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  1. steve_hobart


  2. steve_hobart

    R-Sky Nirvana SE Standard

    Nice to see you all again. Yes its been a LONG time since Ive been on the forum . Life taken up with StandUp Paddle Boarding, Cycling, work, study and family....but getting back into regular flying again after a fair break , albeit struggling with loss of muscle memory for many tricks!
  3. steve_hobart

    R-Sky Nirvana SE Standard

    For sale, R-Sky NSE Standard, very good condition. $280 including postage. Happy to supply extra photos. cheers steve
  4. Nice flying today at the Cenotaph Christian. I'll try and get to the Cenotaph on the weekend over the next couple of weeks with the dual line and catchup with you on the lines! cheers Steve
  5. steve_hobart

    SOLD $150+ delivery - Prism Prophecy + original padded bag

    Hi Paolo, good to hear from you again! Actually no, it's not for sale any longer...it has come back home to me again and is well loved and well flown. cheers Steve
  6. steve_hobart

    Rosebud Kite Festival 2011

    Hi TH I'll be in St Kilda Wed and Thurs for a Conference and fly home Friday pm. Looking to do a fly on Wed and Thurs late afternoon (around 6pm???). Will probably head to Moran or somewhere nearby... cheers steve
  7. steve_hobart

    Rosebud Kite Festival 2011

    Bugger, I'm there for work the following week, but not the W/E before.... have fun.... steve
  8. steve_hobart

    Libre full stainless V-Max - $1400

    very nice....just wish I had some $....!
  9. steve_hobart

    Done - Wanted Prism Snapshot 1.9

    Got him an Ozone Imp Trainer instead. Better kite and will enable him to learn some skills on the bar, ready for De-Power kites!! (He's already talking about Landboards!!) cheers Steve ------- Hi All, I am after a Prism Snapshot 1.9 for my 9 year old son (he is finding the 1.2 a little fast for him). Anyone got one you want to move on? cheers Steve
  10. sharp looking kite Kevin! cheers steve
  11. Hi everyone, I have a Yellow and Red Ocius Custom (Standard) which I have flown twice on grass - so looks new. It's a lovely kite (and very well made) - I ordered it before I got into my biking craze so it's now sitting around in the cupboard. Briskites has these for $259 + postage for a brand new one. I'm happy with $195 delivered if anyone is interested and I'll also include a lightly used 90lb x 65 ft lineset. I'll post photo's in the next day or so. cheers Steve Puli
  12. steve_hobart

    Miscellaneous Sports kite gear

    Bump...must go...
  13. steve_hobart

    SOLD $100 delivered - PRISM 4D SuperUltralite Dual line

    thanks John, I'll get back to you via email. cheers steve