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  1. spotter

    Weather forecasts

    I use predict wind. It is a paid service but being a yachty as well I find that it is good results. Uses 3 different methods to predict conditions and all three are on the main pages to look at. The 24hour prediction is at 1km radius so you can see what the wind is doing at one end of the beach to the other. They use the BoM data as one prediction as well so you can cross check with them all on the one page. Only issue is that it does not have any inland sites to check with weather forecast. All coastal or off shore.
  2. spotter

    WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    You will be really lucky to get anything from Tas. There are about 3-4 buggies that are in Hobart and I know of two that live in the North of the state and one on the East Coast. I am the only one that looks on these forums for this part of the world that I know off. You are better off getting something from Melbourne and getting it sent down. I have only seen 4 buggies sold in Tassie over the last 10 years or so.
  3. spotter

    Ground Stake

    I dont fly using separate lines for each piece of laundry. I did not a while and just found it a pain to deal with. My main flying line is overkill for what I really need so I wrap the carabina around the main fly line 3 times and use the tight rope to hold it in place. I went this way once I started flying a mega turbine https://www.invento-hq.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=935&Itemid=303 due to the pull and I needed to hold it up the line not down the line. I have been looking at using a loop of rope that one end attaches to the carabina then wraps around the main fly line and then attaches back into the carabina. Problem is, I have not flown for a long time to look at this.
  4. spotter

    PL mini kites

    I have a midi crab. They are good fun but the bridles can become a real pain once there is a slight tangle. I just fold everything into the middle and this seams to work. Once the wind get above 18 knots, it starts to move around a lot but not to bad. It is the first thing I have to take off my line as the winds pick up.
  5. spotter

    Inflatable spider

    Have a look at the Peter Lynn Crab. It has small tubes that inflate then bridals holding them in place.
  6. spotter

    Inflatable single line kite

    I got a kit from Rob Van Weirs for one of his fish. While I am a real novice with a sewing machine, I managed to build most of it with someone friendly advise from someone that can use a sewing machine. When I say build most of it, I ran out of time during the weekend that we were making stuff and has sat in the shed for a few years now. @KaoS I know I am slack!!!
  7. spotter

    Ground Zero Kites

    Good modelling from Tracy in that one
  8. spotter


    Ouch. I snapped my Achilles the first weekend in February this year (non kiting related). I went for the conservative approach in treatment, so I did not have to have an operation. Mine was snapped fairly low. I spent 2 weeks in plaster followed by 9 weeks in a moon boot. Got the boot off on Monday and into physio now. Looks like another 2 - 3 months physio before I am back to being able to do normal things again. It is a long slow recovery. Netflix was my friend for the first few weeks before I could get back to work.
  9. spotter

    Ground Zero Kites

    I got a custom made Rok of Rob. Also have a number of his smaller kites in the kite bag. I missed our club fly in St Helen's with Rob this year so not up to speed with this years designs. They are amazing kites and not only do they look amazing, they also fly REALLY well.
  10. spotter

    Just a thought....

    In Tassie we have had Rotary organise most of the festivals. However, we are down to one now. They did everything like the entertainment and food stalls etc and were able to use it as a fund raiser for them. We just come and fly. What I think we really miss is some new blood on the rotary committee to make it different and more exciting but that is another story. Getting another major group involved like that has worked for us in the past. Something else to think about anyway.
  11. spotter


    I was at Sloping main. That is about 100km from Hobart. Beach had just the width needed to go for it. At that speed with the 2m I was sort of in control. Still having issues with power sliding the 2m's are there is not the same sort of pull that the 4m has. Was a few moments where I was just about in a situation to change the undies but was not to bad. The wind picked up even more once I did that so put the kite down, had a beer and went back to a mates family's shack. Wind is starting calm down again so we are thinking about a static fly somewhere... maybe even with the rev's.
  12. spotter

    In App purchases

    Back in the day there was never any micro transactions. You bought the game and then had access to everything until there was an expansion then you bought that and had access to everything. A lot of MMO's had a subscription based model but that was fine as well. Once micro transactions came into the gaming world everything changed. There is a real debate in gaming communities about "pay to win" v's pay to accessories or make life easier. This is something that very few have got right. With the in game app purchases I do believe they have gone to far. Just about every game these days they have huge costs to buy in game currency then to buy something with that currency, it costs most of what you had to buy. This gets expensive really quickly, but they developers need to get their rewards for the time they have put into developing their game/app. At the end of the day it is the old bums on seats, the lower the cost the more people you get buying on a more regular basis.
  13. spotter

    WANTED: Powerkite Magazine

    I have a heap at home. Will check what I have and you can have them. Wont be home till late tonight so will look tomorrow night if that's ok. I got most of them off Ant
  14. spotter

    Time Lapse 2

    I have seen him doing some of the photo's sequences. He will take a photo every couple of minutes and move the tripod about 1m before taking the next shot. Another way that he has done it (the section with Mona) is used a cart with the tripod on it. Taking photos at a more regular time spacing while slowly walking forwards.
  15. spotter

    Time Lapse 2

    Hi John, Have you seen any of the time Lapse from Peter Topless? I work with him and has done some amazing stuff. I am even in it with my Turbine.