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  1. Melbourne landboarding

    Apex is good for anthing between onshore (right. next to Port Phillip Bay) to cross on shore. Pure cross shore would be the Westerlies and is generally to gusty with all the trees there. Onshore makes for some sweet runs and if you are tempted in summer, switch over for a kite surf. Truganina Park is good for some added terrain, in the right conditions with a smooth Northerly (rare) you can kite up and down the hill, though requires advanced kiting skills not to get snagged on the trees. There is a nice ramp at the far end facing the beach which is good with a Southerly blowing.
  2. Extreme Fire Fighting

    Perhaps this is what the Ozzies should have done with their old F111's instead of burrying them in the ground Russian MIG jet engines strapped to a tank for fire fighting.Full story at https://mpora.com/environment/guys-attached-mig-jet-engines-top-tank#RF1MMysvwpDZUVQS.97
  3. Melbourne landboarding

    Don't forget Apex Park in Altona, used to be my local when I lived in Melbourne. About 2km away is Truganina Park on the hill, with a Southerly is quite nice too, westerlies and northerlies there can be very gusty.
  4. Axis Prototype Foil Board Video

    Spotted this on YouTube a review of the Axis Prototype Foil Board video by Gunnar Biniasch. Just a bit of history, Axis kiteboarding owned by Adrian Roper, a Christchurch New Zealand lad, used to be Underground kiteboarding. They make some great boards, I have one of their kitesurf uni-directionals. It's a Nov 2016 video, so perhaps the boards has gone from prototype to released.
  5. Weather forecasts

    I used Windy at lot https://www.windy.com/?-43.501,172.626,5 Covers any country, land and sea and even user selectable heights. Click on a location and you get a prediction table. Sure the Ozi BOM is tops but Windy covers other countries. Plummet put me onto Windy, thanks. They also have an app for mobile devices. All free of charge.
  6. Naish Foil Board

    Oh ya, on Saturday drove up to Lake Coleridge. Was only forecast for 12 knots or so, but ended up hm as usual pumping to 17 knots then at the end of the day 30 knots. Lovely deep water, had a great foil board session and managed to ride the hydofoil with the top board out of the water. Ya Hoooo! So I was out on my FlySurfer Speed IV 8m and Zac on my FlySurfer Psycho IV 10m with a twin tip. Body dragging on the Speed IV no problems now. Sunday tried the beach at New Brighton, but with the incoming tide and wind dropping did not turn out well. The 8m could stay up in the air and body drap me through the breakers but not enough power to launch me onto the board, not enough wind for the Speed III 12m was fallining out of the sky too often. How about you Plummet?
  7. 2018 HQ Snow Kites

    Interesting read Andy. A bit of a struggle to find dealers, eventually found Hardwater Kiting in the USA to get a feel for the pricing. See http://www.hardwaterkiter.com .
  8. Broken struts need replacing

    Apart from kite stores, model aeroplane stores typically carry carbon fibre rods of all sorts of sizes, generally online orders, so plenty to choose from. Like for example here in New Zealand, Hanger One: http://www.hangarone.co.nz/tools-building-supplies-carbon-rod-tube-strip-c-101_436.html or in USA, Aloft Hobbies: https://alofthobbies.com/25-x-27-x-330mm-mw-carbon-tubing.html Or Hobby King: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/carbon-fiber-tube-hollow-6x750mm.html Mind you the sizes I showed above are only random examples, you will need to match the size for your kite. Too expensive? Try replacing with Tasi Oak Dowels from Bunnings but they generally will not be as stiff which can be disappointing as your kite will no longer be as snappy. There used to be some great kiting stores in Melbourne Australia which would have had the rods but they have retired.
  9. Naish Foil Board

    Thanks to the @Kamikuza and @plummet Foil Academy, I have progressed to body dragging past the breakers and do a few taxi runs, up on the board skim for a while then land. The faceometer reckoned about 12 knots onshore, it was late in the evening, so no time to test the wind on the other side of the dunes, so just took the 8m FlySurfer Speed IV. I used Kamikuza's suggestion on the body dragging, worked a treat, for me it was like laying prone on a surfboard but with a tilt. YES!
  10. Peter Lynn arc spars for under $15

    16mm diameter tasi oak. As for the fibre glass rods, if the ferrules are steel they will rust especially if taken in the water despite the galvanised surface. Price of wood is a bargain, can't go wrong there.
  11. Naish Foil Board

    Thanks @plummet and @Kamikuza for the useful guidelines, what works for you and the expected steep learning curve you went through. Plummet, the waves and wind were pretty much coming from the same direction, onshore. Occoationaly the wind shifted directiona a bit. Will put it all to practice during the next session. Oh I did signup with the Foil accademy you mentioned Plummet, well put together.
  12. Naish Foil Board

    Confessions of a FA (Foilboarders Annonymous) member: Frustrating the most, but not giving up, then exhilirating for a brief moment when it worked. So the afternoon started out at high tide and 12 knots. So put up the FlySurfer 12m Speed III. I try both of the body dragging methods, board up wind of me and board down wind of me -- none of them with any sucess. If the board is up wind of me, I just get torn appart trying to hold on (a bit like being quartered). If the board is down wind of me, once the board is tilted, it is very hard to keep it titled just keeps on flopping back down, and even if it is titled, I get pulled over the board by the kite. So I thought well why not try my FlySurfer Lotus 18m? Ok, so more of the same, except it's like fighting Godzilla, the kite is dragging me around like a rag doll, the foil board has a mind of its own, the under current is dragging me another way and every 4 seconds a wave comes in and pushes me another way. By now the wind has picked up some more 15 to 16 knots. So I thought why not try the smallest kite in my quiver ... not the NASA 0.75m .... the FlySufer Speed IV 8m. Ah that is better, no more rag doll. Still the same problem with body dragging, not getting any where but at least not being pulled over the board, do have more control of what direction the board is and more control of where I am with respect to the board. I find a deeper channel, point the board parallel to the beach, a quick smart down loop and wah lah I am standing .... for a brief moment ... then the sand bar dissagreed or the board just shot off in the wrong direction. So it appears for me, that all the wisdom of otheres before me recommending the same size kite one would normally use for non-foilboarding when learning does not work for me, just too much power, rather a smaller kite than I would normally use shows the most promise. Trying to launch pointing 45 degrees upwind, does not work either, just not enough power, rather parrallel to the beach and a downloop works better. Also found it more useful to keep all the straps on the board rather than front straps on back straps off -- just get tossed about too much in the surf without them. One of the local foil boarders was kind enough to drop by and show me by example how he does body dragging, rider upwind of board, he had a shin board (very thin) and was able to body drag. Perhaps a board with lots of flotation like mine makes it harder to keep the board titled. Maybe its just pilot error, is rather hard to sine the kite one handed.
  13. Naish Foil Board

    Awsome @plummet, just signed up, will see if it's any good. Still forecast for decent winds today, schedule all cleared for foiling today
  14. Peter Lynn arc spars for under $15

    Hope they don't buckle or break on you @andy666, the aluminium you get at Bunnies is the weakest grade. Personally, I would make them out of Tasi Oak instead which is also sold at Bunnies, which I did for my Venom and Synergy -- still holding strong. Being wood you do have to laquer them though.
  15. Naish Foil Board

    Tomaitoes , tomahtoes all good, will try and keep that all in my head on the next session, forcast for 11 to 13 knots onshore this Sunday