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  1. The future of wind power

    The bit that worries me the most is the almost uncontrolled expansion of the human population, seems like the elephant in the room that most people are ignoring.
  2. Naish Foil Board

    Thanks @Kamikuza for all the great tips. Must admit had to look up what a Yoga Lung was.
  3. League of Silent Flight

    Some more fun with 25 knots winds in the Port Hills in New Zealand Still some snow in the moutains, yet 20 degrees C in the low lands. Fun afternoon out, though some repairs needed that evening, all fixed that night ready for another fly next day.
  4. Naish Foil Board

    Thank @Kamikuza. Will see where I can get some of that TefGel, especially for the mast to wing, those bolts were tight and would hate to try and get them undone with a bit of corrosion build up, epsecially from galvanic action. Guess I do not need much of the stuffs is quite expensive. Sounds like from your advice I will stick with the long mast, the estuary is only a training ground the goal is to be out on the ocean, that is the place where Zac and I have ghe most fun. Spoke to one of the local foilers yesterday and he said there are some concerete blocks lurking in the estuary, yikes! Next session will be at the beach. Yes was wondering about the bolt hex sockets rounding out. At the moment I am just taking the mast off the board for transport and storage. Foot straps, funny you mention that, I have seen a lot of free ride vids on foil boards and they go strapless, so when I spoke a year ago to one of the foilboard company owners, mentioned strapless and he looked at me in horror, saying at speed you do not want to go strapless. So I guess that means, strapless going slow and free ride, straps going hell bent fast. Hmm will see how it all pans out. Fiting the kite, ha ha. Zac and I had our first go of the foil board at very high tide on the Estuary yesterday, wind was 6 to 7 knots. We put up the FlySurfer Speed Lotus 18m^2. Was like Tip Toes On The Tulips, as we went deeper into the water was harder to keep a grip with our feet on the ground. I had my 20 seconds of fame as the foil took me up, bugger too much back foot pressure and it rocked out of the water, a nose dive after, a prompt face plant. Started to get better at it with more front foot pressure. Zac and had similar experiences. Being imersed in the water that long, after 2hrs we called it quits for the day. Better luck next time. All good fun. Was easy enough to slip my feet out of the foot straps when coming off the board. Found it, TefGel, sold at Jaycar, Christchurch.
  5. Watches: water, silt, mud and scum proof?

    Batteries, hm Zac's lasts for 2 years, then 80 bucks to get it replaced including pressure test. Did look at the solar watches but they were twices as expensive. My solar Citizen Eco is still going strong after 15 years. Tides, cool idea Andy.
  6. Watches: water, silt, mud and scum proof?

    Thanks Jason, a bit of a delayed reaction here. Zac's watch decided to stop working, and since he has been so well with his highschool exams, we bought an underwater watch for him. Then I remembered Jason's thread about the G-Shocks and they were selling them for a reasonable price at one of our local Jewlers. and Zac really likes the watch. Keep up the good work @TheVelcroCats.
  7. Naish Foil Board

    I have been waiting on the side lines patiently for some years now, hmm shall I buy one, shall I make one, too expensive, bills to pay ... Any way, Niash have currently a special going on, well I guess it's a special since they are offering a complete foilboard package for just under 2000 $NZ -- the board, mast, foot straps, fuselage, horizontal stabilizer and main wing. Purchased from KiteSports New Zealand, South New Brighton. Sure lots of other deals going, but want to support the local kitesurf shop. Sure it's a beginners board, but that is what I am with foilboards at the moment, and if I decide to upgrade, Zac gets to use it. Hey and guess who suggested the board to me? My lovely wife. . So here are some pictures of it It's what they call a free ride board with a low aspect ratio wing, so will not be breaking any speed records with it, but not trying to do this anyway. Just want to have some free ride fun out in a lazy swell when the wind is on the ligth side. Not exactly light weighing in at 9.7 kg but looks like it is robustly built, so will be more tolerant of my mistakes whilst learning. It is has 90cm mast, have already been told that I should consider a short mast for learning, hmm will see how I go. There is no angle of attack adjustment screws or similar, but suspect with such a low aspect ratio wing this will not be necessary. All the bits and pieces came undamaged and fitted well. Though not shown in the pictures also comes with a heavily padded carry bag for the mast, fuselage and wings -- nice. The screws interfacing the mast to the fueslage were a tight fit, needed quite some torque to screw them in, so these will not be unscrewing them selves in a hurry. Now all I need is some wind in the right direction to try the board out. Spot of Easterly onshore predicted for this evening at 18:00 but fluky whether it will actuall come through and tomorrow is forecast for solid Southerly (not onshore, blowing over the PortHills before reaching the beach). Will be interesting to see which of my FlySurfer kite sizes work best with the board, 8, 10, 12, 18 m^2. Guessing my 8m^2 Speed IV will be the best. Some more tech specs: Main wing Aspect ratio= 3.38, area 880 cm^2 wing span 54.6cm; board length 160cm width 48cm max; textured foam top all over. Also comes with a pair of 9cm heigh stubby fins for the board so you can use the board without the mast/hydrofoil. Might actually work well as a light wind kiteboard with such a large surface area, but really when the wind is light I will be aiming to use it with the hydrofoil. So I am expecting plenty of amuzing launches and unexpected landings -- all part of the fun and new learning experience.
  8. Land Yacht Overtaking Rules

    The last picture, something seems wrong here. So if you ar racing in the same direction and want to seriously slow down the rider on the left, pass on the upwind right side, steer left, then rider on the left must steer away left. Nasty move. Am I missing something?
  9. Alex Sanz - Longest Kite Replies in History thread

    Thruth or fiction? Hmm He has been in Sri Lanka Check out the comments, on youtube.
  10. Venus Bay Session

    Thanks Mark, just looked them up, appears Spleen no longer makes their foil kite, only kept the LEI's.
  11. Venus Bay Session

    Nice vid and music Mark. What brand of kite was the black kite with the white cross on it?
  12. Funny Videos

    A funny ad, Ozzies versus Kiwies
  13. Sewing Machine Options

    How about this beauty Is sitting in display shed at Broadfield Gardens, Christchurch. This one is for you @Chook.
  14. Snowkiting VIC 2017

    Great vid DrWind, brings back some fond memories of Mt Buffalo when I camped up there as a young bloke. Looks like a nice spot for snowkiting.
  15. Skates for kiting

    Like snow kiting? Aren't you closer than I used to be when I lived in Melbourne? How many hours to the ski field for you Clive?