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    Yeppoon 2018

    Hey chook it's raining in brisvages so yeah u done it again half the reason why I cant make it again ! But lookin at startin to plan for next year mate as that will be 10 years back to the first year I went to Yeppoon ! 😎 Have fun all ya put plenty of pics up to make it like I'm there !pmsl
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    Bribie a new

    yep a NEW thread as am hoping this is the start of the wind for this year and am looking at heading out tomorrow for a run depending on tide and ride ??? 330-4pm low so who wants ta go and WHO has room for me bug ?? come on dont be shy MARTY !!!
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    Yep was the only pic I had on my tab to see if my old album was still here lol sorry if it upsets anyone but I thought it was a keel pic and I'd luv to do the moose one day in NZ
  6. wolfie

    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    Hi I'm wolfie I used to fly lots not so much now getting old so maybe need a new one to start the passion again I love twins too lol
  7. wolfie

    A New Journey Begins...

    A huge shout out to Joel and Mel thanks so much for the ride that's been extremekites the way u both have done so much for the sport that is awesome, on a personal note I miss our late nite phone calls Joel when u have been going to get a feed as u have been fixing things to do with the site or other computer malfunctions, you and Mel are awesome it's been hard due to work for me to b fully into it and kiting in general has taken a back seat but a job change an not working away this will change soon look forward to getting back on the kites once a couple of things are out of the way hopefully next summer lol or sooner and to getting back in contact with all the great people iv come to meet and kite with over the years on here all the best Joel for the next chapter in your lives And John hope you have a great ride too good onya Regards Wolfie
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    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    That would b like the blind leading the blind with chook an basil wouldn't it lol
  9. wolfie

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Must b good bugging as no posts yet other than Andys rain one on Fbook
  10. wolfie

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Because of the ol roosters order this may blow out all the wind hope he put his jet in too to make more may have to come the se c on week if I make it at all again another new job and change !, but I may b able to put some more time in to this now an get out there again an start kiting again !
  11. wolfie

    What kite scares you?

    7.2mtr COMBAT by PKD in 12knts + as it's like a loco on royed's but normally it's awesome also in general any small kite in over 30knts lol cause they spank u real quick
  12. wolfie

    Bribie a new

    Sluggo more than a catch up we NEED BEER!! it's been to long but hoping that's going to change I'm looking at coming home to work for a bit I'm in town till the 2nd then gone till the 28th Jan so yeah CALL ME U STILL GOT ME NUMBER IF NOT CALL MARTY!! lETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!
  13. wolfie

    Bribie a new

    Only me been so long forgot how to fly but still know how to park kites in trees but we had good wind Bryan Marty an me andy666 came for a walk but didn't fly It's been way too long!!!
  14. wolfie

    Kiteboarding Aitutaki in the Pacific!

    honeymoon island eh !?anything I/we missing mate hmmm hows GEM!!!
  15. wolfie

    Ute canopy

    IT looks bolt cutter friendly but if I do that could b a wolf cage
  16. wolfie

    zebra kites any good

    Hey lofty these kites arn't know for jumping if thats what u want to do I'd look at something else u could ask Jason @ BrisKites as he would know more but as far as a cheap good starter into the race kite field then they are great value for money and there is a Z2 which is more toward the race end of the scale , don't get me wrong any kite will jump but some come down quicker than others and u also have the Z1 which is the entry level race for zebra all the best mick
  17. wolfie

    Anyone for murrarie, brisbane?

    Hey mate only just seen this would love to but am away for a bit back in a month !!! Good to see ya on here try the Queensland thread we haven't been doing much REALY I work away on a 3-1 and mostly there's been no wind all the best mate
  18. wolfie

    Car Audio

    @ Chook was better but NO where as good as your" mouth and McNeal " on your pye cassette play in your brand new ford model A ute !! When u was 20 !! Ya ol rooster !!!
  19. wolfie

    Car Audio

    hey Andy how much bass do you want there are some very good speakers on the market u can get just depends how much u want to spend don't go to supercheap or any place like that go to a HI FI shop like JB ,Todds sound and vision , etc at the end of the day a sub woofer for the sort of bass u get is more so for movies it always makes me laugh when people say subs make it sound better all a sub on a car stereo dose is give a vibration we as humans don't realy hear it we feel it the best sound produced is by the speakers alone that and GOOD wire for speakers and power 30 + amps !!!!!! will get better quality but if u want the straight DOFF DOFF !!!! of all the other backwards baseball cap wears then do that I had a car that had an under seat sub (I wont say what Kerry thought when i cranked it but ) all it did was vibe in the end I took it out spent $400 hundy on a good set of rears and $ 350 on front then $350 on tweeters pillar mounts and the windows would almost vibrate out the car at full u couldn't sit in the car but no distortion at all like I said YOU !!! have to decide what sort of sound u want then go spend some MOOLAA !!!!! hope this helps
  20. wolfie

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    The flying side of it norm is Zac sees what is happening before it REALY happens and corrects it where u see it late then over correct to fix this prob U need more time flying and sim also think small input on control sticks as weather it's a plane quad or heli all we do is stop it from crashing and it take time for ol heads to get up to speed with the different perspective that the thing is flying with IE helis/ quads fly all points of the compass where as a plane is mostly forward u know so Practice practice practice and then when u done do some more lol
  21. wolfie

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Have to agree with Joel I found out the hard way bout cheap charges killed a heap of 1s packs by having the wrong charger and also running down to low that's all fixed now but could have saved over three hundred bucks if I had of done more research and listened to those that have been there before it doesn't mean to follow blindly tho or that the most expensive gear is best I ended up getting a middle of the road charger and good power supply I also have a mix of battery's too and they have different traits some better than others in helis ESP between 3d and sport flying
  22. wolfie

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Yep norm thats why a lot of people convert computer psu's one they have inbuilt cooling fans they work well under load ESP for charging as some charges draw high amps which help with charging my power pack can run at 5 amps 1000 watt my charger is a twin port and I can charge two batts in 20 minutes easy but sounds like you have researched what ya need so will be good most heli guys start small then up grade as helis get bigger lol mine will do up to 12s but will take round 45mins so I'm told
  23. wolfie

    Andyflys kit

    well the pansh still for sale Andys bug with carry bag comp axle, spear side rails one been repaired, seat belt, foot straps, splash guard (brand new) $ 650 + delivery 7.5 windtools surf kite old $150 complete , 4m libre vampir intermed $350 , two line trainer might even throw that in if you buy all the pansh kites !!! come on need it gone !!
  24. wolfie

    Andyflys kit

    Yep as title says Linda has asked me to place andys gear for sale at the mo iv not had time to take picks but will soon although there is a wind tools 7.5 mtr kite she is not sure where it came from maybe Adelaide it has plastic bladders to go in side pockets it may have been a repair most who have been on here for awhile now know his kit peterlynn buggy with comp axle bash plate seat belt , prob six or seven kites , a zebra 2.5 , Blade 4mtr , four panche kites not sure of size but think between 3-6 mtr ill try an get picks up soon now as for price if u want the lot for say $ 800 Hundy as some kites don't have lines an handles as you have to swap between kites now I work away from home three weeks on one off am home till tues next week so any posting will happen when I'm back by the way the bug is in trans bag an tyres on rear a bit worn open to offers too but no low ballers ok If u need any more info call pm me on here an I give ya me phone number there is also quick release too an bits an picese I think need to have another look an tàke picks Regards wolfie Zebra 2.5 m2 SOLD Come on people some good gear here open to offers on kites too I haven't put prices on these but send me a message and ill let ya know and u may be suprised !!
  25. wolfie

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    https://sites.google.com/site/tjinguyte ... evision=10 a lot of good info here norm good reading iv learnt a lot from here and as ces said some brands are better than others id have to agree there as I have several different types some are a little puffy and others are still good the puffy ones at the mo are just my hover packs no cockpit on so if they do go I can get it out quick plus I have extinguisher there too as have seen three fires now and don't want mine to go that way too have drained as per this site and desposed off no probs