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  1. JKS


    Wind got up to 30k Flying a 5m 08 Waroo Flexifoil buggy, Wide rear axle + buggy bag full of sand 12 months to the DAY I have beaten my personal best ... from 76 kmh to 82 kmh ... Very Happy but there is always another side to a coin yeah .... 76 to 82 over 12 months .... that means only 1 kmh improvment every 2 months :sorry:bugger ..... It's going to take till March 2012 till I catch Nigel ..... hmmmm .... I am sure I will come up with something Im after you Nigey wigey Marty p.s. Peter .....
  2. JKS

    Merry Christmas

    Too much food .... Can't move properly. Must rest more. Merry christmas all
  3. JKS

    Bribie a new

    Packing the car now and depending on the passengers ..... I hope to get up about 12.30 ish.
  4. JKS

    A Rooster's B'Day....

    So chook ...... What came first
  5. JKS

    Blowin out the cobwebs . ( video )

    I hear there's a sequel being shot before Christmas .... And how could you not laugh at him. I mean really ...... An unco mate getting lifted, tipped and dragged a little in what was probably less than a knot Gotta love it
  6. JKS

    Murraire show grounds

    Everything's melted .... Can't sem to get away from air conditioner .... Fargo me it's gone a bit warm.. Might .... Procrastinate
  7. JKS

    Murraire show grounds

    Lol .... Yeah, it's pretty bad eh ! The whole lot of em should just piss right off..
  8. JKS

    Murraire show grounds

    Heading up to murrarrie this Saturday afternoon if anyone needs oil rubbed on their back ..... Maybe get there around half one half two..
  9. JKS

    Roll call...

    How many showers you have a day man
  10. JKS

    Roll call...

    Not even lurkin as much as I'd like .... Lol
  11. JKS

    Rob's latest video clip

    Come play my game I'll test ya Psycho-somatic addict-insane ……
  12. JKS

    Bribie a new

    I still have Stockton in my panch
  13. JKS

    Bribie a new

    What about the drive up there. 2 new 1/2 built overpasses ... new shopping villages ... new bunnings ... new costco ... new suburbs !! It's been way too long ! Still have sand in my ears
  14. JKS

    Happy Birthday

    Onyarrrr Nigel .... Happy birthday buddy. Big 16 for Tiger today too
  15. JKS

    Downwind on the beach

    That's a bitching beach