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    I fly radio controlled helicopters, planes and gliders.
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  1. Yeppoon 2018

    Good opportunity for you to fire a new 2019 thread up Bob. I've booked from Thursday 28th March to April 26th at the Driftwood Apartments. Traditionally it is an Easter long weekend event. Good Friday falls on the 19th April but most of us diehards travel so far, we make a real go of it.
  2. Eco Charging....

    Ha ha, no nature has the best music to relax too.
  3. Eco Charging....

    Yeh totally agree! Also if you need music in the bush, you are simply doing it wrong.
  4. Video Les Hemmes

    YES!!!!!!! Loved it.
  5. Home Brewed Kite Buggies

    Looks fantastic!!! There is a lot of localized stress on the front T joint ??(front intersect of top and bottom rail) Ha ha, I do love your nut and washer catcher built into the floor. Just wished I had a service pit in my shed.
  6. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    $500 Folding buggy and kites in Goolwa SA. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/other-sports-fitness/kite-buggy/1188748711
  7. Fulcrum Down Under

    Ha ha, I love the little black spider called "Kevin". Yeh the "Flic" looks the go. Very minimalistic and the purple one is my favorite!!!!
  8. Fulcrum Down Under

    Looks fantastic!!! I watched the setup video to understand the sail design. Pretty wild shape with lots going on!!!! It's blowin' it's tits off here and too strong for a Freilein storm vent. I might have to get a fully vented Spider, or tea bag an old sail.
  9. Yes we have paid a deposit before we left this year, from the 12th to the 27th Jan for unit #6 once more. We will once again head East in early January and explore about, dropping into Kingston for a fortnight on our way back home. Look forward to catching up with the gang and hope to meet new kiters. "Sandy Grove" is also a huge draw card too.
  10. What a cracker year for wind!!!!

    A long weekend just finished here in WA, = 3 more days land sailing. Yesterday was pretty light wind (1 gusting to 3 knots), so spent a couple of hours peacefully cruising with my 9.5m2 sail on my International 5.6 mini yacht in a crab fart of wind.
  11. Couple of new builds 2018

    The purple fade I like a lot!!!
  12. Video Les Hemmes

    Ha ha, that grass was quite high in places. Great that you can still have fun when the tide comes in.
  13. Nice low wind session from Kris Beech

    Ask @andy666 how much power an 18mtr foil has in low wind. All we heard was "Holy shiiiittttt"..........as he headed towards the surf with my kite!!!!!!
  14. Shout out to all the regulars....

    You too Mary. You always cheer me up with your banter. Roll on Kingston.
  15. What a cracker year for wind!!!!

    Thanks Andy. Just had another quick breakfast session before knuckling down to weld up a broken trailer drawbar. The muppet the owner lent it to, jack knifed it reversing back forgetting he had it on the back. Lucky we haven't had the fires like over in Albany 500 kms to our west with all the high winds.