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  1. Re Peter Lynn

    I haven’t watched those videos in a while, but they are still amazing.
  2. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    My bars are full 5th line, that I attach to one of the front line leaders on the kite. I also put the bungee section of the safety at the kite end so that it not get jammed in the bar.

    Check out the buy and sell section. Fixed bridle kites don’t sell very fast anymore, so even the older listings are often still relevant. Here are 2 examples
  4. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    I make up a 5th line safety for my arcs and instead of a stopper ball I just tie a small stainless steel ring onto the safety line. Just make sure it’s big enough that it can’t pull through the eye on the bar.
  5. HELP! Ozone Chrono bridle

    I hate removing bars from bridled foil kites. I just leave the bar and lines attached to my flysurfers when I pack them up.
  6. My best M8's last kite

    Yep, sure loved running along with the buggy. im guessing by the title of the topic that you lost Kobi? It’s always hard loosing a good mate. I’m sorry.
  7. Aviator bar setup

    I was thinking the same thing as kamikuza, but obviously that’s not it
  8. The fact is, it was fringe companies like Elf kites that started producing foil race kites years ago. Now they were truely revolutionary’s.
  9. Yeppoon 2019

    Yep, leave approved. I’ll be there from Saturday the 13th for 2 weeks. looking forward to it. I have a few kites that didn’t get a fly last year, plus a few “new” ones that will need a run.
  10. Nice. But what does VMG stand for?
  11. Home Brewed Kite Buggies

    That is beautiful. The seat frame looks very solids do will hug the pilot nicely.
  12. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    Finally get around to watching the videos. What a brilliant location and great to have mates to kite with. i love you choice of kite too
  13. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    Yeah, no worries. I’ll upload it over the weekend. Or you can enter the web address http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/mx5alan/arcs/ARCsetup_FAQ.htm into the Wayback machine and see it all again. i have used the wayback machine to look at a lot of old websites. It’s an amazing thing.
  14. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    And the Peter Lynn info page is gone luckily I have it archived and saved as pdf and printed...
  15. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Ok, You have my attention.