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  1. Chook

    Yeppoon 2019

    That's a real shame gannet hope the girl repairs quickly. Good Friday the 19th of April so time is ticking away folks. Emu Park "Festival of the wind" is on Sunday the 14th April. https://www.festivalofthewind.com/ Already getting my gear in order ready to post ahead of my arrival.
  2. Chook

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Nice one!!! You wont be disappointed with this.
  3. I wondered about the trailer on the clip. Left me scratching my head. Your a card mate.
  4. Some awesome shots there mate. Back home, settled back in and missing Bull's coffee already. It was fantastic to catch up with close friends once again and a shame others couldn't make it. Had a brilliant trip home experiencing nature at its best with heavy fog out of Ceduna at daybreak all the way to Yalata then 46 degrees as the day warmed up further into WA. Booked into the Park at Kingston again for next year and cant wait for it to roll round. Did an oil change and filters on the Patrol, vacuumed through the old girl and she's several kilograms lighter now. (Yes Bull I got rid of "The mobile sand dune" in Meningie at the car wash while Anne grabbed lunch at the bakery. ) Good trip and covered some ground.
  5. Chook

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Here is one sweet kite at a fantastic price. I wouldn't hesitate if I didn't already have one. So well behaved and huge amount of depower. One of my most used sizes.
  6. Chook

    Kiteboarder in trouble

    Geez lucky the tree was there.
  7. Had a great run this arvo on the clay pan along with John and Doug. A little sticky as you head west and a bit bumpy out in the middle at high speed, but 104 kms of awesome fun. Bottom line is, the beach AND the clay pan are in brilliant nick. Look forward to catching up.
  8. Not sure about the path Bob as we haven't been to Sandy Grove for cheese cake yet. John H arrived today and Anne and I had coffee with Bull and Jen this morning. A quick shake down on an 11m2 R1 run today after lunch and as Bull said the beach is absolutely pristine without a bump all the way up past the granites. Tomorrow is looking like a cracker day wind and tide wise. Top temp of only 28 degrees. (only 25 today)
  9. Got into Kingston just on lunch time today. Checked out the beach at the Granites and its in perfect nick with no seaweed. Absolutely first class surface. The claypan is just a tad sticky on my boots leaving full boot prints, so will just need a few more days like today. (Its blowing 40 bastards from the south at the moment) Had to look hard and there were just a couple of tiny puddles over towards the shearing shed end of the causeway on the western side. Otherwise its in brilliant nick. Weather temp is much nicer now in Kingston with a top temp in the next week of only 27 degrees. ( than the 46.4 degrees at Lockiel north of Adelaide on our way in). Unit 5 at the park is the temporary Chook-house. (Near front fence) Catch you guys shortly
  10. Just starting to get gear organized and Anne and I will kick off from here very early Thursday 10th for Ceduna. So that's just over 1500kms that day and we will then just follow our nose arriving in Kingston on the 12th. Catch you there guys.
  11. Chook

    Lightweight Buggy rims

    Yeh all the plastic rims I have tried struggle to run true. Particularly when it's hot and running higher pressures on the hard salt. They all wobble to some degree. This is where the Sysmic alloys really shine. They run absolutely true and have never let me down with strength. (It's getting quality tyres that have round casings that is the problem for us landsailing, where we are pushing them to over 130kmh). I've bent the 20mm axle bolts on my buggy in crashes and the rims still run perfectly true. The bead seating area is the biggest advantage on the alloys, to get the tyre seated perfectly. Lots of pure detergent and high pressure air to blast the casing onto the rim quickly and at high pressure to seat it accurately. Also with the alloy rims we run them tubeless this allows much more casing flex. This makes an enormous difference to the friction required to push them along. It's chalk and cheese. We always hunt down 2 ply tyres that flex as easily as push bike tyres to minimize the rolling resistance. 4 ply knock 3-5kmh off your top speed. Yeh with alloy rims the weight is a penalty when carting them around and must certainly inhibit acceleration but once moving the mass helps. These rims look a bit savage Joel. I wouldn't want a stray hand going into the rim during a crash.
  12. Chook

    New PKD Brooza IV

    The name on it looks like a doctors handwriting. Can hardly make it out.
  13. Chook

    What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    Very very true. We found that out when @roblukin and I attended the "Moose meet" in New Zealand and we were literally blown away kiting in 45 knot squally conditions. My buggy and 7mtr R1kite spent most of that day constantly being retrieved from the lake in the dunes! @gannet was still on a 9 meter foil and is probably only 2/3's my weight and was happily buggying all day. @plummet couldn't be stopped either.
  14. Chook

    Flysurfer Speed 2 19m - mixer issues

    It is VERY possible that I got it wrong me being an old fart. As I did have to readjust back to where they were when I purchased it. (Second hand but in mint condition) Cheers for that Kami.
  15. Chook

    Flysurfer Speed 2 19m - mixer issues

    I have the 19mtr Speed 2 "Silver Arrow" The line lengths are NOT equal on this kite!!! Now I was flying this quite a while ago but.... i'm fairly sure I let the front lines out 90 to 100mm on their adjustment above the trim (if you have the Flysurfer bar) or make pigtails for the kite end. I made the very same mistake when I got mine. I tuned/shortened/adjusted them back to even line lengths before I flew it at Yeppoon and it was a pig to fly with no power. Stopped a few kilometers up the beach and spent some time shifting it back to it's original setting, where it was when I got it and away it went. I had been corrupted by my Ozones equal line lengths. and just as Kami says gotta be light on the bar. That's pretty tough as it's heavy as hell and takes the whole universe to turn 180 degrees even with a 800mm bar. I would run out of bar movement in the buggy and would just tent pole the bar!!! (grab a handful of rear line and lock it down onto the bar towards the centre to get more throw on that line. (A maneuver shown to me by @gannet to get my Ozone R1's to almost propeller on the spot without fluttering or the tip folding in. You can hear me commenting to Gannet at the start of this video on its maiden flight. (Before shifting the lines "back"? out.) The first frigging dog in the video bit me on the leg that day. The bitch of an owner didn't even say sorry, so I dropped the kite down low, went slowly along "tea bagging" the dog and let it chase me 5 kms up the beach. Last I saw of it it was lying panting under a palm tree out of the heat while it's owner walked the beach whistling it for an hour or so. Didn't see them for the rest of the month I was there.