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  1. Ahhh.... now that makes sense!!!! I think the inner core strands run parallel and are not woven, then a heavily woven cover , but @.Joel would be the man to talk too. I reckon your right Kami as the ends are only stitched with thin sheaving.
  2. Haven't had to retune or replace my bridals on any of my high use R1's yet due to use. Yes the bridals have now shrunk slightly, but the speed system still balances. I have replaced 3 damaged bridals that the seaweed in Beachport South Australia scuffed/fluffed up (it was like little crabs claws and cut a few strands of the braid). My R1's have had a hard time buggying and always hot wired for extra strain on them. Worn out 3 sets of Ozone lines though and now running "QPowerline Pro" and cant fault it. Have over 7,600kms on my first set of Pro's and other than colour loss it still looks like new.
  3. Yeppoon 2018

    I like the fold away extension drawbar idea in the pic for launching boats, but not the lizard onboard Gozzy!!!
  4. Sonic2's Smoking Chooks

    No doubt about it those buggys look fantastic!!!! Another great video once again.
  5. Oy Joel.

    With it in. With it out. http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=34035
  6. Yeppoon 2018

    Look forward to catching up again with you both. We will certainly pop down and throw a bit of colour into the air. Hope you ordered a little more wind than we have had in the past. Yeh it hurts Mary. Our local carrier REX charges enormous flight prices to Perth, (with only 15kgs total baggage) but I'm not walking. It's 10 hours by bus for the 760kms. We have a "holiday account" that Anne set up, that automatically debits each pay and this eases the pain when it comes crunch time.
  7. Yeppoon 2018

    My flights have been sorted since November Andy, to get the cheap rates on the 3 flights each way!!! Esperance - Perth, Perth - Brisbane, Brissy - Rockhampton and return. The flight are fairly expensive so a month in Yeppoon makes it easier to swallow. It's all about kiting "smiles per kilometer" in the end. Cant wait to get there and catch up once more.
  8. 3 Day Buggy Spree

    Great to see!!! Let some trim off up wind when travelling slowly, so the bugger doesn't out run you.
  9. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Pining badly for more beach action and missing the fantastic company I had while there. I'm shit at editing so please forgive this old fart!!! Modified Sysmic 2 buggy on Beach racers and a 7m2 Ozone R1
  10. Kite Buggy Wanted asap

    It's the steering head bolt that's missing, so a good "fastener/bolt supply" shop will have a stainless bolt that will fit straight in. May need to fit a spacer washer or two as well to take up the freeplay (up and down) rather than crushing it together as you cinch it up.
  11. 3 Day Buggy Spree

    The "Ugg Booted bandit" wins!!!!!!
  12. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Peter Lynn Buggy and "Pepper" kite on gumtree for $300 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/alstonville/other-sports-fitness/peter-lynne-kite-and-buggy-with-peter-lynne-pepper-2-kite-parachute/1174047680
  13. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    We arrived home safely just before lunchtime today after covering 5,443km for round trip in the Patrol. Man it was the most heat I have ever experienced on the road heading home, with the outside air temp in the Patrol showing a top of 52.4 degrees C, as we passed by Lochiel, North of Adelaide and passing Lake Bumbunga with really strong NE winds. You couldn't hold your hand on the inside of the windscreen. The front mudguard on my buggy folded over with the heat and wind pressure and we were dodging the sticky patches of tar on the road driving mostly along the fog line to keep the wheels clear of the soft tar. We got to Wudinna and it was still 41 degrees when we had tea at the pub and stayed the night. Up early next morning and under way again and it was still 37 degrees and the sun didn't rise for another hour of travel. A bizarre day as we headed west, it got hotter with 42.4 at the Fowlers bay turn off. Refueled at Nullabor, still stinking hot and Diesel costing $189.9 per litre. The further we travelled west we entered an enormous thunderstorm and the temps slowly dropped as the drizzle increased and we spent the rest of the day with the wipers on (which was great as it flushed all the salt from Kingston and tar off the vehicle). We ran out of puff 430kms into WA at Caiguna and had tea at the roadhouse and a motel room for the night. Went to bed cooked. Up at 5.00am and back on the road and MUCH cooler too. Lots of road kill and huge wedge-tail eagles feasting on the fresh carcases. The Nullabor is the lushest I have ever seen it in all the years I have been crossing it. This was my 53 crossing being from South Aust originally. (Victor Harbour) Thanks everyone for such a great time and the Caravan park #6 cabin has been booked from the 13th to the 27th Jan for 2019. So you will have to put up with us once again. Lotsa luv, Chook and Anne.
  14. The Need For Speed

    Now that's buggying!!!!! AWESOME.
  15. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Beach is almost back as smooth as it could be, just a few continuous corrugations and bigger whoops in places when the tide comes in. Not a lot of beach up at the Narrows (15km peg) when the water comes in. Had a ball today chasing @roblukin and running back and forth to 5 kms past the Granites from the Blackwood drain. Fastest time to the rocks was 14minutes 35seconds. Wind was about 35 degrees across the beach at about 20 knots in the end. The "Champagne Crew" that stayed back put up lots of display kites on the foreshore in front of the park and they could be seen from the 15km peg riding high above the pine trees. Looked fantastic even from where we were. Even though the beach was a bit rough I had a great day on my 7m R1, with a top of 89.2 kmh. I'll flick my footage through to Dougie to edit. Guess we will just have to do it all over again tomorrow. Life is so tough sometimes............. Just helped Joel sort out his new to him 7m R1 and bar, so there's no more excuses big fella.