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  3. lickedysplit_au

    AndyFly, We will miss you.

    I have just heard the newz and really can't believe it. My deepest sympathies to Linda and family. I don't know what to say except you will be missed Andy. Was a pleasure to know you and have you be a part of mine and my familes lives. Memories of us kiting will leave me smiling forever. RIP buddy.
  4. lickedysplit_au

    Extreme Kites Sep/Oct Stockton Meet

    Awesome idea Joel, a kite meet on Stockon in October. Couldn't have thought of a better time to put on one on myself. You can call it Kite-ToberHem!!
  5. lickedysplit_au

    MayDay 2011

    I'll be up first thing Saturday morning too. If anyone is looking to make contact before or over the weekend I can be caled on 0408 425597. Wind forecast is excellent however we could be in for some precipitation over the weekend.
  6. lickedysplit_au

    TV Filming - Buggiers Wanted

    Unfortunately this has been cancelled
  7. lickedysplit_au

    Good Friday - BlackSmiths/Redhead

    Friday Morning 8:30am (or earlier if I wake up) Blacksmiths Beach (near Swansea) Tide is low @ 5:30am and we will be kiting the incoming tide for as long as we can. The winds are predicted to be light and from the SW (offshore) so bring your light wind kites! There is a TV crew filming a documentary so make sure you do your hair nice.
  8. lickedysplit_au

    Amazing places to kite near swancy central coast

    Haven't kited Blacksmiths but have kited as far north on the Central Coast as Birdie. As JD says we will actually be on Blacksmiths/Redhead on Friday and looking forward to it especially after this thread popped up giving it a wrap. Blacksmiths also has 4X4 access which is handy.
  9. lickedysplit_au

    TV Filming - Buggiers Wanted

    Sorry Eluder, is a bit disapointing but unfortunately I am only a messenger on this one mate. All the calls have been made by the producers. Blacksmiths/Redhead isn't that far from Stockton, could always do both if you were planning on making the trip
  10. lickedysplit_au

    TV Filming - Buggiers Wanted

    Venue has been changed due filming restrictions on Stockton on Friday to Blacksmiths/Redhead Beach. This is about 20 minutes south of Stockton. They are wanting to shoot @ around 8:30am so will be an early one. Well hopefully see some up there
  11. lickedysplit_au

    TV Filming - Buggiers Wanted

    G'day Eluder, Looks like it will be on Good Friday mate. The show is about renewable energy. Cheers.
  12. lickedysplit_au

    TV Filming - Buggiers Wanted

    Yeah Stockton Glenn.
  13. lickedysplit_au

    MayDay 2011

    @ Daniel - The weekends we have on Stockton are pretty low key mate. What started out as a bunch of guys with a passion for kiting getting together is still a bunch of guys with a passion for kiting getting together. We generally spend 2 days on one of the best kiting locations this country has to offer kiting, talking kiting and generally having a great weekend. As Bob says we all generally stay in cabins or camp @ The Birubi Beach Holiday park. There has been talk of camping on the beach this year but it is getting fairly cold already so not sure if this will happen (for me anyway). Saturday night we generally now head down to the Anna Bay Tavern (right next to the beach) and have a few beers and a good feed. Cookin and cleanin up after a full days kiting is a HUGE ask (for me anyway). Bit of a shitter with tides and dates this year how it has fallen but for those that couldn't make it all the way up to Yeppoon it is definately an option worth looking @ for a fun kiting weekend.
  14. lickedysplit_au

    TV Filming - Buggiers Wanted

    Bit of a shitter with the date guys, looks like it will be on Good Friday but on the tight schedule they are filming on I guess production stops for nothing. I have to say this is a great opportunity to get some exposure to the sport, this isn't a locally shot TV program. Last series that these guys put together went global and most of you would know it Great to get some interest guys, the producers want as many kites as we can get on the beach so please please come along Spartan, plenty of room @ mine over the weekend if you want to make the trip up mate
  15. lickedysplit_au

    Hi Y All

    Awesome Glenn, great to hear your having such a great time. Jealous as hell mate. Did it hurt when they shot you in the ass with the Rainbow? Hoping you get some winds soon dude!