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  1. jabroni

    Flysurfer Speed 3 12m

    Price drop $750 + Postage
  2. jabroni

    Flysurfer Speed 3 12m

    Flysurfer Speed 3 - 12m - Standard Fabric + Bar & Lines, Bag, Leash and repair kit. Used for land kiting, no rips, tears or repairs. It has some dirt marks from being used on the beach, and the white fabric is starting to yellow, but otherwise is in great condition. Located in Brisbane. $850 + Postage
  3. jabroni


  4. jabroni

    Bribie a new

    Anyone keen for Saturday? Thinking around 12:30 to catch the outgoing tide - just in case it's all soft...
  5. jabroni

    Murraire show grounds

    I don't think I can this time. Make sure the fighter jets don't shoot your kites down...
  6. jabroni

    Bribie a new

    No Easter bunnies, only dogs. That was yesterday.
  7. jabroni

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Easter 2014

    We went for a run 20km up the beach then back. When we left, the creek was ankle deep. When we got back the creek was up to my shoulders. By the time chook crossed, he couldn't touch the bottom. Rob forgot his floaties, so we had to pick him up.
  8. jabroni

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Easter 2014

    Here's some pics of Aleks learning to buggy yesterday. First female buggier in Yeppoon??? It was a good week - some of us managed a trip up to the point, a swim through the river, and only one rained out day!
  9. jabroni

    Game of Thrones fans - what are we gonna do?

    Foxtel play. $35/month for first 3 months to get the showcase channel. Watch it on ipad/Xbox/ps3/Samsung TV (3 devices max)
  10. jabroni

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Disclaimer: transmitting on the above frequencies above about 10mw using analog video is illegal without an ATV licence. (Ie you do not fall in the LIPD class) Not looking at your model aircraft whilst flying is illegal without a UAV licence, or buddy box setup (unless your model is under 100 grams). That said, chances are you'll get away with it...
  11. jabroni

    Multi-Rotor Thread

    Intelligent Orientation Control and GPS lock makes a DJI easy to learn to fly - much easier than a simulator. When things start to go wrong - take your fingers off the sticks. Just make sure you're in a large enough space - with no people around. As you get better, start turning off some of the noob-assist features. BTW - Brisbane City Council forbids flying model aircraft in parks. So you may want to check where you live... The "right" way to learn here is through a model aircraft club or on private property (subject to airport proximity/altitude).
  12. jabroni

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Easter 2014

    We should have a spare bed. Pari isn't coming this year. I can phone driftwood and find out tomorrow.
  13. jabroni

    Extreme Kites Yeppoon Easter 2014

    Aleks and I will be there.