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  1. Pari

    Naish PIVOT 11m for sale

  2. Pari

    Naish PIVOT 11m for sale

    NAISH PIVOT, in good condition. $750 Selling kite, bar and lines, and bag. I haven't used it much in the last two seasons so the kite is still crispy, bar and lines are in great condition. This is an awesome kite, great boost and wave kite, but I'm using my foil kite more often for those lite wind days. I had the Naish Octopus system replaced with individual one way valves ( professionally done by Moti Levi ) as I had a leaking valve and the Naish valves can become a problem later on. There are a few little tape repairs on the canopy.
  3. Pari

    Speed 3 12m Deluxe and Blade 4 FOR SALE

    Price drop SPEED 3 DELUXE 12M now $700 BLADE IV 5M now $200
  4. Time to upgrade my kite collection. My Speed 3 12m Deluxe has been my go to kite since I've owned it, saving me for sessions that I normally wouldn't get out in. The Blade 4 just doesn't get used any more for maybe 3 years now. I love my Speed but I have a Soul 12m on the way, otherwise there's no way I'd part with it. It's in great condition as you can see from the pics. SPEED 3 12M DELUXE $ 800 o.n.o Included is bag, bar, spare bits. BLADE IV $250 (I'll try and get some pictures of it up over the weekend, choice of handles either the plastic ones that I prefer or i have a set of Pro handles, no bag.)
  5. Pari

    Moutain Board parts for sale

    LOL. I can't read what your typing, I'm very short sighted. That's why I have my computer hooked up to a 50" TV as my monitor
  6. Pari

    Moutain Board parts for sale

    Wheels are sold Any offers on the DECK and/or BINDINGS considered.
  7. Pari

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Yeah, these are not my favourites. They are quite sturdy, not like the cheap ones you can get in shops like Kmart. They drain OK through the mesh but not through the sole. But the sand thing I don't understand as I only use mine on the land board so sand isn't an issue unless I get sand in my shoes walking through the soft sand to get to the shoreline where the harder sand is. Then I have to empty sand out before my kite session. But like I say these are only getting used coz my Fila's died.
  8. Pari

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    this is a quote from this topic About FOOTWARE FOR LANDBOARDING I've tried various normal shoes, similar to Crocs and trainers, Merrall Eddies, and I can say in total confidence that none come close to comfort than Fila Skele toes. As I explained above, ordinary shoes allow your feet to push forward towards the toes if you are edging hard, forcing you toes into a single pocket. Of course Crocs have a wide toe so that may not be an issue, but on the same token I can't imagine putting my feet into a land board or kite board binding with toes like that , and not slipping around in them especially in water. I went back to closed toes recently coz my Fila fell apart after a few seasons....god I can't wait to get my new pair of Skele Toes from the US. These are the Eddies I'm using at the moment, They're not bad.
  9. Pari

    Woops done it again

    Thanks dude, I'll take a look. FS have their Infinity 2 loops at half price.
  10. Pari

    Woops done it again

    I want to do something about my bar not spinning, put a bearing in or something. Anyone got info on this? I believe I read something by Andy a long time ago on a swivel mod?!
  11. Pari

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

  12. Pari

    Moutain Board parts for sale

    Bump.... reasonable offers considered too! Need to clean out space and these could be getting used.
  13. Pari

    Fila Skele Toes- mens size 8US, 7AU