooth even in over-powered conditions. Size-specific tuning ensures that the big sizes feel crisp and lively and the small sizes feel forgiving even in blistering wind. The Rebel also features a simple back-line adjustment to tune it for greater or lesser bar pressure to suit your desired feel. As with all North kites, the 2012 Rebel is built to last utilizing our proven construction methods and the highest quality materials like our exclusive Teijin D2 canopy fabric.
  3. 13m2 Flysurfer Boost (used)

    Flysurfer Boost 13m2 Kitesurf Kite $600.00 The Flysurfer BOOST is a highly efficient L.E.I Race Kite, combining explosive lift and huge hangtime. We took progressive technology and blended it with fast turning speed and everyday usability, for sportsmen who love massive airs or racing around courses.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww5ndXHRl0s
  4. Used North Vegas

    2007 North Vegas 12m2 Kitesurf Kite $99.00 Condition: Used North Kiteboardings C kite. Comes without Control bar.
  5. Inflatable single line kite

    Just get one of the original PL ARC kites, put a long 4 way bridle to the tips and instant single line!!
  6. alternatives to the Woo and Xsensor

    Look up X-Sensr and PIQ
  7. Buggy wheels

    Zero chance without modification
  8. Fighter kites

    It wont cut, honest........
  9. Fighter kites

    Have a spare spool of Manja I can spare if you want to play for keeps with your mates.
  10. Peter Lynn Waterfoil 5.6

    Actually it's a legitimate response. Seeing as I have actually owned one and have seen first hand what the kite has done to others. It's not simply a case of "pull the back lines and she will be all good" it has nothing to do with customer service. Should I not be entitled to an opinion? So I would suggest getting your "facts" correct before slinging shit like an organ grinders monkey in it's cage. Secondly it's all well and good to puff your chest out and call somebody a smart arse and little man whilst hiding behind a keyboard. If you like I will purchase you a plane ticket so you can say it to my face.
  11. Exactly my point Mfwetu, thanks. With regards to the kite pricing though, if you went to Asia you will find the kite prices are no cheaper than here. And the sweat shop thing-
  12. Peter Lynn Waterfoil 5.6

    I can only guess you haven't flown one then.
  13. Here is an example of accountants charges in Australia. As you can see it's $110 to $395 an hour, PLUS GST!! http://www.obrienaccountants.com/fees.html Cost of outsourcing overseas starts at $35 an hour!! https://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/browse/c/accounting-consulting/sc/accounting/fb/45/?q=accountants https://www.fiverr.com/categories/business/financial-consulting-services?source=side-menu Imagine if kites had that price difference in Australia. To put it in perspective a 12m2 North rebel would cost $6450 - $23650 and that's without a bar!!
  14. WANTED - Kite-surfing equipment

  15. New Shinn Foils Released

    Pricing is here - http://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2150