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  1. Jimmy22

    Slingshot NF2 rear foil hole spacings

    Why thank you sir
  2. Jimmy22

    Slingshot NF2 rear foil hole spacings

    30mm c/c is the answer and i think 6mm diameter holes, countersunk, i finally found one to measure . pros will run different aoa on the same rig so it seems riding style has an impact . im hoping to learn with my feet equally balanced and tune the aoa to suit me with that goal in mind , maybe all this theory will go out the window but so far the theories have been spot on in regard to aoa and strength required so hopefully on the right track all round .
  3. Jimmy22

    Slingshot NF2 rear foil hole spacings

    Aoa makes a big difference..some people can't even ride the same rig as others properly with different Aoa's to what they prefer. I'd like to stick to std though and live with it
  4. Jimmy22

    Slingshot NF2 rear foil hole spacings

    oh cool , i know Ardian to talk to and have a few Axis Ld boards of different vintages , im def a fan . Yes it could get out of hand quickly i know what you mean about the aspect , its frontal area vs thickness to cope with a wider span vs glide forever ratio . Im optimistic about my hand shaped front foil and like my chances . these guys are all about budget foiling and show that anything can fly if its nicely balanced http://www.clearwaterfoils.com/ . i have a looksee at the other brands you suggested too . i only need the shim because i have no idea what the stock aoa is for the rear slingshot wing
  5. Jimmy22

    Slingshot NF2 rear foil hole spacings

    Those foils are quite high aspect .. im keen on medium aspect and yep the slingshot has a cowling over the back of the front wing but it doesn't alter the wing shape , only the transition. I'm a fan of their simple integration but it adds a little complexity to the build. The wood foil kits for 125 seem pretty accessible and fun. Definitely tempting on the rear foil at 99 and 19 for foil and foil bed so you can see why it's a solid fallback plan
  6. Hi All , i have been hooked into this hydrofoil thing and being me decided to "make" a hydrofoil rig , in this case i'm heavily relying on people with some skills outside mine but its going ok so far. The time has come to finish my own rig and as a fallback i would like to be able to fit a slingshot NF2 rear wing if mine arent as i had hoped or more likely i bust one. Can someone measure the hole diameter and hole centres of the nf2 rear foil screw holes and post up here ? Much appreciated just for interest sake here is some of the progress with all of it at about the 1/2 way mark at present.. still heaps to do . yes its heavy, but so am i , yes the board is large but 160AUD and full carbon by the looks and only 50cm wide ill live with it , the foil shapes arent quite there, but I hand shaped them from a flat foam template supplied by a mate with a sanding block and craft knife. For now im having heaps of fun riding budget foils behind a boat and learning , if my whole plan goes south there is always a production foil, i have recently ridden some really nice Armstrong preproduction ones that put ours well down the list but bang for buck is still there atm for my budget approach.
  7. Jimmy22

    kteguru's buggy

    very cool , almost 60s -70s style , id be happy to run it up and down the beach I dont think balance was a fluke 66/33 and made to suit a body , cant go wrong .. 50mm is my figure for clearance on flat sand buggies and 100mm for dune buggies. Friends run lower than that but do encounter the odd hit in the ass.
  8. Jimmy22


  9. Jimmy22

    Ozone Method

    Too late... lol. It's cool Joel just called bs when I said it was only a few kph slower than my race kites. No bad blood in this discussion. Mine are still mint and will be for sale after you can't buy them any longer.
  10. Jimmy22

    Buggy Weight

    heavier buggy can hold a larger kite size and hold a better line upwind and momentum through the turns, especially upwind turns.
  11. Jimmy22

    Vapor threat

    Quantums go ok , had some for 6 months , the Vapor is a really good race kite so it takes some beating. German buggy champs were won with quantums recently , time will tell . Quantums are like high torque Methods to my mind . Using the R10 paraglider tech to full effect and more toward speed and power than stability but much more stable than yakuzza and maybe more so the Yak GT perhaps the same. Still perfecting and playing at our end but i think Europe has found the right balance. New blood pushing the race kites so expect something very very good and some usual Ozone quality.
  12. Jimmy22

    Anyone in or around Northland NZ

    the moderator died last year , there are no more admins , ill try to fix that
  13. Jimmy22

    how low can you go?

    ill lend you mine plumtree....
  14. Jimmy22

    Ozone Method

    i dont know who has angered who here but the nz cost is here... http://www.kitezone.co.nz , http://windwarriorkitesports.com/ozoneflow.aspx compare them .. if you are interested: i once more made the top three and beat both vapor and reactor last month in our local hard sand races on the 5m Method, only issue was down wind where the vapor made up a lot of ground, however it was ground i had gained in the first place Winning kite was a Yakuzza 5.0 2008 and 2nd 4.5m GT 2011 , not bad for a non race kite in our little sand pit. I now have a top speed of just over 80 kmph with the 2.3m method on sand. None of that is BS its a fact and i felt for quite some time i was unable to let people know this stuff because of the abusive way this thread has panned out , anyhow i figured it wasnt worth it to sit in a bubble and you cant let the bully(s) win.... So seemingly if the main issue is one of price and the distributor then let the kite have some more credit. Value for money argument is another matter so i Respect what you are saying about bang for buck , but i sence all this is more about people than the actual Method ? Peter Lynn recently got direct supply to Aus instead of bouncing through various lands which has helped their pricing no end , hats off to them for that. I dont know what the story is for Ozone , but i do know the Method is a good kite and will find some people that like it for what it is. The obvious bad blood around the brand for some is a whole different can of worms.
  15. Jimmy22

    moose meet 2011

    2011 Muriwai Moose Meet 14th 15th 16th 17th of October Low tides are- 5:42pm 6:18pm 6:52pm and 7:08pm The Full Moon will have been on the 12th Race day will be Saturday or Sunday and will involve a 1 Hour Course that includes 1 up wind turn (tack).