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  1. Flysurfer Speed 2 19m - mixer issues

    It is VERY possible that I got it wrong me being an old fart. As I did have to readjust back to where they were when I purchased it. (Second hand but in mint condition) Cheers for that Kami.
  2. Flysurfer Speed 2 19m - mixer issues

    I have the 19mtr Speed 2 "Silver Arrow" The line lengths are NOT equal on this kite!!! Now I was flying this quite a while ago but.... i'm fairly sure I let the front lines out 90 to 100mm on their adjustment above the trim (if you have the Flysurfer bar) or make pigtails for the kite end. I made the very same mistake when I got mine. I tuned/shortened/adjusted them back to even line lengths before I flew it at Yeppoon and it was a pig to fly with no power. Stopped a few kilometers up the beach and spent some time shifting it back to it's original setting, where it was when I got it and away it went. I had been corrupted by my Ozones equal line lengths. and just as Kami says gotta be light on the bar. That's pretty tough as it's heavy as hell and takes the whole universe to turn 180 degrees even with a 800mm bar. I would run out of bar movement in the buggy and would just tent pole the bar!!! (grab a handful of rear line and lock it down onto the bar towards the centre to get more throw on that line. (A maneuver shown to me by @gannet to get my Ozone R1's to almost propeller on the spot without fluttering or the tip folding in. You can hear me commenting to Gannet at the start of this video on its maiden flight. (Before shifting the lines "back"? out.) The first frigging dog in the video bit me on the leg that day. The bitch of an owner didn't even say sorry, so I dropped the kite down low, went slowly along "tea bagging" the dog and let it chase me 5 kms up the beach. Last I saw of it it was lying panting under a palm tree out of the heat while it's owner walked the beach whistling it for an hour or so. Didn't see them for the rest of the month I was there.
  3. Video Les Hemmes

    With our local beaches battered to bits by this past winter storms and the local Pink Lake still flooded, I always look forward to your videos while I'm grounded @Juan Valdez .
  4. Oh no @Tiger37. That's a real bummer mate. We so enjoy your company.
  5. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    4 stack of 6' Flexifoil Powerkites. A 6' version of these. (These are a 10' stack.)
  6. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Ha ha, just logged on at a fluky time mate. Pure luck as they had been listed for only 7 minutes. Angela who owned them was stunned too. She was great as there were over 20 phone calls she said. Cost $67.50 for the bubble wrap and postage from Sydney, but still a good deal for a 4 stack of new 6 footers in their bag.
  7. Another reason to go to Yeppoon

    Bernie showed me where they were building it when I was there at Easter.
  8. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Snooze ya loose!!!! Ha ha. Looking at stacking them with the ones I've already got, just for old time sake. My mate had one here Mez. It's not flash, as the Albatross is 2800mm and much heavier with the extra rods. Doesn't perform like a 1.5 Rev.
  9. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    I'll let you fly them in Kingston mate!!!! I bought them last Saturday evening.
  10. Bye Dad.

    Our condolences.
  11. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    This January at Kingston in South Australia I was on my Chrono 18m2 in bugger all wind. In Yeppoon QLD at Easter I ran my ELF 18m2 Joker 7 kite. A quick video of @gannet trying it out one afternoon. Even the butterflies were overtaking us down wind that day.
  12. Beachracers on Sysmic rims - sold

    Unfortunately you will require a bigger fork on the Sysmic, as Midi XL's are the widest that will fit the standard one.
  13. Beachracers on Sysmic rims - sold

    That is a "Very" fair price, good luck with the sale.
  14. Funny Videos

    Made me giggle.
  15. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    Awesome Trevor a "Contact" bar!!! It's got the short chicken loop too, which is fantastic. Still check its tuning. Let the trim right off and check for equal line lengths. You can undo some of the knots on the grey Ozone pigtails on the line ends (up the kite end) if you still need more length, or more adjustment under the floats at the bar. After seeing you fly my 15m2 Chrono V2, it might be a good idea to make/take 2 x 50mm pigtails to lengthen the steering lines to bring the bar in a bit closer to you just for more comfort on those long cruises. Have fun at Sandy Point. I'll get there one day...……………
  16. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Buggy and kite for $400.00. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ballarat-central/gym-fitness/power-kite-7-3-mtr-ozone-frenzy-with-buggy/1196831043
  17. Next Challenge....

    The chilblains would be well worth it Joel. I love those stern steerers they are awesome!!!!
  18. MEFM heading home

    You did give me some time on one at Kingston in very little wind and I was amazed at how much control I still had with very little line pressure. I just couldn't remember if the stand offs moved in flight Doug. Getting old this end matey. Thanks.
  19. MEFM heading home

    Doug can the stand offs slide though their lower spreader fittings in flight?
  20. Funny Videos

    We don't watch TV in WA we get out and build shit...………….
  21. Funny Videos

    I raced landyachts against this guy last weekend at Lake Lefroy WA. He's a card in real life too. He hates cats nearly as much as I do.
  22. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    I’ve worn all my ozone line sets out and replaced them with q-line pro and don’t use the stopper ball. The kite flags out well before it gets too far up the lines anyway when buggying. May be a different story on water though.
  23. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    $250.00 Great price and 2nd rod set thrown in. Ready to fly. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/randwick/other-sports-fitness/revolution-kite-rev-1-5-sle/1193996227
  24. First time foil flight

    I just tie a double thickness stopper knot with the rope doubled back on its self just below the trim range knot ( just enough room to fit your hand in between to adjust the trim) and cut off the excess. Yes I have run over my rope at 80 kmh and scared myself witless as it powered up pulling me sideways into a dune. I dumped the chicken loop and safety and spent an hour untangling the bridles. Got back and cut the trim line to length. With it trimmed in I just flick it over my front upwind line on the bar. It has never tangled/or accidentally released since. I bought a secondhand race bar and the speed cleat was stripped and trim cord kept slipping. I replaced the cleat with no more hassles. It had been used in salt water and the trim line swells/goes hard and doesn’t fully engage the cleat and shears off the moulded angled retainers on the cleat. It’s a standard Ronstan “alloy” speed cleat from a boat shop so easily replaced. (Measure between the screw holes centres for size) Just soak/rinse the line with some fabric softener is all I do as it’s suttle enough to remove the retained salt from my local lake or wet beach. The race bar has a much larger trim range than a contact bar which is fantastic for those head wind crawl back upwind with a crabfart of wind sheeted right out conditions. The gang was impressed at Kingston at the upwind speed ability of the ozone’s in these conditions Also check the line lengths and tune to equal length back and front lines with trim sheeted right out, as a little error of 25 mm or so makes a huge difference to a comfortable ride position of the bar on the Chronos and R1’s Also the elastic flag out line is a different length between the contact and race bar. Cheers Chook
  25. Yeppoon 2018

    Good opportunity for you to fire a new 2019 thread up Bob. I've booked from Thursday 28th March to April 26th at the Driftwood Apartments. Traditionally it is an Easter long weekend event. Good Friday falls on the 19th April but most of us diehards travel so far, we make a real go of it.