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  2. Luke

    Shoe's That WORK

  3. Luke

    That flying feeling!

    Assembly videos are one thing. Putting it to good use is another thing altogether some screen grabs from yesterday, including a move prehaps one of the landboarders could identify (will put up a clip of one in a minute, its a grab + 360+ facing the ground+ flat spin) it felt natural from my skateboard vert ramp days. Landboarding is insane freedom in the air. Good times, kiting can be fun. First few are dave getting down with Ground!
  4. Luke

    Landboarder knocks out power at Howrah

    Make up your effin mind and do your research get the terminology right and a picture of the "material & ropes" would be far more effective and a picture of some moody bit&* with no life. The reporters article is the only disaster here. If the parts or the "ripped material flew over several houses" etc so which is it? he was attached to it flying over the houses and hung himself up on his ropes on the power lines, or the "sail" ripped and wafted while singing take me where the wind blows. Local newspaper feeding the ignorant with ignorance. More likely a 5 year old with a single line kite, got away from them and a local skateboarder was running home because he was past his curfew.
  5. Luke

    That flying feeling!

    ADULTS ONLY! Board Porn...
  6. Luke

    Ballina 21-1-12

    Ok well that gives a bit more insight, your actually doing it correctly I assume this happens more on sand than on grass. Your edging hard towards the wind which is correct, the issue is on sand your back wheels will start to slide a lot earlier than on grass, hence initiating an unintentional rotation as when you pull on the bar the back wheels are just giving way. Solution is on sand to jump before you would on grass this will aid in stopping the buggy going sideways when you leave the ground. My personal preference is grass for this reason, more traction when you need it the most. Your on the right kite though!
  7. Luke

    Ballina 21-1-12

    Hi Andy, that is some impressive control you have there. Your hand placement on the bar is perfect (towards the centre to slow down the kite while in the air) nice work. Great smooth 360's Only technical thing would be some of those jumps landing sideways, (others were perfect) just keep in mind getting that front wheel facing your direction of travel in the air when coming into land as much as possible especially on a beach very easy to dig a wheel in sideways and go ass over tit. Ending was brilliant Shoot some more video, enjoyed that! Luke
  8. Luke

    HOW TO - ..........................

    Nice work Carl, not many people bother to put a video together on how to do stuff especially like yourself who has plenty of years under your belt and do it on autopilot. Throw up some advanced stuff to when you get time!
  9. Luke

    That flying feeling!

    Gettin down with Ground If only kite buggys were this cool and technologically advanced. Looking forward to the next session, we won't be cruising
  10. Luke

    AndyFly - We Salute You!!

    @ Liger, a lot of work went into putting that together and it shows, I'm sure it was difficult for you. Your a trooper!
  11. Luke

    Hero vs Hero 2

    Hi SB, you are spot on about the differences in quality when it comes to making a movie. Both the contours and the gopros will capture it but how which codecs you use, and pre editing the compressed video footage into good quality settings can make all the difference and also post processing when rendering your final video for uploading is critical to getting the most out of it. I think we could start a new thread on settings and samples from everybody making videos it would be very informative including what software you use to render clips eg mpegstreamclip etc, and export settings from eg, imovie, final cut, vegas, etc. My 2 cents, I am a fan of gopros thats the first one I bought and kept on that path. The contours are just as good, but I like the snap and go attachments you can get for the gopros and the underwater ease and shape of them. Each to their own. Downside to gopro HD, the low light sucks in a big way, bright light is fantastic. Another reason a gopro HD 2 is on the cards as its one feature they feel is much improved. Learn anything you want here about gopro HD its a good forum http://goprouser.freeforums.org/questio ... ly-f4.html Why would I want a gopro 2, 120fps for ultra slow action, which will also give you incredible clear still clips from a screen capture of a clip. Have recently been experimenting with R3 on the gopro 720p @60fps the difference in quality is noticeable imo, and the slo mo clips are fantastic. Happy to share settings with anybody, here is a sample vid unrelated to kiting on R2 (720p @ 30fps) using mpegstreamclip and apple intermediate codec (very basic compared to some of the codecs you get with final cut pro) and edited using imovie 6 HD (its 5-6 years old) but the only imovie version that was ever tailored specifically for HD video, exported through "expert settings" 720p but the important thing is the bitrate use 6000-7000 to get the most out of your footage for vimeo or youtube.
  12. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received during this hard time. Special thank you to Luke, Ariana, Dave, Stu and Kyle’s for preparations and for reading EK condolences at Andrew’s service; We would also like to thank Jason and Joel for all your support over the years and providing such heartfelt tributes. We thank you all for being there for us before, during and after this sad time in our lives, the kind words and actions expressed by EK community have helped us greatly. Thank you to everyone who sent flowers and cards or took the time to make phone calls to express your love and respect. The tribute videos from Stockton were spot-on, thanks to Luke, Dave, Marty and Sluggo. We are planning to “fix ourselves up” at the Yeppoon meet in April 2012 where we will be scattering Andyflys ashes. It was a place that brought Andrew much peace and happiness (Hope you don’t mind sharing Goz). Everyone is welcome to come and say their final goodbyes. Joel will post all the details later. Words can not express our love and appreciation. MrsFly and Flykids.