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  1. westfire

    Yeppoon 2017

    Good going on the kite bike Gannet๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ A big thankyou to Gozzy, for the photos & the loan of the kite, lots still to learn a few bruises for the experience. No harm done, so it was a good laugh had by all after the down loop! Having a great time up here in Yeppoon, heading home soon for another year. Went out to Great Keppel Island for a day trip, had a nice day there. Go back had a quick look around Mulambin & Kinka Beach, Cathy stayed at the caravan park there about 34 years ago though!
  2. westfire

    Yeppoon 2017

    Hello everyone to everyone that knows & those who don't, hello as well๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I'll be heading up on Friday, have borrowed a buggy & bringing a bunch of kites & associated gear, unfortunately not staying at Driftwood this year๐Ÿ˜” Due to a stuff up with work, was between departments & not sure if I was able to go. So there was very little accommodation left, be good to see some familiar faces, bring on the wind & those big wide beaches.
  3. westfire


    Very happy with that run, thankyou Gozzy for the Video, great kite & a big thanks to Jason from Briskites for the demo. A little more onshore & i'm convinced I could have cracked the 70Km/hr mark. The beach got quite corrugated the more easterly I went & the pools of water got deeper as well, which unfortunatly wiped out any more speed that could be possibly had from that stretch of beach. The PKD Century II was a fabulous kite its downwind & upwind performance needs to be tried by anyone who wants a fixed bridle intermediate race kite. I will write a full review with Goz's help in the not to distant future, on that particular day I flew a Combat 2.9m, Crossfire 3m & of course the Century.
  4. westfire

    Home Brewed Kite Buggies

  5. westfire

    Home Brewed Kite Buggies

    Hi everyone, it has been a long time, managed to find some of the original cougar shots, enjoy. As for Wolfies buggy that might take a while to find, have long forgotten where/what they are stored on. Look what I just found LOL!
  6. westfire

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Hi Bernie, anyone is welcome to join in the fun & what a great spot to have a buggy. Yeah Goz is the local Rochamtonite to talk to about all things buggy related. Thanks in advance for the offer of the shed, not sure if it will be needed, but awesome all the same. Hey Chook, just kidding on the family thing, Courtney only does a loom band Ferrari at the moment, but could be tempted into doing some english super car if pushed in the right direction
  7. westfire

    Land Sailing World Champs 2014

    Thanks John, that was a great documentary to watch, you were totally right way better than the rubbish that television has become . Such great stories, friendships & racing, all it needed was a Chook to represent Australia, it also had some excellent editing/footage
  8. westfire

    Kitesurf Boracay, Philippines 2013-14 part 2

    Hi Southerly, was that at Raratonga?? I'm looking to go to Aitutkai next june/july for a winter kiting escape.
  9. westfire

    Murraire show grounds

    I know what you mean, so damn hot. Going for a buggy at Murrarie, would be like stepping into a cooking pot. Probably for the best, bit of a head cold & sore neck muscles, as much as I want to go out, probably shouldn't
  10. westfire

    Kitesurf Boracay, Philippines 2013-14 part 2

    OH and by the way Reef Retreat whats your response to someone who lived there??????????????????????????????? Not exactly a glowing tourist review, fair bit of harsh reality check
  11. westfire

    Kitesurf Boracay, Philippines 2013-14 part 2

    Thanks for the write up Kozzie, bodyguards, touts (people trying to sell you stuff) & the fact the stuff you saw which would cause an outcry in any western country, but you got used to it. Well thats enough for me to avoid it at all costs, found a better place to go. Boracay is now off the destination list forever for me, just read way to many bad things about the place. Might be pristine & beautiful, I want to go somewhere with minimal people, pristine water & conditions, like I said before would rather go to the Cook Islands
  12. westfire

    Murraire show grounds

    I don't know about the oil thing nice to know your still around Send me txt if your definitely going might be able to borrow brothers buggy & a 4m kite to have a bash with.
  13. westfire

    Easter @ Yeppoon 2015

    Hmmm Ditch the family, nice idea Chook, buggy my a55 off, no responsibility ha ha ha ha I shall see what I can arrange.
  14. westfire

    This forum needs some dicks and newbies

    Funny Gozzy Didn't they head up to Darwin or something, together I suspect
  15. westfire

    Kitesurf Boracay, Philippines 2013-14 part 2

    Hmm ok, is that how you respond ok lets feed the troll, first of well umm F@$K you. No I don't have the power over prices of hotels, nice little talent to have I suspect. I work with some really knowledgable Phillipino guys (in there respected trades) & asked them based on wages in the Phillipines, they came back with way over pieced, so there. I said I read that on another forum, was hoping someone could set the record straight but alas it's not to be. Australia is overpriced on a lot of things but I can get a room in a nice place on an awesome beach in Queensland on 4 hours of my pay/night. Now before you respond I'm not some overpaid executive, I'm just I tradesman. Can you say the same for the average local on Boracay???? So suff coming to an overcrowded dump, full of morons I'm heading to Aitukai to spend my money, look it up it's in the Cook Islands.