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  1. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

  2. What is this?

    Near enough
  3. 2019 Kite Construction Guide

    Probably a couple of typos, sorry.
  4. What is this?

    Some brands put a mono filament line or similar to reduce the line from flapping about in the wind as much when de-powered. This and many other useful facts can usually be given by your local knowledgable kite shop.
  5. Get the low down on why some kites are just built better than others. Check out our latest article- https://www.briskites.com.au/news/2019-kitesurf-kite-buyers-guide/?fbclid=IwAR0LLPWhG2uIQbKytKetZxuU8TxRBZ0-D9Omw0BeGBo2kbzjnl0FNoSb6zg
  6. Sweet Vid

  7. Flysurfer Soul

  8. Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    Nothing to revise. I stand by what I said. If price is an issue there is the used market.
  9. No wind toy ideas

  10. Which size Pansh aurora 2 to buy?

    Personally I would suggest trying a different brand before committing to a Pansch. FS kites have come a long way since the Psycho!
  11. Moving on some buggy gear

    The HQ Harness is Large - Cheers
  12. Moving on some buggy gear

    Peter Lynn Harness Small = $70 HQ Harness = $50 Wichard Shackle with pulley = $80 Peter Lynn XR Buggy with wide axle and Midi tyres = $650