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  1. scopeman

    KIt for Sale

    Hi Bob, I will try to get some images over th eweekend. The Access is 2009- 2010. Only been flow 3-4 times in as new condition. But sitting in it's pack in my storage it doen't qualify it to be called a kite. It's more of a bag of ripstop. It should be up in the air flying. Cheers Don
  2. scopeman

    KIt for Sale

    Due to work commitments I have all my gear that is just sitting here not getting used. PL MKII With MIdis, Ozone Access 8m, Ozone Cult 4.5m plus lotsa extrras make an offer over $800-oo plus freight Don
  3. scopeman

    Planets Align for the Perseid Meteor Shower

    Below is the report of the Perseids Meteor Shower 2010 PERSEID METEORS P. Jenniskens, SETI Institute, reports that Geert Barentsen (Armagh Observatory) has pointed out that the International Meteor Organization's summary of visual meteor observations (which can be viewed at website URL http://www.imo.net/live/perseids2010/#peak) shows that the Perseid rate increased around Aug. 12d17h18m ± 32m UT by about 60 ± 15 meteors/hr (ZHR) above normal annual shower activity levels on that date (solar longitude 139.748 ± 0.022 deg, equinox 2000.0), in good agreement with predictions for the earth's crossing of the 1479 dust ejecta from comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle (cf. CBET 2401). The predicted peak rate was ZHR = 65 meteors/hr (Jenniskens, 2006, *Meteor Showers and their Parent Comets*, p. 657). These data are based on roughly ten visual observers located in China, Russia, Japan, and Israel. S. Nakano, Sumoto, Japan, forwards the following visual counts by Katsuhiko Mameta (Kobe, Hyogo-ken) at Nishi-Harima Observatory on Aug. 12 (limiting mag 6.0-6.3): 15h30m-16h00m UT, 22 Perseids, 10 other meteors; 16h00m-16h50m, 29 Perseids, 17 others; 18h05m-19h00m, 37 Perseids, 17 others. NOTE: These 'Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams' are sometimes superseded by text appearing later in the printed IAU Circulars. © Copyright 2010 CBAT 2010 August 17 (CBET 2416) Daniel W. E. Green
  4. scopeman

    Planets Align for the Perseid Meteor Shower

    Too bad they are a northern hemisphere shower as they aree alway a good producer of meteors. I spent last week in Western Queensland only looking at northern objects. Never seen one Perseid, plenty of sporadic meteors. Best showers for Southern Hemisphere are Orionids in October, Geminids in December. Better if the moon is not in the sky as well. Friday Night saw Saturn Venus and Mars all close together along with the moon. Just my 2c Don
  5. scopeman

    The Last 7 Mile of Summer

    Where is everybody staying? So we know where we're meeting for rehydration training afterwards. Add you details below. Don - Shoalhaven Heads Tourist Park
  6. scopeman

    The Last 7 Mile of Summer

    Where is everybody staying? How many are at Shoalhaven Heads Caravan Park? Are we going to have a mass BBQ on Saturday evening? Don
  7. scopeman

    The Last 7 Mile of Summer

    It is a full moon on the saturday night. It would make for a grewat night run up and or down 7 mile beach and would be a real buzz, however I think we should have glow sticks at least on buggies so they are visible for all to see. I'm use to playing in the dark so who' up for a night run under hopefully perfect conditions Don
  8. scopeman

    Your opinion ?

    Can't wait till I can get it at a corner store, beats buying in toilets at hotels I don't drink in. Join NORML http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=3374 Don
  9. scopeman

    Saturday 9/1/10 Hammerhead

    Yesterday at Hammerhead Point, we had an over 50's day. It started out with a 2 hour drive down from Sydney, which mean an early start. I got a call from JD just as I was passing his place and he was about 10 minutes behind me. When we got there we basically had the place to ourselves, a couple of nudie sunbakers, shit they was older than us, and of course the usual summer holiday makers at the far Currariong end. We got the buggys built up and down to the beach, I was in the air with my 8m Access XC while JDhot had his trusty 10m Manta up and running. I started in my PL MKII and jD had the Cougar out for a stroll. Wind at first was about 7kts which made for some fun, but it died down to only 4kts and about 1.45pm we were considering calling it a day as high tide was due to hit at 4-30pm and coming up wind was hard wok everytime. We sat and had a drink, when the wind started to pickup a bit. I got the windmeter out and it was pumping 13.7kts. JD was up and off like a rocket, his first run gave him 66.1kph but he came back and swapped kites over to the 8m Flysurfer Speed II. I was in thye Triksbit and was heading north firstaboiut 500m up the beach the sand was getting pretrtry soft so I put the kite up high and swung the buggy around when whoosh, I'm out of the buggy and in thye air about 3m off the ground doing my best impression of Clark Kent (didn't get time to change) after what seemed like a few seconds I pulled the quick release and the kite fell and i went face first into the sand. I got up said fu..k it, grabbed the line, reconnected, got into the buggy and went screaming south. Past JD who was looking at me like I was the sandman or something. I went about 4 kms south, got chased by a dog that tried to jump inthe buggy while I'm ding 30+kph, missed got caught up and went under the back axle, I couldn't stop. another km or so I turned around and heads back. I stopped to see if the dog was OK and the guy was more concerned that I was OK the dog was havigna surf. I took off again came back spitting sand out screaming yahoo. A quick oral flush with water and we were back out and at it again. wind was pumping 17kts., We put in another 3 hours of flying, eventually running out of hardpacked sand we called it a day at 5:50pm back up to the cars, rooted but smiling like a beauty. It was only then when I saw my reflection in the windows of my car that I realised I had half the beach in my face, ears, hair, beard. You shoulld have seen how much was in the bottom of the shower when I got home. Two old farts were looking mighty happy that we took that time out for a drink a few hours before and wound up having a great day out. clocking up some k's Those heading south today would have had a great day except for ther heat. I drank 3ltrs during the day and stopped for a really icy cold softy on the way home. Got back to Sydney at 9pm, a quick shower a bite to eat went out to it on the lounge, slept like a baby. One of the bad things about getting on. Don
  10. scopeman

    Sysmic Alloy Rim Pricing available now

    you missed a great day at Hammerhead today PAul. It was an over 50's day with juust JD and myself Don
  11. scopeman

    Saturday 9/1/10 Hammerhead

    The tides are looking good for an early start tomorrow at Hammerhead south of Nowra. Low tide is 11am. I am planning on being there by 9 so I can get 5-6 hours of fun. Who's Up for it. Don
  12. scopeman

    0.04 Low Tide this Friday

    Hi JD, I'm heading down tomorrow morning, probablt to hammerhead as the wind is still out of NE I will ring you when I am on my way See ya there Don
  13. scopeman

    0.04 Low Tide this Friday

    Friday Satrurday look good with 10/20 kts NE blowin and both days fine weather. Anyone for Hammerhead Point Low tides are 8:40 Friday, 10:00 Saturday so they would be early starts. JD, G anyone. Don
  14. scopeman

    0.04 Low Tide this Friday

    At this stage there is not abreath of wind where I am. It's not raining at the moment but it is very overcast. JD South Coast is looking good for later in the week or next weekend at least it shouldn't be raining. Winds are predictex NE at his stage but that means Hammerhead Point which is nice and isolated from summer crowds. I'll see how it all pans out. Troy let's keep an watch on today. Unfortunately I can't get up this afternoon we have to pack and clean to head back in the morning. Don
  15. scopeman

    anyone know how to hone?

    Honing a razor on a stone is very different from honing a knife as the angle is very different. Basically you need to get a stone with 2400 grade or superfine. The old barbers used to stone them every few days and just use a razor strop a leather belt to just hone off any roughness to the edge of the razor. Anyone remember getting their arse smacked with a razor strop. Cheers Don