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  1. Pari

    FLYSURFER SOUL 8m-Kite only

  2. FLYSURFER Soul 8m in great condition. This is a gem of a kite, fast turning, heaps of grunt, with a load of lift and floaty landings. I'm selling for a number of reasons. I have the 12m Soul and don't seem to get much use out of the 8m- most days around here I'm out in the low teens. Plus because of the pandemic I'm starting my own business and need funds to buy a piece of equipment, so the money will go towards a 3D printer. Kite comes with the lite bag, spare bridle parts- NO Bar just kite. Can post at buyers expense $1400
  3. Pari

    Blade V for sale

  4. Mountain board partss: Deck 9" tyres Unused bindings. Reasonable offers
  5. Pari

    Blade V for sale

    Selling my Blade V. It doesn't get used anymore. Comes without bag Reasonable offers
  6. Pari

    I've Ordered a GONG Unik Kite

    The Gong UNIK 6.8m Kite arrived after 2 weeks. I put it up in about 10- 12kn for a test flight and it was easy to launch and keep it in the air- it's very light being a single strut kite made for foiling mainly. It looks well made with triple ripstop, good sized bumpers and Dacron TE. One thing which is annoying is the inflation tube to the strut is way to long and kinks so that it prevents the strut from inflating and I had to fiddle around with it to get the air to flow. Also notice a odd twist in the center strut- I couldn't notice in flight so maybe the canopy needs to be under tension for it to straighten out. Flying it in 12kn was great, really positive and reactive flying, no back stalling and very easy to place the kite where I wanted and keep it there. It did flutter quite a bit through turns when depowered- I don't have any experience with single strut kites before this one so I don't know if this is common thing with them or not Other than those few points, I'm really happy with my, under $900, purchase and think it will make a great trainer kite for lessons, easy to control and not prone to falling back into the power zone like some kites, which was the case with my 2013 Best Kahoona. I haven't flown it in the water, am going to need a a high wind day to get a 6.8m kite up and out in the ocean. The bag is great, I really like the sand vent in the bottom, the useful pocket, straps and bungees on the sides and especially the PLASTIC zip. Who'd a thought- what a novel idea to put a zip that's not going to corrode on a bag that is by the ocean a lot. How many times have I wished the big brand kites that I've had in the past would've done the same. Genius. The bridle is pretty standard- Ronstan pulleys, one on each side. There is a couple of adjustment places for customizing the flight and bar pressure characteristics, one by moving where the bridle attaches to the leading edge via three knot settings and one on the wing tips like most kites, by moving the steering lines to one of three loops. I'll probably not mess around with these and just leave it on the default settings as it seems to feel and fly just right there. I used my standard Naish bar with 24m lines for it and it seemed perfect, even colour matched the lines of the bar-lucky. I'll add a bit more to this or a separate review once I've had a chance to put it through it paces on the water. Gong_UNIK_6.8m_test_flight.mp4
  7. Pari

    Elliot Heads and Woodgate- very nice

    Hi Andy, no I didn't taken any pictures unfortunately. I wish i had especially of Woodgate as it's very beautiful there. Here's something from Google
  8. I think the last time I had a holiday in Australia was the last time i went to Yeppoon the the EK guys and gals. A few years ago, 2012 I think. I got away over New Year, went up to Hervey Bay to stay and look specifically for good flat water conditions that I could practice getting going on the foil board. Thanks to some Seabreeze forum advice I had a couple of days at Elliot Heads and one day at Woodgate. I loved these two spots, especially Woodgate. The wind was crap for two of the three sessions, maybe 10-12 knots, but the Soul did itself proud and I was still able to practice my foil board starts and ride along, until inevitable I'd crash. Not enough wind for a twin tip or for any other LEI kiters to bother trying. The Soul saved my trip, otherwise it would have been a long way to travel and only get one decent session in. You do have to time it right for the tides as the lagoons can get to shallow for the foil mast when tide is low. Lovely spots to kite. If EK ever decided to organize some trip up that way for foiling about (pun intended), could be good fun.
  9. So I gave my first Kitesurfing lesson today. I got out my 9m Naish Ride that I literally just spent another $192 to fix a massive rip from the last time I used it. I got it especially repaired for this lesson, rushed into to Moti on Friday morning and had it back by that evening, nice one Moti👍. So the lesson went like this: usual explanation of the wind window, power zone, bar safety features, laying out lines, etc (probably missed something out but I'm sure someone will pull me up on it!) blowing up kite- whats that noise? Bloody leaking valve. Fortunately I had the 8M Soul in the car, so the student got to learn on a foil kite. They said the had fun and enjoyed the lesson so I guess everything worked out OK. But damn I'm sick of throwing money at kite repairs. (Another reason why I love foil kites). So I've been looking at the Gong kites for a while now. They look pretty good, decent reviews and the company looks straight up, selling direct to the public missing out the middle man. I've ordered a 7m (6.8m) single strut UNIK (sounds like someone who's been castrated), and am hoping it will be good to teach with. If so a smaller one will be on the cards. I will post something about it once I've had some time to play around with it. I also thought it might make a good high wind kite once I get proficient with the foil board.
  10. Pari

    Soul on Waves

    Obviously it's not the best kite to use in waves, still wants to go fast when it picks up speed and apparent wind. I'm using a twin tip 134cm I think and riding in good wind speed for that kite which is about 16-18 knots . And I'm not cutting back like 'proper' surfers do, just riding down the face of smallish waves, then racing along to catch another further along. You have to pump the kite sometimes whilst it's drifting and dip it quite hard once on the top off the wave, especially with my twin tip, to keep the momentum of speed and match the wave, but it's fun still. I have some great freeride sessions here at the bottom end of Kingy that's facing north. With an onshore and decent knots so the kite is powered up you can ride lots of waves in, switch and speed out popping insane jumps from the waves as you go out again. The control of this kite is insane, you can wash of the power so easily, it turns better than the Speed 3 Deluxe (never tried the IV). I've found my skill level with this kite has gone up, you can twitch it, pump it, and squeeze that little bit of extra performance out of it. I f---ing love, love this kite. Since I got it I've started enjoying kitesurfing much more because being on it is so fulfilling. I got an 8m too and have only had it out in a couple of high wind days, but god that thing is FUN. Quick, grunty- I think more so per square meter than the 12m because of the lower aspect ratio, and still with the insane floaty jumps. I just got in from a session by the way, so still buzzing🤩
  11. Pari

    Soul on Waves

    12m Soul, epic kite BTW.
  12. Pari

    Soul on Waves

    I've just had the sickest wave riding/freeride session on the Soul. Just had to share that!
  13. Pari

    Composite Laminating

    Yes, it's a fun tool. But you don't need to have such a big machine to make some cool stuff so if you ever felt to get a CNC there's some nice little and inexpensive options out there. (off topic I know!)
  14. Pari

    Composite Laminating

    Yes, router number two as of the 2015. I did have a little Chinese 6040 which i did my wheel on. This one is 1200 x 1200 MultiCam machine. Actually during the the routing of the last part, the fuselage, the Z axis stopped working properly. So after this foil is finished I'm doing a major upgrade of the mechanics- new Z axis and raise the gantry height by about 150mm... big project. But will be a much better machine.
  15. Pari

    Composite Laminating

    Putting on extra layers, I came to the same conclusion, but still with the 600 gsm. I'm sanding the foil parts back and leveling any wrinkles then bagging another layer of glass. It's slow work, having to wait for the epoxy to harden, but I'm getting there. I experimented with a filler coat of some micro balloons tonight, mainly on the leading edge of the front wing and a thin coat all over too to see if it will fill in a couple of place where I'd saned through to a void. I used 400 S glass on the board of which I had some terrible results once I came do doing a sanding and 'hot' coat, really bad pooling. Now I'm wondering if it has something to do with the waxy coat you speak of. But I did sand all shinnies off so would have thought that would be enough. Anyway it seems to get less of a problem towards the end, but I still don't know why I had the problem in the first place, I did all the correct steps- sand with gloves on, don't touch with hands, clean brush etc. I also wondered if the yellow pigment effected things as I tried a coat of epoxy on the nose piece of the board I chopped of and it went on no problem. One thing I would never use again was the Inegra. If you sand through to it it just fluffs up, bloody nightmare trying to cover over it. I thought I'd try it as extra reinforcement over the fin box as at the time I was low on cash for CF. Have you put any of your builds on here? Below is a couple of attempts of hot/sanding coat and the front wing with the micro balloons filler coat. It's coming together...then I got o learn how to foil!