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  1. Peter


    Libre V-Max with around 45kg extra weight in sand bags
  2. Peter

    kites, skis, water!

    watching that video, makes me think that this will solve the problem i have going sideways????? i'va always prefered facing forwards. what are those skis george? http://vimeo.com/11874124
  3. Peter

    Snake in the mail????

    with the weather starting to warm up snakes seem to be starting to get a little more mobile. we have heard stories from friends of snakes being found in strange, and scary places. one of my best mates went to slash his block with the trusty old massy ferg, got the thing running, a complex process due to his 'ability to fix anything', and he then jumped into the seat, only to find it was not quite the same seat, and it started to move under his butt. he jumped off while the tractor was still moving, to see a snake come out from the back of the seat. my experience last night. i went to check the mail, and see our two resident green tree frogs that live in the letter box, when i opened the back flap of the box i saw a brown lump. not sure what it was, cause it was quite dark outside, i closed the box, and went to get a torch. when i returned i found a snake trying to get out the small hole it had entered the box through, but it was stuck. i could see the snakes head was about 30cm out of the box, stuck on a lump in its gut, it could not get out any further. then i realised it was our two pet frogs inside the snake. i could see two large lumps, it is quite a small snake, and the hole it was trying to get out was about 8mm square. the frogs were at least half the size of my hand, each. and there vwas no way they were going to go through that hole. with the back of the box open, so i could see the snake, it strated to move its tail around and found the opening, then pulled its self out backwards, fell to the ground, and took off directly towards my wife and kids. they screamed and scattered in all directions, including the snake. i think their screams scared the snake again, and it took off away from them, and towards me, i just stood still and the snake, all of about 3 feet long at most, went past me and accross the road into another yard. a few neighbours came outside after hearing the screams, thinking someone was being killed, only to find out about the baby tree snake that swollowed two huge frogs and got stuck. they laughed. but snakes are on the move again, be careful in sheds etc.
  4. Peter

    XK Members Kiting Videos

    great to see some sport kite videos. very very nice work everyone. jabber, nice work too mate.
  5. Peter

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Meet 2011!

    ok all plans have now changed. i'll be coming alone, what options are available for accom please. andyfly, ya wanna share a room? who has space? i can bring a tent if i need to. 238 days!!!
  6. Peter

    Men Who Stare At Kites

    it's just a seat bolted onto the towing point i think, looks like comfy seat too. may just have to try that one.
  7. Peter

    Men Who Stare At Kites

    for some reason i'm only getting a blank white video window. could you post a link to the file on vimeo/youtube thanks. opps got it thanks.
  8. Peter


    hot wire set up? (direct kite to buggy connection) hmmmmm. WARNING TO ALL. if you think a broken leg is bad, how would a broken neck sit with you? if you are going to try using a hotwire set up i would suggest you start by firstly making a ROLL BAR, as you WILL end up underneath you buggy at some stage. i found out the hard way. i was very lucky the first time, my seat back is lower than my side rails and i was able to lay flat enough to miss most of the impact on my neck and head, my helmet (a full face) saved my chin and teeth, but still filled up with sand while it was acting as a brake. i was again lucky when i came to a stop, i was only in 1/2 inch of water, if it had have been a few inches i may have drowned. with a hotwire set up a back reat is your biggest problem, it will stop you taking action to lay flat and try to miss the impact, it will keep you in the danger zone (as i call it) if you are ever going to try and use a hotwire, do so with extreme care, and dont fly alone.
  9. Peter

    My poor poor buggy

    glad to hear it's the buggy suffering and not you. what goes up, must come down. get some pics up
  10. Peter


    just make sure he does not have it before easter please.
  11. Peter


    wow, bad luck mate, hope you feelin much better. i use heal straps on my buggy. before i did, i had one massive spill that got me thinking of adding them. doing around 65kph, i hit a series of massive ruts, my left foot came off the peg, i lost all control of the buggy. all i can remember is concertrating on keeping my feet up off the ground. then the buggy did a very sharp left turn, and i flipped over and landed on one rear tyre, upsidedown. (very big buggy remember) what saved me from injury was how the buggy landed. pure luck. now with heal straps, i can steer with one foot. maybe a small amount of resistance in the steering could help in these situations too???? what can we learn from our own mistakes? not to make then again? what can we learn from the mistakes of others? the same? wise, you sound in good spirits mate. you have taken ownership of your mistake, and not blamed the wind or a tree or a post for being there (or any other obsticle). keep ya chin up. [attachment=1]P1130551.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=0]P1130553.JPG[/attachment]
  12. Peter

    WindGator Kites???

    and the 9m http://www.extremekites.com.au/gallery/ ... Peter/wg9/ i have a short video inflating the 9m, will upload shortly. http://vimeo.com/14256344 Construction looks very much the same as the 15m. colour is yuck, graphics are basic and would be better left off.
  13. Peter

    Nof 'n Zaf KiteBoard Build Project

    when i mix small amounts of two pack anything, i use disposable measureing cups, from chemist. measure and mix in same container. the amounts have to be so exact, slightly out and you will have problems like you are now. if it wont flow well, can you heat it slightly? i dont have those problems up here mate the project is coming on great.
  14. Peter

    WindGator Kites???

    ok, now i've got back into my gallery, more of the first pics of the 15m. the 9m just arrived, i'll inflate it and take some pics today. http://www.extremekites.com.au/gallery/ ... eter/wg15/
  15. Peter

    Planets Align for the Perseid Meteor Shower

    Sat 14th 4.20am, I saw a number of 'shooting star' type of meteors at work, while my kids were at home and they saw one amazing meteor that lasted around 8 seconds, was bright red with a long blue tail. this morning i didnt see any, i was way too late. have you been looking?