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  1. Foil boarding with a wing

    Yeah but I am a shortarse! I also mean it was just a lot more work and effort than a kite on really short lines and I really disliked that it blocked my view of anything approaching from downwind, and perhaps thats just my kite addiction/background? You obviously got into them looks like you purchased your own?
  2. Foil boarding with a wing

    I tried the Kitewing and gave up on it because of the effort/load on arms, the bulk of the thing it really was very cumbersome to manoeuvre, and to me it has zero advantages over a kite on really short lines. We could get better performance from a kite flown off its bridles or very short lines (50-100cm). Narrow carparks and bikepaths were doable with a kite no worries.
  3. Foil boarding with a wing

    Yeah maybe. From memory when I tried Kitewings out, you could use a windsurf style main loop, but they were still hard on the arms and I think thats why they never really gained much traction in the market. Way more cumbersome than either a kite or a windsurf sail, without any advantages.
  4. Foil boarding with a wing

    Next level exertion for sure. How burned would your arms get? Interesting wing, looks homemade.
  5. Kite Buggy Wanted asap

    This one is complete, but needs some minor maintenance based on the description. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/narangba/other-sports-fitness/kite-buggy/1180623327
  6. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Sorry I wasn't clear, I did not buy it, a couple of locals went halves in it, one is a newbie kiter and the other is the local kitesurfing instructor. But I'm now looking for a used buggy! (and probabaly a landboard too!)
  7. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Now resides in Lennox Head, its a land lizard in perfect order with splashguard and front mudguard, with an ozone access harness, PL backstrap, 1 x 2M original Quadrifoil, and 1 x 3M rectangular white foil with kevlar lines. All fly well and the buggy is getting a workout with the local kids and adults in the autumn easterlies. I had a few goes in the buggy, used a 12M Hyperlink yesterday.
  8. 70

  9. Yeah I thought so too, not so much of the "impossible for most of us" stuff and more about what makes kiting fun with a bunch of friends.
  10. Product info here http://ozonekites.com/products/water-kites/catalyst-v1/#info Should be available for demo from all Ozone dealers now or within the next week or so.
  11. My friend Alex Lewis-Hughes made this nicely edited clip recently while he was in Cabarete.
  12. Race results, European Championships

    Video of the European Champs, sorry if its already been posted elsewhere, but a quick search found nothing?

    Should not be any VAT, but definitely will get hit with GST, GST on freight as Jason said (thanks to our double dipping Governement) + customs clearance fees and customs duty, the local cheaper is cheaper and so much easier to do.