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  1. Naish Foil Board

    Aim for 12 knots min until you can foil without falling off. Then therel be a lot less frustration.
  2. Naish Foil Board

    Breaking out through surf in an onshore sucks!.. especially in light winds. I use the below technique, Try to time a lull, look for a rip and ultimately aim for a location that's more cross shore!
  3. Buggy bits clean out.

    Put me down for a seat. are the fibre axles $30? ill do some measuring of those later on.
  4. Buggy bits clean out.

    I'm tempted on side rails. Got to figure out which one I have. A seat also interests me. Are the fibre axles only 1m wide? how much are they?
  5. Naish Foil Board

    Look for cross on at the beach, onshore is a nightmare for foils getting deep enough for wave. Yourl be ok In an estuary of course if its deep enough. Kite sizes. Follow this for a while. 8-12 knots 12m 12-16 knots 10m 16-20 knots 8m 20-25 knots 6m
  6. The Dark Force

  7. Moose Meet details

    Credit to Perrin, Dan, Veronica, Pete and Tony for these photo's.
  8. Moose Meet details

    It was terrible. Sand,wind, endless sanddunes to explore, chilled out bunch of dudes. I hated it.
  9. Wanna Dunes GT Buggy Take 2

    Dunes are where it's at for a buggy!
  10. Ozone Hyperlink V1 2017

    Flew the 12 hyper link at the moose last week. Amusingly at night, in the dark! Nice and stable. But not enough wizzbang for me. I prefer my Chrono v1.
  11. Extreme Downhill

    Skeleton I believe it is called!. that need to change the bike tire skid pads for chopping board.
  12. Moose Meet details

    Ill be moosing Wendesday evening through to sunday
  13. Moose Meet details

    No doubt I will wax lyrically and how awesome it was and what you missed out on!
  14. Moose Meet details

    any aussies moosing? I assume by the silence the answer is no
  15. BIGGER!

    Got a petrol powered leaf blower to pump it up? I imagine it will turn like a bus with a steering problem.