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  1. Round Hill Snowkiting NZ

    @Beiland, cool. Yes did get out last Saturday for an afternoon session on the foil board at New Brighton Beach sout of the pier. Going by your avitar name, do you restrict your self to just land kiting or mix in some water action as well?
  2. Closed Cell Launching Tips

    Good video Joel. I guess for a laugh some one should do the commedy act launching an ARC when things go pair shaped and the cursing that follows.
  3. Acoustic and live performances

    Reckon this would form a good back drop for a Sandy Point video and a 30 knot wind
  4. Acoustic and live performances

    Heavy metal electric guitar versus accoustic violin who wis? Great duet, both masters of their instrument.
  5. Foil boarding with a wing

    Perhaps the grass is greener syndrome? Good for a laugh.

    Ya a good reminder why not to go out on unpatroled slopes greater than 30 degrees without avalanche training. Lots of steep slopes here in NZ.
  7. Round Hill Snowkiting NZ

    Hi Matthew, Welcome to Christchurch. It’s a great place to live in, wide scope for outdoor activities. We will post on EK in the meets section the next time we go snow kiting. Usually it is a last minute decision and the endless search for new spots. Challenge is road access without neededing a 4WD and the snow terrain being not that steep that avalanche becomes a risk ... and then the tempatation of just snowboarding at Mt Hutt. So far Round Hill is the best for us, 10 minute walk from the car and just the right goldie locks hill gradient. The valley near Mt Somer looks tempting but it’s getting the right weather conditions so the snow line is low enough, otherwise it is a days hike to get to the snow line. Then the topic of a expensive splitboards or snow shoes. So ya, Round Hill is winning so far, biggest bang for your buck, 3 hr drive from Christchurch. Thinking about the moutains inland from Alexandria, but that means an overnighter and have no clue how far I can get along the access road before my 2WD SUV says no.
  8. Foil boarding with a wing

    Figure the commercially available wings have a harness system. Reminds me of launching and flying my home made 9m^2 NASA parafoil without a harness, lasted for 10 minutes.
  9. Multiple bars for DP quiver?

    Interesting topic as bar+lines are a significant percentage of the total cost of a kite system. I’ve always had a dedicated bar for each kite, that is how I bought them. For all my kites except one, a swap out of the bar+lines would add no extra time in set up, ie all the four line systems which use one of the lines as a flag out line. Two problems I see, bigger kites need wider bars, and some kites like my cough cough older Flysurfer Psycho IV has a fifth line which would require unacceptably long down time to swap over. I suppose that is why some bars come as adjustable width.
  10. How not to paraglide

    I kept on thinking Vlad the Impalor with all those bamboo poles, must have tops soft and springy enough not to do serious harm, or perhaps just luck of the draw. I suppose Darwin’s theory will sort it out in the end. Interesting to hear the comments from the Paraglider pilots that know what they are doing. So the licenses in Japan are then just a money making exercise and or to put sense of false security into the insurance companies?
  11. How not to paraglide

    Check thos out, you wonder where they got their pilot’s license from if one at all One would have thought seeing the first couple of pilots having serious trouble the rest would have learnt some thing from that.
  12. Project speed

    And here I thought the wet suit was to keep warm. Still pretty warm down in the South Island.
  13. Acoustic and live performances

    Justin Johnson twanging away.
  14. Flysurfer Soul Kite Colours

    Better call Soul, looks nice.
  15. Foil boarding with a wing

    Hey @bob2 here is something to tempt you since you already have a wing,