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    New no wind toys.

    Our new toys/transport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNqOU4jx62I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYmbZfEkWNY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-i8lO-JsNw
  2. Jason

    New no wind toys.

    None if you don't do it.
  3. Jason

    2x PL Buggies + 3 & 2m Kites

    Two peter lynn stainless steel kite buggies with two quad line kites 3m and 2m one harness all in good condition. $650 *will not seperate.
  4. Get the low down on why some kites are just built better than others. Check out our latest article- https://www.briskites.com.au/news/2019-kitesurf-kite-buyers-guide/?fbclid=IwAR0LLPWhG2uIQbKytKetZxuU8TxRBZ0-D9Omw0BeGBo2kbzjnl0FNoSb6zg
  5. Jason

    Flysurfer Soul

    Interesting, I have never seen you here. Actually I never kite Sandgate, so not only do I not trust your kite advice it seems you can't be trusted in general to be truthful. If those videos can be done with any kite, why haven't they??? Also why are you even on this thread? I't generally poor form from a "business" to bag out other products just to pretend their product is just as good. No Pansh are not as good, period. They don't fly properly out of the bag, are made of lesser materials, don't have the R&D, don't fly as well and often won't even relaunch from the water. In essence you are a lying, trolling bottom dweller.
  6. Jason

    Flysurfer Soul

    This has firmly placed you at #1,000,000,009 ranking of trusted kite reviewers. https://www.thekiteboarder.com/2019/03/tkb-review-2019-flysurfer-soul/ https://www.kiteworldmag.com/gear/flysurfer-soul-review/
  7. Jason

    Flysurfer Soul

    You wish you had one, I know..
  8. Sometimes Mid Season releases go under the radar. Here are a few new releases- Duotone Juice. We have already tested this in a 15m and their claims aren't unjustified. NAISH Triad. I think the 99% of the population bit is a reflection to an advertisement they had many years ago saying "the wrong sport for 99% of the population" Naish Dash. Freestyle/freeride Ozone Amp. Ruben rides it, what more can we say? Duotone Mono Naish Boxer
  9. Jason

    USED Kitesurf Bargains

    (USED) North Rebel 5m2 2013 The North Rebel has been an extremely popular kite and for 2013 it remains a 5-line 5-strut mid/high-aspect kite. More Info SKU: 2094 $480.00 (Used) Shinn King Gee King Gee truly is a step forwards in “less than” ultimate conditions enhancement, if you're looking for versatility and performance in an XL package then look no further. More Info SKU: 942 $499.00 (USED) Starboard Ultra 5'4" (USED) Starboard Ultra 5'4" Has deck pad installed. Crazy light and a great strapless board. More Info SKU: 160hov $550.00 (USED) NAISH Hover 160cm - Beginner to Intermediate Foiling 2019 Whether just getting started or looking to take your foiling to the next level, the Hover 160 foilboard is a fantastic and forgiving choice for gliding above the water. More Info SKU: 2408 $600.00 (USED) NAISH 2016 Pivot 8m2 Kite only (USED) NAISH 2016 Pivot 8m2 Kite only More Info SKU: 2624 $600.00 (USED) NAISH 2017 Pivot 7m2 Kite only (USED) NAISH 2017 Pivot 7m2 Kite only More Info SKU: 2620 $700.00 (Used) NAISH 2018 Dash 10m Kite only (Used) NAISH 2018 Dash 10m Kite only More Info SKU: 2506 $850.00 (Used) NAISH 2018 Slash 8m Kite only NAISH 2018 Slash 8m Kite only More Info SKU: 2406 $950.00 (USED) North Rebel 9m2 2016 + Bar The 2018 generation of the Dice is the most progressive three strut kite on the market, offering everything you need for progressive freestyle and wave riding More Info SKU: 2325 $999.00 NAISH 2018 Pivot 8m2 Kite Only (USED) NAISH 2016 Pivot 8m2 Kite Only
  10. Jason

    Power Kite Line Sets

    There is no such table. The amount of power isn't really related to the kite size, it's relative to the amount of load put on the lines. This can actually be higher on a smaller kite than a large one.
  11. Jason

    Ozone Explore

  12. Jason

    PL XR Buggy with Midi Tyres

    Late model PL Buggy with all the upgrades done. Midi Wheels Siderail Pads Wide Axle 20mm rear axle bolts Spray guard $620 including Freight
  13. Jason

    Winter season in Sri Lanka

    Except there is barely enough wind to fly in your "Winter Season" I even experience a week of no wind in your Summer!
  14. Jason

    HQ Prodigy 4.2m

    Selling my 4.2m Prodigy. Still in excellent condition. $220 including new lines and handles. Postage Extra High End Powerkite for Buggy Racer. Uncompromising design for maximum performance and speed on all possible trails without losing control. Extremely fast and agile. Ready for competition and competitions, enormous power per square meter. To regulate speed in the buggy with the help of the brake lines. Only available in kite-only version; delivered with detailed instructions and bag. Wind: variable, depending on your abilities. Age: 14+. The Prodigy offers high end power for racers. During the design, no compromises were made in terms of design, resulting in top speeds and peak performance during the competition. Handling and control at the highest level, the Prodigy is remarkably stable for a high aspect wing. Made of ripstop polyester in color as shown. The kite is delivered exclusively in the kite-only version. For accessories such as steering cords, quad handles and other please look in the Accessories category. Instructions packed with. Packed in a cool backpack. characteristics • Extremely fast and agile. • Competitive and Competitive. • Overworlding power and pull per m². • Accelerating via the brake lines. Technical specifications • Flat Area 4,2m² • Flat Span 476cm • Height 107cm • Flat AR 5.40 • Cells 26
  15. Jason

    What is this?

    Near enough
  16. Jason

    2019 Kite Construction Guide

    Probably a couple of typos, sorry.
  17. Jason

    What is this?

    Some brands put a mono filament line or similar to reduce the line from flapping about in the wind as much when de-powered. This and many other useful facts can usually be given by your local knowledgable kite shop.