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    Book it in for next year lads. You won't regret it.
  2. plummet

    Here for advice - Plummet

    Switching from FB to depower involves quite a bit of change of technique. Most fb flyers will choke an lei by holding the bar too far in. The term depower is really incorrect. Its more a power up kite. Think of the bar out being no brakes on a fb kite. Pulling the bar in adds more brake/power. You need to pull the bar in until you find the sweet spot. That sweet spot is usually between half and 3/4 in.
  3. plummet

    Here for advice - Plummet

    Sorry boys i havent checked this forum for a while. Some good advice here. Both Redsky and Rob know their stuff and do more lei buggying than me! You won't get a lei to do 13-27 in one size without being underdone or overdone. 8m would be closest i guess, but it depends on your buggy and set up. I'm hardwired on a bigfoot bug and generally hold more power than most. Here's my wind ranges below. 12m chrono. crab fart -16 knots 10m edge 12-20 knots 8m enduro 15 -25 knots 6m reo 20-35 knots 4m uno 25- stupid. PS i can take these kites both higher and lower than this. Thats the general wind range I use the kites in.
  4. plummet

    how old is too old ?

    You know you too old when you dont know how old you are, This also works for when you are too young.
  5. https://www.iflscience.com/space/colossal-drawing-of-a-penis-that-can-be-seen-from-space-proves-humanity-will-never-change/?fbclid=IwAR2sx6KYDTBrPaMa3YBZlyJYtp9BFYFWeSgPn1raAFsKTS9lrnuutX81EBA
  6. plummet

    Best Kiting Food

    Good work Southerly. I'm still rolling with no refined sugar. I'm also focusing on more veggies and less carbs in my main mean, That has trimmed a couple more kg. I'm now 75 kg at age 47, which is pretty darn good considering my racing weight in my mid 20's was 73kg. Side note there is now less kiting and more mountain biking. Mountain biking adds to aerobic fitness way more than kiting. So my endurance and general fitness is as good as it was in my 20's also. Oh yeah i'm feeling good.
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    Night Buggy

    Yep. Do it. Full moon kiting is surreal. I've done it with and without lights and in sand dunes also. You dont need lights on the kite. You can see it well enough on a full moon.
  8. plummet

    What is this?

    Too true!
  9. plummet

    What is this?

    What local kite shop? The nearest one to me is 300km away.
  10. plummet

    What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    Have you ever ridden a buggy? I'm pretty sure you dont have one.
  11. plummet

    Moose Pictures

    Do it! book it in now. I've done 11 in a row and there hasnt been a dud yet.
  12. plummet

    Moose Pictures

    Hey lads. Here's some moose pictures to drool. Another fantastic Moose. Dunes were just perfect! smooth, rolling no harsh sections. Wind was lighter I used my 12m chrono for most of it.
  13. plummet

    HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Make sure you have equal line lengths. +31cm on the front lines wont work on the chrono. I should make my own bars. But havent yet. Maybe i will too soon as the price for a bar is damn stupid. I would also suggest you do a mixer and a bridle length check. For EXTENSIVE instructions and discussion read this thread on kiteforum. http://www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=197&t=2390593&hilit=chrono+speed+system
  14. plummet

    HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    I too wouldnt use the bar listed. It looks henious and unsafe, like a bar out 2005. You've spent the money on a decent kite. Back it with a high quality bar. Get one with a braking strop too. PS most modern depower bars have the larks head and knot system.
  15. plummet

    Kite foil

    Looking good. Both on the board and the new build. My one bit of advice is put the rear stab on the top of the fuse. That way the water force is pushing the stab into the fuse rather than trying to tear it off.
  16. plummet

    Nice low wind session from Kris Beech

    Just for your guys frame of reference. That location has a nice heather updraft coming off the small bank and buildings directly upwind. Its not ya standard flat beach wind. So they are getting more height and float than standard.
  17. Just like all other race kite manufacturers claiming the same bollocks. The fact is they are all pushing extremely similar designs. Super high aspect zillion cell multi-rib, 2 pulley speed system, light fabric, skinny bridle foil kites. There has been no revolutionary change for years.
  18. plummet

    Born-Kite RaceStar

    World famous.
  19. Its how fast you are relatively travelling directly upwind/downwind. its what wins races. A kite that can produce a better vmg will win all other factors being equal! Until you race me in the sand dunes. Then its doesnt matter how high your kite points if you cant ride the terrain fast,,, heheheh then an old shitty beater lei will take the win! PS hahahahaha.. A revolutionary design... ahembullshitahem. looks like every other high aspect foil kite. No doubt it is a good kite. But dont try an bullshit the bullshitters that its revolutionary, Bloody marketing hype!
  20. plummet

    Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Here was me thinking arcs had been cancelled in 2008.
  21. plummet

    Born-Kite RaceStar

    Ok here's my review. Tony had the kites set up on an ozone bar. Out of the box we had to put some rear line extensions on (which is recommended). This got the kite flying in the right without too much back stall. First up I flew the 5m. That was a fun kite. It flew like a normal traction kite but also you could stall and pivot loop it easy for some aerial gymnastics while flying. Upwind was good. Better than my lei's but not as good as my Chrono. The 7m was less pivot turney and flew slower as you would expect with a bigger kite. My gut feeling was that I wanted a bigger bar on the 7m. Power per meter squared was similar to a fixed bridle. The 7m was a similar output to my 10m lei. Power delivery was smooth, the kite lacked punch until you got some ground speed up then you felt the power and speed turn on smoothly. The kite really likes to pivot turn. Which means it looses power through the turns, but it does a tight radius turn for it's size. To do a powered turn you need to ensure line tension on both steering lines. It's a technique that would take a little while to master on each size kite. If you like powered turns this is the only real down side I found on the kite. Running down wind slack lining the kite showed good drift. It simply floated back in the window without bow tieing. Letting the bar go when powered up would depower the kite and make the trailing edge flat. Bridlles follow a standard methodology and there's a normal 2 pulley speed system. The speed system isn't adjustable and the bridles running through the pullies are a little skinny for my liking. I would mod the speed system with thicker bridlles and make it adjustable. All in all I enjoyed flying the kites and think they make a great buggy engine. I would buy I set for adventure riding sand dunes if I had the cash.
  22. plummet

    Born-Kite RaceStar

    Flew Tony"s 5 and 7 on the weekend. Ooooooh.
  23. plummet

    Les hemmes 8 hour 2019

    This moose meet is something you will never forget! It is glorious in every way. and probably not that expensive to travel from Aus. But logistically challenging. I have a full size canvas tent that you guys can sleep in and cooking facilities. All you need is clothes/sleeping gear, kiting gear, food and a method to get there. ..... .. . . . . We can probably sort load buggies and landboards too..... .. ......