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  1. IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    That's cool. I've never had time on a Born-kite only flown with John and Trevor who own them. Fantastic sunset too.
  2. Yeppoon 2018

    Yep and it's the first time ever that I have had to do continual kite loops directly downwind for 4 kms when the wind changed. Certainly challenged my rusty skills with the kite laying on the beach a couple of times. Pete and Theresa on the kite bike and Pete having a go on my 18m2 Elf Joker 7. Wind 1 gusting 3 knots.
  3. Multiple bars for DP quiver?

    I have 3 Ozone race bars of different sizes all on 25mtr lines that are shared across 7, 11,15 & 18m2 kites. It works pretty well. I always carry a size larger than needed kite and bar in my dry bag on the buggy, as nearly all my buggying is done alone on remote beaches. My preflight still involves checking my lines and very fine bridles for snags or tangles on my Ozone R1's anyway, so changing a bar doesn't add much more to the mix. I only use 2 bars when I'm away, as all my gear is posted well ahead of the event. (My local airline only allows 15kgs total baggage.)
  4. Happy Birthday Joel

    Hey hope you have a cracker day fella.
  5. Yeppoon 2018

    Well Pete and Theresa arrived from New Zealand and boosted our numbers on the sand. Pete leaving those wiggly kite bike tracks everywhere. Winds have eased slightly so the bigger kites are out of their bags. Lots of kilometres covered by everyone and LOTS of runs up to the point and back. Theresa's first day on a depower (Ozone Catalyst here) and she nailed it with ease and with Bernie's spare buggy looked like a professional by days end on the big Chrono's. Andy's quick reflexes saved us both. I ticked over 1,000 kms covered yesterday. We finished the day with Andy on his 24m2 Charger and I test flew my 18mtr Elf Joker 7 which I fell in love with in the first 5 minutes, topping out at 56.7kmh in a crab fart of an evening breeze. Theresa was still dominating on a 9m2 Chrono in the by now very feeble breeze. You have to be very proud of your daughter's efforts Pete. The tide is heading back out this morning and wind is directly onshore but much lighter than we have been having. So back out to play shortly.
  6. How not to paraglide

    a few band-aids needed there!!!!

  8. Yeppoon 2018

    As promised another cracker day. 15m2 R1 all day and plenty of fun up and back to the point. @andy666 to share the beach with. We had a ball with a top speed of 71.6kmh for me with a moving average of 31.2kmh. Same weather forecast for tomorrow. Andy's "F-arc" top speed was 66.3kmh when I followed behind him for a kilometre or so. First off in the morning Andy was on his 12m2 Venom.
  9. Yeppoon 2018

    Another perfect day in Yeppoon. Sun was out and the wind started off a little on the light side for my 15m2 R1 and then increased slightly towards the end of the session. Covered 140.2kms and had a ball. 2 1/2 hours before a pit stop was all my bladder could cope with after a heavy night with Faulty and the gang over a great feed last night. Conditions look fantastic too for the rest of the week.
  10. Yeppoon 2018

    You would be most welcome once again mate.
  11. Yeppoon 2018

    Finally the rain has stopped today and we got out for a morning buggy before the incoming tide stopped play. Bernie and myself along a still perfect beach after the storm. The wind was 15-19 knots up the beach a bit and made it hard work to get back to the caravan park at times. Practically no-one on the beach as everyone has cleared out due to the cyclone threat. There is only 6 vans in the park today and I'm by myself at Driftwood during the day. Very quiet makes it fantastic buggying for us. I was surprised as our quick 1 hour outing this morning got me to 88.8kmh in what I though was pretty tame conditions with my old 7m2 Ozone R1. Not a single bump along the beach due to the big swells planning it flat. Might get an afternoon run in if the wind holds out. Forecast is for great onshore winds for the next 7 days.
  12. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    That's brilliant Steve!!!! Glad your sharing the love.
  13. Yeppoon 2018

    Had a ball yesterday with Rob Lukin, Bernie and myself in fantastic winds and getting lots of runs up to the point overtaking cars. Goz and Chuck were overhead filming the action with their quads. Had an incident by breaking a power line on my Ozone R1 and ripped out some bridals. All respliced and back up and running as we are getting the tropical cyclone weather today and steady rain. It took 2 hours to untangle the bridals as when I dumped the chicken loop safety, it was the flag out line that had snapped so it blew 100 meters into the creek and had the walk of shame back to camp. Just a little note to Joel.
  14. Yeppoon 2018

    Ha ha Joel. @wolfie reckons an average so 93.9kmh (just upped my PB slightly) and I held over 90kmh for 1,283 meters up past Ridges resort for a 90kmh/ fastest kilometre. Wet yesterday all day so just socializing happening. Make that pissed rain all day and last night blowing like 40 bastards. Sun is out today (Monday) with a 28-30knot SSE blowing, so just having lunch waiting for the tide to go out to get some beach to use. Awesome conditions as the cyclone is threatening. 7 years coming here and looks like it wont let me down this year with another weather event/cyclone?? Will have to see what evolves wind wise. The beach is absolutely perfect all the way to the point. Creek crossing is a total non event only being 50mm deep at low tide, but surprised me by being 400mtrs wide at low tide. Gotta run baked beans are finished and it's off to the beach. .
  15. Yeppoon 2018

    For crying out loud................Looks a bit damp over the long weekend. I have never been through Brisbane without it pissing rain. (12 trips) Looks like this will be no exception tomorrow morning. Just on my way to Esperance airport now. Catcha soon @roblukin @Goz