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  1. SoutherlyBuster

    Low Wind Racing

    Hmm so I wonder what happens when the wind picks up, I can just imagine the foot pedals churning around wildly ready to mash your feet up. Perhaps they have a coaster mechanism like in push bikes.
  2. SoutherlyBuster

    A hard day at work

    Ya, well some people have no sense of humor.
  3. SoutherlyBuster

    Power Kite Line Sets

    line load is proportional to kite area, is proportional to the square of apparent wind, then the various proportionality constants depending on the kite design. For power kites, in my opinion ultimately depends on how much the kiter can hold down on load regardless of wind condition and kite size/design, hence why kite manuals say for typical 70 kg rider .... . For non-power kites, they usually will have an upper design limit on max wind speed, hence they would also state the line strength needed. So does a table exist to cover all kites — no. Dynamic similarity can help you though, so pick a similar kite with known limits on wind speed and line strength and you can figure out the strength needed for your kite, assuming we are talking about non-power kites, or pick a line strength based on how much you think you can hold down.
  4. SoutherlyBuster

    Funny Videos

    Good one Joel, next they will look where the UBS plugs in.
  5. SoutherlyBuster

    Best Kiting Food

    So @plummet was right ... want to loose weight and be healthy? Ditch processed breakfast cereals and ice cream. I used to have weat bix + cereal (out of the box) + bannana + 1 prune for breakfast, and other times the odd ice cream — then I weighed 73 kg. No more ice cream, breakfast now very simple: rolled oats boiled in water, add a little skim milk, add one spood full of home made unsweaten yugurt — after about 2 months my weight is down to target of 65 kg. You would be amazed on the amount of sugar those factory made and delivered in cardboard boxes cereals have in them. The first week of the change in diet, had me looking at the fridge often, not any more. The porridge lasts me longer than the previous diet — great kiting food.
  6. SoutherlyBuster

    Lightweight Buggy rims

    I’ve experienced the same geometric wobble on my plastic MBS landboard rims, three of them perfect, one has the wobbles. Fortunately for me I do not go fast enought where it matters.
  7. SoutherlyBuster


    If you are lucky @goshen might give you some lessons, he is located in Geelong, one of the best landboarders/kiters in Melbourne, he used to run Kitepower in Geelong some years ago.
  8. SoutherlyBuster

    Hello. newbie Q bout depower kites-

    Great to hear you got s landboard. Ok so if you are new to landboards, you now have two new skills to master, board and kite. For the board, find a grassy hill and practice some down hill runs with board only, get you used to steering and balance. Also learn how to power slide so you can stop, but for the first hill not too steep so no power slides needed. As some one else said learn to go with the flow, so, if the kite suddenly pulls you forward, don’t fight it, squat down and leap forward to take the tension of the lines, then keep on riding.
  9. SoutherlyBuster

    Hobbies - the definitive list

    Age range of hour kids? Hobby for kids or parents or both? Can make a difference in choice of hobby. Musical instruments can be a great hobby. Get them started on a simpler instrument to see if they like it. So a piano as first choice is perhaps not the best idea. A blues harp harmonica is a much better choice, this was my first musical instrument. Don’t get a cheap crappy one, start with a Honer Marine Band Blues Harp, plastic body, metal to and bottom, costs about 50 bucks. Once they advance they can bend the notes. Some thing both kids and parents can play together. Learn to play be ear first, then learn to read notes. There are some great instructions on the internet. Or a 4 string Ukulele, learn to play chords then to pick out notes. Then if you want to annoy people who have a distinct dislike for South American Pan flutes, a pan flute — make it yourself. Find some bamoboo, cut to length, fine tune by cutting to correct length, join them up with string/glue and wah lah a musical instrument. PVC pipe can also be used. Plenty of free tunner Apps out there to get the tuning right. Harmonica link, not a tutorial bet gives you an idea of how a good a harmonica can sound, the explore around on his channel for in depth tutorials.
  10. SoutherlyBuster

    Kiteboarder in trouble

    I can just imagine the realestate agent talking .... and now come round to the back of the house, look your own personal launch site and lake for kite surfing ... client, grins ... to his wife, I want ot buy this place ... four weeks later, after unpacking the box, let’s kite surf.
  11. SoutherlyBuster

    The things you find at jaycar

    somone was watching too much Dr Who. “Designed to work hand in hand with a small nuclear reactor or other suitable power source, the flux capacitor is capable of opening up a hole in the fabric of space time allowing transportation to a user defined point in the past or future.” ... $200,000.00 Great find Andt666.
  12. SoutherlyBuster

    Théo de Ramecourt Strapless Loops!

    good riding skills, every time I go riding strapless in big winds in the surf, invariably the board gets left behind on the water and I go vertical as I go over the waves . I just save the strapless days for ultra light wind days.
  13. SoutherlyBuster

    Ozone Explore

    Ya just ask the kiters at Stockton Beach, NSW, Australia. On long weekends the beach is a like a scene from a Max Scene due to cars being allowed on the beach. Then the rangers tell the kiters to go away from the beach and or the dunes. Go figure.
  14. SoutherlyBuster

    Someone giving his new(2nd hand) Chrono a fly

  15. SoutherlyBuster

    Acoustic and live performances

    No practice session, sound check, then just improvise, brilliant.