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  1. Crooked


    Well I finally got around to taking the photo! I improved my top speed at Yeppoon also, now 58.4km/h. I was on my 4 Brooza II again in the home made bug.
  2. Crooked

    Bigfoots and locknuts

    +1 for the nylock nut, I use them on my buggy which has stub axles, never had a wheel come off or find the nut had loosened at all.
  3. Crooked

    Video from 90 mile beach

    Nice to see the Sammy in the air, good stuff!
  4. Crooked

    Cairns Visit

    Hi Nocando, I live South of Cairns in Babinda it's around 50 kms or so South. I have a bug you can use, it's a home made bug but does the job, you are welcome to use it. I generally buggy at Mission Beach which is basically East of Tully, approx 2 hrs from Cairns, it has a nice wide flat beach that faces ESE which is the predominant wind direction up here. Hope there is some wind for your trip, can be a bit hit and miss in the Summer with cyclones and monsoons. Most consistent up here is winter with SE trade winds 90% of the time. Let me know. Regards, Evan
  5. Crooked

    Kite advice

    aaaahahahaha......that is funny JKS, trust you to come up with that one!
  6. Crooked

    Kite advice

    I have a 5m Ozone Samauri II that I have had in the cupboard for quite a while, only been flown a handful of times. It's an older ozone kite, it was replaced by the Cult I think. Anyway it's a grunty kite, not lifty at all, very stable and easy to fly. I upgraded to a Crossfire because I wanted a higher aspect kite. I've been meaning to put it in the for sale section for a while, I'll let it go cheap if you want something to try. Some others might comment on the suitability of this to meet your needs and happy if it doesn't quite fit the bill, just thought I'd offer and try and clean out the cupboard. cheers, Evan PM me if your interested
  7. Crooked

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Meet 2012!

    You can add me to the maybe's JKS, hope to talk the missus and kids into getting down there again, missed this year.....but hoping for 2012
  8. Crooked

    I miss Alex

    I haven't posted for ages (or been kiting for that matter, kids, cyclone repairs, holidays) ........and it takes Alex to get me posting again! He is definately a few beers short of a six pack. I actually bought my first kite from that shop in Townsville and lived a few km's away. They were nice guys in there and also make a good coffee! Evan
  9. Crooked

    yeppoon 1st Oct

    Hi fellas, I haven't been on the forum for a while, hols in Germany. I live South of Cairns in Babinda and buggy at Mission Beach, if you ever feel like a road trip down there let me know. The beach prior to the cyclone was great, flat dry, wide and you can get runs for several Km's. The cyclone messed it up for a while but it is back to it's best now. The SE works well for the section of beach I go to, get a bit more east in it and it is directly on shore. Not many people either, a few to dodge but nothing like Port. Cheers, Evan
  10. Crooked

    PC tune up software... ?

    I'll take one of those Jason....hang on wife doesn't want it......I think I'll get one anyway, who knows maybe I can persuade her to use it.....together!
  11. Crooked

    To sell it or let it gather dust????

    keep it, you'll regret it if you sell it and the good weather returns. My bug hasn't seen the beach much in 12 months either between the wetest year in many (8.5m of rain) and cyclones. But I got out for a quick run a few weeks ago.......awesome, makes all the waiting and frustrations worth while! Or just ship it to me I could do with an upgrade from the homemade bug!
  12. Crooked

    Half a Smile

    didn't know you had it also JKS, nice photo.
  13. Crooked

    Half a Smile

    Photos....we really need photos.......with dribble! Lucky you stopped smoking Goz, hard to keep those suckers in now otherwise!
  14. Crooked

    Should my lines be even ??

    Not only that Jon, but you started with 4 lines at one end.........but at the other end there is only 3! I'd be worried
  15. Crooked

    The 3am Pilgrimage

    Elevated.........are you sure we are watching the same video Joel, yours sounds like it has girls in it if you are getting elevated......or the drugs Goz is talking about is Viagra!