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  1. SoutherlyBuster

    Thinking of you all!

    I was lucky enough to be working for an essential service when the COVID19 lockdown commenced here in New Zealand, so are still working and earning money. Have not been kiting or flying my RC gliders for a few months now, have been putting my efforts elsewhere, now concentrating on my music productions. Funny 7 years ago when I started making videos of kitesurfing etc., looking for music to go with it, vids got silenced for using copyrighted material (oops, then switched to a paid service) and thought, why don’t I write my own music — not so easy. But I have been steadily working on music compositions, so now instead of thinking about writing music for videos I have made, I film videos to promote my music. Fortunately I do not need a recording studio, just use my home gear. I use a combination of virtual instruments driven by a midi keyboard, electric instruments like my violin, mic up my acoustic harmonica and the odd sampled sounds I find around the house using a contact piezo or mic. This all gets assembled on a digital audio workstation (DAW) software on my computer. My son Zac is continuing his university degree locally but all online from home. Here is a link to my latest work:
  2. SoutherlyBuster

    My Collection

    @andy666, things over in my neck of the woods are fine, road traffic greatly reduced as no one is supposed to be out driving unless directly to/from work for essential workers or to get essential supplies. A lot more people out walking the suburbs to try and break up the monotony of staying at home. The intension of the lock down is, when it commenced who ever was in your house that is your cell, no wandering off to other people's places, all people outside of your cell keep at least 2 metres away. Working at a Pet Food factory, I am an essential worker, so business pretty much as usual for me. At work, it's keep back at 2 paces, daily check lists of are you coughing, contact with COVID people questions, etc.; and sanitise the blazes out of every thing. We are allowed to duck off for food but only locally and only one person at a time from your cell, numbers limited in the shops. Sunlight, yes, we are allowed to go for our day release into the yard for exercise. Some fwits on the beach decided the rules were not for them and went kite surfing according to FaceBook group reports I see, they are getting a roasting for doing it. For me not too much has changed, instead of Flying my RC Gliders and kitesurfing, I get to compose and play more music at home, checkout my name out on SoundCloud if your're interested.
  3. SoutherlyBuster

    My Collection

    As I gaze over my crystal bass, I see the 730 report, a quaint timber shack on a quiet beach side on the East Coast of Australia, a flickering of a small kite out side, the camera pans into the door. It's like the Tardis, a museum of Peter Lynn kites. A sewing machine in one corner and the odd collection of boards and buggies in the other. Andy then appears and explains how the collection came to be. Nice Video Andy. From FlySurfers to PL Arcs, a strange fanscination with the odd ball kites. I still have my FARC16m and fly it on occasion, though sadly at the moment they are all tucked away on their kite hangers waiting for the COVID19 lockdown to cease.
  4. SoutherlyBuster

    Ride Up, Fly Down

    Simple, the leading edge is facing down hill and that is where the apparent wind is coming from. Wings do not fly well backwards. Gravity pulls you down hill, that is what generates the apparent wind.
  5. SoutherlyBuster

    Naish Foil Board

    Board and rider in action on an inland lake, lake Coleridge, South Island, New Zealand. Was a good day out, very light winds about 5 to 6 knots, powered with my FlySurfer Lotus 18m^2. Was amazed how smooth the ride was compared to hydrofoiling in the ocean.
  6. SoutherlyBuster

    Should I ask for warranty?

    My SpeedWeek 2009 and 2010 are still going strong, a bit faded though. They were the orange ones. Ya so 11 years usage and still holding up, must be the colour .
  7. SoutherlyBuster

    Ride Up, Fly Down

    Any one notice he twisted the bar around to reverse of what we usually use on land when he was flying down the hill, i.e. kite facing away from him? Good find Joel.
  8. SoutherlyBuster

    Naish Foil Board

    Adding the shims made the ride go horrible, so took them off. They probably also added some nasty flow separation. @Kamikuza, your comment of don’t try and lean forward rather move your COG forward, makes no sense. Perhaps we are saying the same thing, when I say lean forward, I mean shifting my body forward which then shifts the COG forward. Yes I know simply pushing down on the front foot does nothing to balance the board out because the COG has not changed. At the moment the biggest helper for me was to reduce the kite size now that my skill level is better, that way I can depower more once the board speed goes up. Launches are a bit harder but I have the knack of that now. Also a kite with good upwind capability helps greatly to body drag out past the breakers in the surf. By the way, those FlySurfer Peak 4’s have caught my attention, some of the local foilers here in Christchurch New Zealand are using them in the surf with rediculously small kite sizes. Anyone try the Born Race Stars for hydrofoiling?
  9. SoutherlyBuster

    New no wind toys.

    The first video of the one wheeled skate board, wonder how many face plants happen when the leading edge of the board digs into the pavement. Ouch.
  10. SoutherlyBuster

    Soul on Waves

    Nice @Pari. How does it compare to the Speed III and Lotus IV? How many knots of wind were you riding in, surfboard, twin tip or foil board?
  11. SoutherlyBuster

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    @Randy, nice of the car users to not use the car park, err um your personal kiting play ground . Nice spot by the lake.
  12. SoutherlyBuster

    Naish Foil Board

    Adding the tape to the trailing edge of my stabilizer wing initially stopped the whistling and vibrations, but gradually started coming loose, which attracted grit and gave overall a rough surface finish. The result was that the hydrofoil slowed down and became prone to stalling. The stalling was evident by riding along nicely, as speed increased I needed to put my weight further forward, putting high loads on the stabilizer wing, then a sudden pitch forward without the wings exiting the water. So it was time to remove the tape and fix it permanently by filing in a sharper trailing edge. In the above example from "The Principles of Yacht Design" figure 6.3, I went for option 5, with the exception of instead a knife edge a 0.5mm radius. I figured the finite radius would be more wear resistant, more robust to the edge breaking off and friendlier to the rider (besides I do not push my feed on the wings to kick them out). I cut a bit into the underlying ply wood, so had to re-coat with West System resin, let it cure, then file, sound down for a smooth finish -- no humps. Then used wet and dry sand paper. Finally, used some cut & polish for buffing up car paint jobs. The front wing was getting a bit dagy as well, so mixed up some resin with filler, then got the same treatment as the rear stabilizer wing. The wings felt smooth to the touch. Gave it a burl yesterday in the surf. Straight away noticed the nice swish feel, so parasitic drag was significantly reduced. No more rear stabilizer stalls and usual speed was restored. Still finding trouble at the higher speed that I can not lean further forward to balance out the board to keep lift constant, hydrofoil exits water and I go for a swim. Will try some shims on the stabilizer to tilt the trailing edge up to get more down force -- currently at zero degrees. Also have in mind to make a new front wing, same method as the rear wing (plywood, hand shaped, covered in fibre glass), making the front wing a higher aspect ratio than the one that came with the Naish hydrofoil.
  13. SoutherlyBuster

    The Distraction - Time Lapse Video and Music

    Thanks Mark. Will be on holidays in a couples of days, so more time for compositions, plus will be able to use my new audio to USB device for better recording sound quality. @bakersdozen, how is it going on your front with music?
  14. Haven’t posted in while been busy more with music compositions, but still kiting and slope soaring my gliders with my son Zachary here in Christchurch. The Distraction by Norman Freund https://youtu.be/0exNctKqQkc Special thanks to my son Zachary for helping out with the time lapse pre-processing and advice during the music production. No I have not switched to LEI’s ha ha, some one else kiting in the beach scene. Hey @bakersdozen, thanks for putting me on to the Reaper DAW (Digital Workstation). Takes a bit to get used to it to feel free enough to be creative with it. I tried putting the video together with Adobe Premier Elements, very clunky, wrecked the quality, too slow …. . So I thought why not try the video editor that comes with the music DAW, Reaper, hey not bad. Cutting up the video segments and synchronising with the music phrases is simple in Reaper since your composition is already there with all the cues and midi notes. The video quality in Reaper is good too. Hope you like it. Music only copy on Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/norman-freund/the-distraction Regards, Norman Freund
  15. SoutherlyBuster

    Low Wind Racing

    Hmm so I wonder what happens when the wind picks up, I can just imagine the foot pedals churning around wildly ready to mash your feet up. Perhaps they have a coaster mechanism like in push bikes.