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  1. Andyfly


    Mines not over 100 yet but I hope it will be one day soon...... Std PL-XR+ Std 1mt axel Std Barrows 3.5mt kite 67.3 km/h
  2. Andyfly

    Whatta weekend..

    On Sunday morning Stu phoned to say there was wind again at the oval so arrangements were made to meet up for a fly. As I came over the rise just before getting to the oval I saw a huge wing in the sky and wondered if it was Bob and his new toy... bu on closer inspection it was a bloke called Justin practicing his ground technique with a paraglider... who ended up coming up for a chat and took some really good photos of us, he got a fantastic shot of Stu who got a huge lift and landed succesfully an all out axel grab... it was performed very smoothly and sweet to watch... Jake, Guy, Rene and Bob showed up followed by Ligerzero... the oval looked back to normal with almost a complete crew roaring about... stunning to see.. Bob had his new toy out for a play and seemed to enjoy it.... The Speed's seem to be breeding down here... it's a good look... an oval covered in FS Jake and Bob having some fun Hopefully this was a taste of the good times to come... summer + wind + daylight savings = A wicked weekend....huge fun Andy...
  3. Andyfly

    Whatta weekend..

    My youngest had his 7th birthday during the week, one of his presents was a HQ Symphony Beach I had promised him "for the last ten years"...... according to him.... After his Sat morning soccer game we slipped home grabbed his kite and took it out for it's maiden flight.... As we pulled into Amaroo Stu was just leaving.. he turned around and joined us for a while...nice. Stu's a great teacher and Daniel always has a great time whenever they get together... onya mate.. After a couple of crashes he got the gist and had an absolute ball, the HQ Beach was very stable even in the gusts, gave him a taste of power and had him hooked ... Usually even an an exciting activity doesn't keep him interested for long but trying to get him to pack up at the end of the day was a mission... he is hooked I think.. onya Daniel for giving it a go.. .... onya Stu for your help and company.. .. we had a ball Andy...
  4. Andyfly

    Wheel Options

    There are the sand pits too Bob... perhaps we could spread some of the sand from them around a little....... A pretend beach... sounds wicked... C'mon JD, Cmon Hamil Andy .......
  5. Andyfly

    Extreme Kites Sep/Oct Stockton Meet

    Onya Rob ..it'll be great to see you again....good stuff.. Bring jumpers eh?... and Jackets, Arctic rated... and thermals ...and ...we'll go and visit Joel's cabin... wahoo..... heaps more coming... + Rob ( with jumper/s ) + Luke ( with jumps ) + Dave "have wheels will travel" Shepp.. + Daniel.Rae + Hamil and co + Nocando and 11blowins .... whoops 1 blowin (poss)... got excited and pressed 1 twiiiiice... + gcdave's one eye...... croc musta got the rest?.... + A recent phonecall suggested one other Northerner is a good poss (fingers crossed) + Wolfie said he won't be there but don't believe that till AFTER fist coffee, smoke and stroll on morning one.. ya neva know with this bloke.... .. +++++ lotsa others... Shaping up to be bigger than Ben's Her ......... can't wait ... 'sgunnabe awesome.. Andy...
  6. Andyfly

    24 Aug 2pm

    Rekon if we bribe Goz he'll change it back... ... Other than that we may have to wait and see what the day brings..... or take sandwiches... Andy.... ps. today was nice between 4-5..
  7. Andyfly

    24 Aug 2pm

    Heya Norm.. I was hoping I timed my pack-up right so the kids and the parents dropping them off DID get corrupted ... but, fingers crossed, didn't leave it long enough to cause the coach too much stress... I have 4 kids that have had people/coaches in their varied sporting lives... the time and effort the coaches volunteer to give to other peoples kids is priceless ........and sooo appreciated I'd hate to make it too hard on them... I hope.... cheers mate Andy
  8. Andyfly

    Bribie a new

  9. Andyfly

    24 Aug 2pm

    .... I'm sure the kids appreciated your efforts Bob... Sunday sounds a plan... see ya there... Marty Marty Marty..... not much wind but soooooo good to be back in the buggy ... The sun was out......wind blowing 10km/h gusting 19km/h. I timed a few gusts right and got a lil air-time.. I had an audience, a dad and his 3 young kids sitting on the grandstand, who were more than willing to let me know when the jump wasn't high enough or squeal with delight when it was.... ya gotta love feedback eh? A group of young people showed up for footy training and after driving their coach spare ( watching me was more interesting than listening to him.. ) I packed up, around 4.30, went home and setup for my Daniels 7th birthday party..... Awesome day all round... Andy.. full of holes from nurf guns..
  10. Andyfly

    24 Aug 2pm

    The sun's out .... and there is almost wind ... so I'm going out to Amaroo to attempt to break the drought (flying) for better or worse.... Anyone else got the time ......come down and have fly Andy....
  11. Andyfly

    Answer me this... ?

    Sure to be accepted..... quicker than the bribe took to get out of the payers pocket.... tis da olympics...
  12. Andyfly

    I cant believe I just read that

    I saw that porker this morning and thought her parents must be soooo proud... But then again the world seems to be brimming with them... From : http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/10071054/charges-after-baby-spotted-in-back-of-ute/ comes this: A US babysitter has been charged with child neglect for letting an infant ride in the back of a truck while strapped into a stroller........!!!!!!!!!! complete with video .... Andy
  13. Andyfly

    Bribie a new

    Whatta bloke...starring, directing, and editing ......the mans skills are endless.... GO WOLFIE.....
  14. Andyfly

    Goodbye to a new friend?

    Nice pick-up Crusty_bear..... ... Hope to catch up for a fly when you get back from En-Zud... Andy
  15. Andyfly

    speed3 mod

    The blue seal on the bearing fitted (Knowing Andy he buys quality brands) indicates it's of the stainless variety Plummet so he should be right. A Torrington race was the way I was going to go when I was thinking about mine.... but then got used to it all and now untwist it by hand in between jumps and loops to save the wear... Andy