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  1. Project speed

    No. 150 gm/wheel
  2. Born-Kite RaceStar

  3. Born-Kite RaceStar

    I am keen to fly these. They looks way better than the original born kites. Should make a good dune kite. How much are they?
  4. Project speed

    First run on half kart wheels. It's reeeeeel good. Smooth, fast, slides are buttery. Holds power ok, jumps sweet. No wobble the wheels run true. Rides the soft with ease. Very pleased. Now I need to find 2 more
  5. Yeppoon 2018

    Awesome. Wish I was there.
  6. Project speed

    Very similar. Oh I'm laughing alright. I'm thinking leathers might be a good idea!
  7. Project speed

    Road test is good. Steering is good and no wheel bite
  8. Grandfathers Axe

    If a man speaks in the forest and his wife doesn't here him, is he still wrong?
  9. Project speed

    Yep. That's ideal.
  10. Project speed

    Ive ordered one of these suits for ultimate speed.....
  11. Project speed

    Yeah I know. My pb with wonky grannies is 65. I've got a long way to go to get 100kph. But let's see...... Only one way to find out.
  12. Project speed

    Grannies are not overly round and wobble like hell at speed. 60+ kph and all 4 wheels are bouncing up and down off the sand. The are sweet up to 60 kph and to be honest still controllable ar 60+. But gokart wheels are speed rated, the karting guys a regularly doing 130 kph with no wobble. So.... the theory goes that if i have a well ballanced wheel combined with wind/beach combo i should be able to haul arse. also the wider footprint might help me do more dune boarding. ebay bearings or ordered. So next up ill do a test with half granny half kart wheels. If they are good ill procure the second set of rims/tyres.
  13. Project speed

    Maybe. Maybe not. Grooves do add some lateral grip. The sacrifice is that sliding is worse. Smooth slides real nice. Ill prove the concept first, then down the track I might lay my hands on some wets which have tread.
  14. ,,..,........

  15. Project speed

    Just got to find 2 more of the same go-kart wheels and some bearings and I'm ready to chase the world speed record and try for 100kph.