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  1. Moving on some buggy gear

    The HQ Harness is Large - Cheers
  2. Moving on some buggy gear

    Peter Lynn Harness Small = $70 HQ Harness = $50 Wichard Shackle with pulley = $80 Peter Lynn XR Buggy with wide axle and Midi tyres = $650
  3. Wanted

    Great buggy here- https://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2426
  4. SKU: 2376 (USED) North Rebel 6m2 2013 Kite Only/ No Bag The North Rebel has been an extremely popular kite and for 2013 it remains a 5-line 5-strut mid/high-aspect kite. $250.00 Manufacturer: North Kiteboarding SKU: 2407 (USED) JL Prima Donna 15m2 (USED) JL Prima Donna 15m2 $250.00 SKU: fs-boost_used (Used) Flysurfer Boost 13m2 Feel the unstoppable dynamic force of an IKA registered racing machine. Experience quick turning speed, explosive lift, incredible hang-time, amazing upwind ability and forward speed. Size: 13m Bar: No BarInclude Infinity 3 Airstyle bar 50cm (Add $650.00)Include Infinity 3 Airstyle bar 60cm with 6m extensions (Add $720.00)Include Infinity 3 Race bar 50cm (Add $720.00)Include Infinity 3 Race bar 60cm (Add $720.00) $599.00 Manufacturer: Flysurfer SKU: 2406 (USED) North DICE 12m2 2016 The 2016 generation of the Dice is the most progressive three strut kite on the market, offering everything you need for progressive freestyle and wave riding $760.00 Manufacturer: North Kiteboarding SKU: 2421 (USED) Naish Dash 9m2 2018 Ex-Demo Naish 'DASH' 9m2 - No tears or rips in excellent condition. Suit new kite buyer. Kite and Bag only $849.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 1908 (USED) Naish Dash 10m2 2018 Ex-Demo Naish 'DASH' 10m2 - No tears or rips in excellent condition. Suit new kite buyer. Kite and Bag only $849.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 2422 (USED) Naish Dash 12m2 2018 Ex-Demo Naish 'DASH' 12m2 Kite and Bag only $1050.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 2325 (USED) NAISH 2016 Pivot 12m2 Kite and Bar Complete (USED) NAISH 2016 Pivot 12m2 Kite and Bar Complete $1050.00 Manufacturer: Naish SKU: 942 (USED) 2017 North Pro Surf 5'11" Our USED North Pro Surf. Has deck installed. One scuff on the rail. Great value. $1149.00$509.00 Manufacturer: North Kiteboarding SKU: 2408 .................SOLD............................ (USED) NAISH 2018 Pivot 11m2 Kite only (USED) NAISH 2018 Pivot 11m2 Kite only $1199.00 Manufacturer: Naish
  5. Flysurfer Soul

  6. Chrono II

    Not much wind here today but not a bad season in Brisbane overall
  7. Melbourne Star

    Who paid?????
  8. Chrono II

    We have our last Chrono II at a great runout price to make way for the Chrono III. It's a 15m. SAVE $700 on this one! https://www.briskites.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1985
  9. HQ Freeracer

    HQ are moving to closed cell for their new race kite. Looks like the aim is race performance with simplicity and ease of use. From the HQ website- The design of the “Freeracer” makes this kite the perfect tool for speed junkies. Maximum control and easy handling are very important when pilots experience the perfect speed kick during foiling, snowkite racing or buggy riding. One of the main goals of the development was to build an extremely user friendly kite, whose character is extremely good-natured and smooth. This means that even critical situations can be mastered perfectly with the “freeracer”. Pilots do not need any special training for starting and handling the “Freeracer”. Replacing the lines after a few hours of flying to get perfect handling and feel for the kite is no longer necessary. All materials used are perfectly matched to each other for a kite of this class, lightweight and extremely durable. The setup of the “Freeracer” is clearly designed to experience pure race performance without taking the position of a purebred competition kite. High rotation speed and tight turning radii, coupled with extremely efficient power release, make the “Freeracer” an easy to fly fun machine that can be used for many terrains. High controllability and uncomplicated flight behaviour – this allows pilots to adapt quickly to new situations and perfect their learning successes. LIGHT WIND SETUP Foilboards don’t need much wind, the use of the “Freeracer” has been perfected for this very purpose. With its robust 20D sail material, the “Freeracer” is one of the lightest production kites on the market. The absence of nylon rods on the profile nose and the low cell shape considerably reduces the weight of the “freeracer”. A constant pull due to very narrow turning radii gives the starting impulse required for the foiling. Once in motion, the “freeracer” accelerates continuously. Extremely careful workmanship and precise panel shaping make the deformation of the cap controllable. This increases stability and slows down the kite when depowered. At the same time, the kite moves away from the edge of the wind window to a more stable position. A special shape with high curvature allows the kite to fly very stable even with a high projected aspect ratio and greatly reduces the risk of butterflies. PROPERTIES: </p Extremely light and robust 20D material for top and bottom Deformation Control Foilboard optimized Race Performace Easy handling, perfect control High Depower Looks like a sneak peek at about the 30 second mark in this video -
  10. 9m2 Best TS Kitesurf Kite with Control Bar $700.00 Do it allThe TS is the ultimate crossover kite for everybody who needs a performance oriented kite to boost big airs, throw unhooked wakestyle tricks, slice waves or get the most out of a freeride session. The TS is the kite to do it all.
  11. 2012 North Rebel 13m2 Kitesurf Kite $180.00 Kite only. No control bar.The 2012 Rebel remains North’s flagship kite, combining all the ingredients you need to cover a huge wind-range, rip apart any size surf, boost huge airs and ride comfortably in nearly all conditions. It is quite simply our best interpretation of what a modern free-ride/wave kite should be and it’s really no mystery why the Rebel is THE most sold kite ever.The 2012 Rebel remains a loaded 5th line kite, offering its most acclaimed performance attributes like a short bar stroke, crisp, direct feeling, rock solid stability in all conditions, and it’s unique ability to steer while de-powered. The new square wingtip design maximizes the effective tip area, makes the tips less prone to distortion and fluttering while steering and gives the Rebel its new stylish and modern appeal. Super clean tip panels account for greatly improved, ultra smooth turning and easy handling that remains smooth even in over-powered conditions. Size-specific tuning ensures that the big sizes feel crisp and lively and the small sizes feel forgiving even in blistering wind. The Rebel also features a simple back-line adjustment to tune it for greater or lesser bar pressure to suit your desired feel. As with all North kites, the 2012 Rebel is built to last utilizing our proven construction methods and the highest quality materials like our exclusive Teijin D2 canopy fabric.
  12. 13m2 Flysurfer Boost (used)

    Flysurfer Boost 13m2 Kitesurf Kite $600.00 The Flysurfer BOOST is a highly efficient L.E.I Race Kite, combining explosive lift and huge hangtime. We took progressive technology and blended it with fast turning speed and everyday usability, for sportsmen who love massive airs or racing around courses.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww5ndXHRl0s
  13. Used North Vegas

    2007 North Vegas 12m2 Kitesurf Kite $99.00 Condition: Used North Kiteboardings C kite. Comes without Control bar.