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  1. Hi folks, Flysurfer Speed 3, 15m for sale. Kite and lines in excellent condition. Meticulously looked after. Can use this versatile light wind beast on water, snow, land. Closed cell foil. Selling because I have too many kites and something has to give! Comes with Bar & Lines + Leash + bag + spares/repairs. Located in Melbourne. Will courier Australia-wide. PM me if you have any questions about flying this beauty! $999
  2. sir lancelot

    2011 Mutiny P-Series 9m + 12m + bar

  3. sir lancelot

    SOLD! 2013 Naish Park 7m + bar

  4. sir lancelot

    2011 Mutiny P-Series 9m + 12m + bar

    Open to reasonable offers, these kites gotta go!
  5. sir lancelot

    SOLD! 2013 Naish Park 7m + bar

    Sold pending payment, 9m & 12m Mutiny kites still available.
  6. sir lancelot

    SOLD! 2013 Naish Park 7m + bar

    2013 Naish Park 7m + bar In excellent condition, kite fabric still crisp. This is a kite that has a surprisingly large wind range, is easy to use and gives great boots! I’ve had a lot of fun on this kite. New pulleys on bridle, and added sheath over lines that pulleys run over, meaning no more wear on lines and extended longevity of bridle. Brand new depower rope on bar. 1 small patch repair to canopy. Comes with 5m line extensions (I’ve used these on the kite as an experiment to give it more range in the sky, but it would be more manageable without them). http://kiteboardingreview.com/component/content/article/15-kites/naish/274-naish-park-2013 $500 including bar, line extensions Will post via E-Go Couriers or cash on pickup. Located in Melbourne. Can deliver if I'm headed your way! Also selling 9m & 12m Mutiny P-Series, can do a discount for all 3 kites.
  7. sir lancelot

    2011 Mutiny P-Series 9m + 12m + bar

    Mutiny P-Series 9m + Mutiny P-Series 12m + bar 2011 Selling x2 kites, bar, spares, new depower rope, bladder, valves, bags. Extremely well cared for and in great condition. My favourite kite to date, I learned everything from big air, kiteloops, darkslides and unhooking on this kite. It’s very confidence inspiring and doesn’t take ‘getting used to’ like other kites I’ve flown. Mutiny spent a lot of time figuring out exactly what most kiteboarders want, resulting in this kite. This would suit anyone from beginner through to intermediate. You can tune how aggressive you want the kite to be in terms of speed in the sky and power in the bar. The 9m + 12m will get you out in nearly all conditions, it has an excellent wind range between them. The mutiny bar with comfortable geko grip across the bar and above bar depower system. My favourite bar to date. Comes with Mutiny leash and bar bag. Easy to depower with cleat plus Velcro to keep everything out of the way. Unhooking? So easy with a flexible safety stick/donkey dick – once unhooked the chicken loop fits into slot in the bar meaning that hooking back in can be done easily as the chicken loop is in the correct orientation 100% of the time. I learned to unhook on these kites since they are very confidence inspiring. It was surprisingly easy I wish I tried it sooner. Comes with heaps of spares: x2 chicken loops, x2 depower rope, line extensions, quick fix canopy patches, one pump tubes, x2 suicide leash attachment. The 12m kite comes with brand new inflate/deflate valves. The 9m kite has an entirely new LE bladder and valves. Both ready to fly! Both kites have their own bag. http://kiteboardingreview.com/kitereviews/48-mutiny/228-mutiny-p-series-2011 Selling the 9m and 12m kites plus the bar as a package: $1100 (9m kite only: $600) (12m kite only: $700) Will post via E-Go Couriers or cash on pickup. Located in Melbourne. Can deliver if I'm headed your way! Also selling 7m Naish Park, can do a discount for all 3 kites.
  8. sir lancelot

    Shipping gear from Australia to USA

    Thanks Joel, looks like SmartSend can't find an appropriate courier to do the job for the size of this package - it's an online service only, so is it an intermediary service for various shipping companies? I'll head to Pack and Send, who have been very helpful over the phone, price seems comparable with other shipping companies but they seem easier to interact with. I think to ship the gear it's going to cost between $400-500, which is more than I thought! It will have to do :-)
  9. sir lancelot

    Shipping gear from Australia to USA

    Yeah that would be ideal - but we're doing a bit of a trip around various countries for 2 months before getting to the US so not practical to take it with us everywhere this time. I've got a friend in the US willing to receive the goods and hold on to it for us until we arrive!
  10. Hi folks, I'm about to go overseas and need to ship my gear to the US. It comes in at just under 22kg, and I've got 53 days before it needs to be there. Can anyone recommend companies to use for shipping? I'm currently looking online but need to do some follow up calls to find out about insurance/warranty in case the equipment is damaged in-transit. 'Pack and Send' seem cheap, but I've yet to find out if they have insurance. Cheers!
  11. sir lancelot

    we luky few

  12. Hi folks! I think I've got this post in the right section of the forum. I'm making big plans to do a bit of a world trip next year, and in the second half of the year would like to spend 1-3 months in Fiji kiteboarding (the time we'll be there is pretty open ended right now). We'd be looking for a way to sustain ourselves cheaply overseas, so we can stay as long as possible. I'll be shipping over my own gear. We'd be happy to work/volunteer for board / earn our keep, stay with families, babysit a house, etc. pretty flexible! So the two questions are... any ideas on places to stay cheaply or people I could contact?, and also what locations are good to kite in Fiji, or does that even matter?
  13. sir lancelot

    Problem Solving

    My office needs just this. Thanks Joel!