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  1. My new hardware from last years ‘ flight off the buggy’ episode.

    Ouch, how did you manage to get back to your car and to hospital? All the best for you to mend up. By the way, what lead to the OBE?
  2. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Not bad Mezz, no crashes and a safe landing is a good day. More practice on smooth rations and avoiding pointing into the sun. So when will the flips be done? Na just kiding. Nice weather for the filming. The surf looks absolute magic, brings back happy memories.
  3. Born-Kite RaceStar

    LEI’s wash your mouth out with soap, the single skin borne kite ofcourse
  4. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Stephan pushing the limits again ,
  5. Snowboard Yaw wobbles

    Snow season just about to begin in the South Island of New Zealand, hmm what’s on the check list and to do’s ... On one of my last snow kiting sessions on a snowboard, Zac and I decided to try altering the snow boot angle from the standard alpine stance to a more duck orientation when we snow board with the kites. Zac liked the change and I hated it. For me it immediately induced yaw wobbles into the board that I could not stop, so I changed back to the alpine stance. So has any one else experienced the same instabilities? What was your solution? Sure my board for kiting with the alpine stance as a bias depending on whether I kite left or right but seems to work for me. Or is this a case of the fabled kite specific snow board .... really? Akak marketing ploy to get you to buy another board.
  6. Flysurfer Boost3 Kite

    no swivel? Just looked at the FS site, kite comes without bar standard, so you can pick which bar. Bars still available with swivel. Am I missing something? Did notice in the advert for the Boost 3 they also put in a mention good for Foilboarding, hmm, though when looking at the specs for each kite, they are still promoting the Sonic 2 for foilboarding weapon of choice. Hey @Spartan are you up grading to the Boost3?
  7. Funny Videos

    Some things were just not meant to be in the water. Just love the miss guiden mind set, press that accelerator pedal just some more to get out of trouble, err um more like dig deeper. Like the guy with his 4wd drive jeep getting boged at Altona years ago, in the end the police and tow truck arrived.
  8. No wind toy ideas

    My son does this, well sort of, with his quadcopters with an eye set. Not just the similator, but flying out there in the real paddock.
  9. Sit Stand Desks, Anyone have one?

    Interesting read, perhaps the best thing an office layout can do is purposely place some needed items out of reach from where you normally sit, to force you to get off your ars@#&#$&@ and move around by walking.
  10. No wind toy ideas

    Needs to next to no wind 4 to 6 knots for the Dreamflight Weazel Trek.
  11. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Looks like kite price is proportional to aspect ratio, hmm next step, a gizillion for a ribbon kite, ok just joking. Yes will be interesting to see the results versus the Flysurfer race kites. Big pat on the back to Steffan how his kites have evolved from the hummble beginnings of the NWP5’s. He is clearly putting the profits back into research and development of his kites.
  12. Worn out Springs

    Ya was tossing up which egg shocks to get. The descriptions on the web site were rather vague. My old eggs with a squinting eye could be imagined to be orange well sort of, but just figured they got dirty and assumed they were originally yellow.
  13. Worn out Springs

    So here I was landboarding in thick grass come to the end of my tack, thinking the ride was a tad wobbly. Bugger, one of my front springs of my MBS Comp95 matrix trucks popped out. No spring to be found, only lots of sheep, hey it's New Zealand. So I put an order in for some new springs direct from MBS USA. They arrived and check out the difference, the oldies have permanent offset of 10mm, no wonder they popped out. Suppose that is normal wear, old ones were from when I originally bought the board. The egg shocks will also be replaced as they have shrunk as well. Ride should be a lot more solid when the new ones are installed.
  14. Applique Workshop

    Good one Nigel. You can also use these skills for running up some curtains
  15. Round Hill Snowkiting NZ

    Snow is starting to build up, woo hoo, looks like we are in for a good season, web cam looking at Round Hill Source: http://www.tekapotourism.co.nz/webcam/webcam7.html Probably not good enough for snow kiting and very likely the access road is closed (controlled by Round Hill ski resort).