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  1. Slingshot Phantom ... love to try this baby👍👍👍

    I did mean stretch, did surprise me and double checked. Longer front lines means increased angle of attack which meant more power which could not be turned off because the trim adjuster was set as short as possible. From memory one pair was about 12cm longer than the other. Oh hang on, perhaps the rear lines shrunk and fhe front lines did not alter in length. Hm, ok relatively speaking the front lines were longer
  2. Slingshot Phantom ... love to try this baby👍👍👍

    I must hand it to em, that promotional video is entertaining, now not let the thruth get in the road of a good story . Line stretch is a reality, my FS Speed and Psycho both had them for many years, the front lines gradually stretched so much ... equate frog in slowly boiling water ... that depower almost dissapeared, so were running the kites on full power. Now adjusted the line length, depower restored. Good to here more manufacturers developing foil kites, funny foil kite riders have known this for years ... stir’n the pot
  3. Kitesurfing video New Brighton

    Light wind free style session at Brighton beach, @TheVelcroCats having a ball.
  4. Kite and buggy storage

    Hey looks just like the corner I scored in my garage. So the wall at the end of your picture, put up a peg board to hang your kites. On the right vertical board rack — a horizontal 50x50 with 20mm rods poking out to guide the boards, the a high shelf above the boards for odds and ends. Then a general cupboard on the left with doors and shelves to store the odds and ends. Works well for Zac and I, but mind you our landboards are on a separate wall, they are all hanging with a similar surfboard peg system but the pegs are much shorter.
  5. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Yes, figured it was work, thought perhaps there was something relevant regarding the writing on the road, guess I was reading too much into it.
  6. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Must be a “you had to be there” thing?
  7. Chrono V3

    There is a fellow here in Christchurch using his Chrono in the surf, but mind you the surf was small when ever I saw him flying it.
  8. Pansh Aeolus

    Try riding the kite with a surf board strapless, you will then be able to go upwind in 10 knots with the 21m^2. As a comparison with my FlySurfer Lotus 18 m^2 on a surfboard strapless, in 8 to 10 knots of wind I can go upwind and that was in the surf.
  9. Which pansh kites are worth getting?

    For snow you want a good flag out system when the wind gets too crazy. If you are contemplating on long back country trips weight of the kites becomes important, ie less for you to carry. To this end, perhaps not the answer you are looking for but I would be looking at the single skin kites from either FlySurfer or Borne http://www.born-kite.de/ as they are much lighter and have a very good wind range. The ozone Access is also known for high stability and well suited to snow kiting. Sorry no experience with the Pansh kites.
  10. Watches: water, silt, mud and scum proof?

    Line tangles and the wrist watch, that is exactly what Zac thought was the problem. The clip watch, what a funky chicken, never seen them before.
  11. single skin power kite

    Porosity is rather important, kite does not have a chance in hell of flying if it is porus. Chicara sounds fine. No point in making prototypes of crap material, does not prove if the design works or not. Thanks for the kite material sources, will have a look at these.
  12. Chrono V3

    Looks nice but they quote “Do not use the kite in waves.” Only for lakes then? Even Port Phillip bay like Altona has some waves when the wind picks up. Or do they mean like 3m monster waves?
  13. Watches: water, silt, mud and scum proof?

    The “Shock” in the G-Shock is the feeling when the strap fails during a kite surfing session and the watch dissapears. Big warning here. Compare my Citizen Eco drive with a metal wristband with double lock mechanism - never came appart unintensionally.
  14. Naish Foil Board

    Offshore on the Estuary, arggg, lugging a 10 kg rig on land for kms don’t want to go there. On a more positive note, had another go out in the surf. Waves and mish was a bit lower, the usual strong rip cross shore and onshore winds. You would think I would have learnt not to go out on the foilboard, but could not resist. Had some extended runs up on the foil, ya hoo, but there was a price to pay, myskill level is not there yet to penetrate the mush, stay up on the board long enough to get back to where I started, so a 1km walk of shame. Totoally knackered by the end of it. Now I know @Kamikuza why you looked for a lighter rig. Finished off the session on the surfboard. Another fella was there with his new Axis foil board and Axis mast/wings. Very clean design and light weight. Was the aluminium mast and fuselage. The board was amazingly light. Great effort from the Axis team. Oops a stray from the Naish subject line. The board had generous chimes on the rails and plenty of volume, do you @Kamikuza find the chimes help with the launches?
  15. single skin power kite

    Just remeber to use a good fabric, remember taking weeks to print the templates out and glue all the sheets together for any one panel. Then the massive cutting out the nylon with a hot knife, ..., then bugger the kite flew horrible due to poor choice of matrial. Ie don’t the ripstop nylon from SpotLight.