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    I fly radio controlled helicopters, planes and gliders.
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  1. Chook

    Sysmic S3

    Now I love my old Sysmic 2's but this is really compact! All alloy and into a bag for travel which is pretty cool. Or just folds up. And a fibreglass axle. http://www.buggykiteshop.com/index.php/buggy/sysmic-s3-a.html
  2. Chook

    Video Les Hemmes

    That's bloody brilliant!!!
  3. Chook

    Video Les Hemmes

    That looked like an intentional exit at 1.27. ? Thanks once again for sharing your adventures.
  4. Chook

    Video Les Hemmes

    What a great video!!! Ha ha, I feel his pain. It took me a good while to change over from my Peter Lynn Vapors to Ozone R1's. It wasn't till Pete from New Zealand gave me a few tips and got me up and truly running depower, then I've never looked back.
  5. Chook

    Video Les Hemmes

    Fantastic video!!! The buggy at 4.46 is neat with the rollbar fitted Juan. Is it because he's hotwired?
  6. Chook

    Pansh Genesis 2019

    Yes Cheers for that. I saw that on facebook some time ago. I was going to get a depower set for my 5.4 Vapor but it was almost the cost of a new kite for his conversion. It was a complete new set of bridals for the conversion.
  7. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    Well it was sad to see Andy and Bob go but the winds have held up. It was a great time again today and managed a PB distance in the 29 consecutive days we buggied. I got to meet some great people along the beach and some fantastic nights at the sailing club with good mates. I pack up tomorrow and out to tea and 3 flights home on Tuesday after Rob drives me to Rockhampton for my first flight.. @roblukin never stopped buggying and put the pressure on me when I said I wanted to cross Australia from Byron Bay to Steep Point in WA. 4102kms. I managed that last Tuesday and Lukin said I couldn't go through the desert and had to travel by road. 5113kms. So I've had a really FAT TIME!!!!!! I didn't quite cover the distance from Yeppoon to the starting point at Bryon Bay. Missed it by that much!!!! All new bearings before I started this year and I had a wheel bearing fail on the front at 3,115kms. 3 of the balls fell out and it sounded terrible. I borrowed a midi off Rob till @Bernie got me 2 new bearings. (Cheers mate). Now my rear wheel bearings are totally stuffed with 10mm of side movement at the tyre wall on the right hand rear, and 5mm on the left. Now have 3 bald tyres too. This pic is when the front bearing failed. Stuffed front wheel bearing. I'll post more pics when I get home. Thanks
  8. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    Been too busy kiting for updates gang. It was a sad day at Driftwood today as Andy and Bob headed back home. Safe travels guys it was awesome to get together. Rob's already bouncing the ball around in the kitchen since you left Andy. Fussy prick. It was a light wind day and we were like fish out of water after the winds we have been getting since arriving. Had the 18m2 ELF out in 5-10 knots and gave up when the rain set in and the wind died off. I managed to get to 70.0kmh on the big girl with 6 runs over 68kmh and travelled only 84 kilometres before heading back to do my washing. Rob drove in and it was pitch black once again. (well after sunset) Hope this rain clears overnight for a good weekend to wind the stay in Yeppoon up. Rob and I will pack up Monday and I fly home Tuesday.
  9. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    I didn't drink or eat when in the buggy so that helps @jeffnyc. I've forgotten what a condom is mate! Wind is cranking up again now. But I'm in no hurry to chase the 500 just now.
  10. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    Good 21-22 knot SE winds all day today. The beach just keeps getting better. Rob was flying and covered a smidgen under 100kms. I kicked off just on 8.00am after breakfast and had my best ever distance without getting out of the buggy. (Went and had a shower and tea and had forgot to turn the Garmin off) Had to empty my apple juice (personal comfort) bottle overboard once though. Bit miffed I pulled up 3 kms short. It was too dark to see my GPS. My Suunto watch went flat at the 439km mark. Looking forward to Andy's arrival tomorrow.
  11. Chook

    short kiting video

    Very clever. Nice to see the fun your having.
  12. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    The wind was fairly light today so Faulty dropped in with the cure.
  13. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    Ah you can see I am really tech savvy.... NOT. Sorted now. Another fantastic day on the sand. 4 1/2 hours chasing the tide and knocked out another 206.4kms. Looking at the forecast we have another week of SE winds ranging from 10-25 knots.
  14. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    Another great day with Bernie joining us for a run. Started off as a 15m2 R1 kite day for me but the wind slowly increased and changed down to 13m to be more comfortable after 2 point runs. I'm wearing Lukin out. He has not gone this hard in a long time. Me too, the wind is just phenomenal. Every day from the SE and blows stronger later in the afternoon. Covered 1,300 kms this last 7 days (180.5 kms today) and topped out yesterday at 75.4 kmh on the 13m2. Rob's only just behind me on his 7m tube. He's smoking down the beach at lowtide. I was checking out the lady in the nice bright orange bikini and ran out of good area to turn at the point. She did offer to help though.
  15. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    Blowing again yesterday and my buggy back up to 93.9kmh and cruising the edge of the waves all arvo chasing Lukin. Great fun splashing about. Beach is sensational still. Even the water temp when I get it wrong with the wave timing is like you piddled in it. (Very unlike Esperance's 18 degrees water temp this time of year). We both returned drenched and worn out. As I cruised home yesterday I had a lady with 2 dogs waving madly at me to stop in front of Driftwood and when she come running up to me, I thought the worst. It was @Ant Mum. She gave me a big hello hug and spoke about how Ant is in Italy kiteboading. They are going over at the end of the month to watch him compete.. What an awesome surprise as she is a great lady. A bloke from next door ran down and asked to sit in my buggy while we chatted. When she said goodbye in Japanese the Auzzie bloke in my buggy replied too and then had a 5 minute chat to her in her native language. His wife was Japanese. So Ant's Mum went and caught up with her for a yarn. Good things happen with kites eh? Nice to catch up with Clive (just here for a spot "room inspection" ) and Bernie (cheers for the pizzas Bernie) last night and fix the problems of the world over a nectar or 3. Well the automotive problems anyway. Clive was driving back to Emerald early again today. The tide is now the only thing that's holding us back. The cycle of a 4.17mtr high tide at 9.38am, so soon as it gets down to 3 metres we are back into it once more. Forecast wind is back to 17 knots today and the perfect direction for more beach frolicking and point runs. It's bloody tough here!!!! Hope to have Bernie join us today on his weekends off and look forward to Andy, Bob and Goz in the next week to add to the tyre tracks along Farnborough Beach. Stay posted guys.