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    I fly radio controlled helicopters, planes and gliders.
    I have a private pilot licence.
    I kite buggy
    I design, build and race land yachts.
    I work at the local Agricultural College part time (3 days a week) and also work from home from 8.00am till 12 knots.

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  1. Cheers Dougie. Combination of my kite buggy AND landyacht. Wind powered on wheels. Managing to get out 3 times a week now that summer is on it's way.
  2. The "highs and lows" of buggying eh?
  3. Cracked my 10k kilometers this arvo. Helps that I only live 2 kms from my playground. (the red dot at the bottom right is the Chook-house) Havin' a celebratory nectar or three.
  4. Four Wheel Kite Buggy

    Shit your harsh!!!! Bloody funny though.
  5. Land Yacht Overtaking Rules

    Just give way to the right if your overtaking, it's not for long usually and the left will tuck in behind. If the overtaking yacht forces the other left I guess it wouldn't be very sporting (Very poor form) and you could raise a protest I guess. Dunno in 7 seasons of racing I've never been involved with a protest. Would love to hear the correct answer Southerly.
  6. Four Wheel Kite Buggy

    MORE, looks like you steer with your knees the seats that close to the front axle. Must be a balance thing???
  7. Happy B'Day Andy666

    Thanks for the good times brother. Happy Birthday.
  8. The Dark Force

    Yes still have 3 purple Peter Lynn kites. Being 2 Vapors and a Viper they crank along nicely!!! Ha ha that's a bloody accurate description for a Sonic. Seriously, your gunna love em mate and wonder why it took so long to join the frey.
  9. We have had 4 days sailing on our local Pink Lake this season (since winter). This is the earliest we have ever been able to sail on the lake. Spent 40mins picking up driftwood and rocks that get washed round onto where we sail. I still need 27.3kms distance to rack up another 10,000kms for this year. (second year in a row) Yesterdays quick run before the strong SEaster dropped off. Lake is still really soggy.
  10. The Dark Force

    Yeh agree Andy. Luck my 18 is red eh? Happy Birthday too fella!!!! Have one for me.
  11. The Dark Force

    Welcome to the real world!!!!! Bout time you saw the light and bought a real weapon. Be a pleasure to be around you now. Thank Christ there will be no more sookin' about your stretched arms and sore shoulders from the flysurfer bar pressure.
  12. Video Les Hemmes

    You guys have a ball !!!! Really great to see, well done.
  13. Land Yacht Overtaking Rules

    Wouldn't have had any trouble if we were sailing on Lake Hillier, Middle Island East of Esperance WA.
  14. Fisheries Bay Buggy Session

    Ha ha, had the crocks tippy toeing there Lukin. Great to see the shoulder has mended.
  15. Friday buggy session

    Just like a Ferrari in F1. Onya guys. Good to see and I really like the supplemental info displayed. That's really cool to get an idea of what's happening.