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  1. Dave Shepp

    On camera

    Finally got a Frontroll on camera and I couldn't help myself
  2. Dave Shepp

    An expensive session

    Last Friday's session kiting at Scott's and I lost my sunnies and GoPro on a fake front roll
  3. Dave Shepp

    A few more vids

  4. Dave Shepp

    My best M8's last kite

    Kobi's last kite
  5. Dave Shepp

    Friday 14th

    https://youtu.be/tBR4TJVYUKU Footage from session last Friday at Wenonah Head Not many waves on offer but plenty of ramps for other fun things, this was the first time I've tried to do a backroll tail grab and I ended up with a bunch in both directions
  6. Dave Shepp

    It's been a while

    Hey Norm Old bar is on the mid north coast of nsw level with Taree
  7. Dave Shepp

    It's been a while

    The Scott's head boys go to Old Bar Nov 25th-27th 2016 Al, Shorty and myself went to Old Bar for a flat water weekend and just found the swell 2 tempting... Flat water was achieved but the wind wasn't on out side😥
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  9. Dave Shepp

    JD's kite clearance Flysurfer's Updated 13/01/13

    Thanks for selling em I now have the 8m, 10m, 12m, and 15m Speed2s. Just need a 19m now but I think I'll try for 21m Speed3 I can't wait to fly em:)
  10. Dave Shepp

    flying my 15m Speed 3 - short video

    Nice moves there Bob, good to hear your liking the Speed3
  11. Dave Shepp

    So Good But SO WRONG

    1-1-2012 After 2.5 months without a fly, I finally remembered where I put em and sacked up n went out The wind started out nice and smooth but very quickly started sending bullets my way Windsheer, Bowties and a few body slides What the hell happened to the local
  12. Dave Shepp


    Good Stuff Guy's, I'm spewing I couldn't make it down for this one Looks like I missed a goodun
  13. Dave Shepp

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Meet 2012!

    Poor Bruce Who are the officials? Were they @ Stockton when it was filled with Sand? Can they also enter said comp?
  14. Dave Shepp

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Meet 2012!

    What are the Qld Rangers Like? If there anything like our Ranger Stacey down here I'l sleep on the beach in the back of me truck, No Prob's..... But with the price of diesel right now there is no way I'm even considering paying for accomodation at this stage.... & as for flying up, well the courier costs to get my gear up n back would almost cover my fuel so no brainer, drive n sleep in the truck
  15. Dave Shepp

    HOW TO - ..........................

    It's still the same solution Norm, Juzt bend zee kneezzz
  16. Dave Shepp

    Shoe's That WORK

    Video Proof My shoe's love kiteboarding more than Me Hope You watched the shadows as well..... Oh yeah another Kmart Special
  17. Dave Shepp

    That flying feeling!

    I'm tellin ya Uv gotta get a pair of those shoe's, They Love the Board ya just gotts ta Do eM UP!
  18. Dave Shepp


    3 Posts by people in Sydney
  19. Dave Shepp

    That flying feeling!

    GgrrrMFGRRrrrrrrrrr Sorry I Mean Nice Ride Bro
  20. Dave Shepp

    Ahhhh.... finally unlocked the glory of the speed 3

    Hmmm Marty that hill would be great for a land to water board off..... Plummet, I'm glad your liking your Speed3 mate I bet your loving the float on your landboard....
  21. Dave Shepp


    JD I'm waiting for a weekend when my Dad doesn't harass me into going north, but am still keen to come down that way for a fly soon..... Do you reacon 7mile could be KGB'd???
  22. Dave Shepp

    Selling Cardboard(not the fridge box kind)

    1 more post n your in from my understanding m8 Curiosity killed the cat R U still Selling this Board" My Liquid Force just aint what it's supposed to be" ?????
  23. Dave Shepp

    That flying feeling!

    Nah Bro Multi C, it's even got that cornel's xtra crispy goin on...