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  1. andy666

    Yeppoon 2019

    Im happy with that 12m synergy 15-20 knots PB with my own gear. My previous PB of 74kmh was using @Chook 7m R1.
  2. andy666

    Buggy and Kite / Kites Wanted to Buy (Vic, Tas)

    Hi @Tassie Flyer this topic reminds me very much of a topic you started 2 years ago WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS. I always assumed that you must have either purchased the buggy and kites that I found for you in Tasmania back then, or purchased new. i wonder if you will have better luck this time
  3. andy666

    Yeppoon 2019

    Come on. Stupid work be over already, so I can get there!
  4. andy666

    Flysurfer VMG 13^3 - Game changer!

    I just googled deathblade paraglider and watched the video below. The jelly fishing of the wing at 30 seconds is incredible. I was just waiting for it to collapse UPDATE: there is a notice on the flysurfer Facebook page that it was an April fools joke (sort of) the kite itself is real and flys at intended, but the “joke” is that it’s not for sale. It is simply and r&d project. Sons of bitches. 😠
  5. Ok, it gets said a lot, but this new kite may actually be the biggest game changer since depower race kites were introduced. its the new Flysurfer VMG 13^3 13m2 surface area 13m wing span 13.0 aspect ratio It has a claimed wind range of 4-40knots, so it would truely be a one kite quiver. if it can actually be solo launched, flown and relaunched by the average user it will truely be a game changer. One ultimate kite. https://flysurfer.com/2019/04/vmg-13³-the-real-game-changer/ Edit: Ok those sneaky Germans got me. April 1st 🎣 😅
  6. andy666

    Yeppoon 2019

    Don’t go using up all that wind before I get there chook. The count down is on now...
  7. andy666

    Now THAT's how you use a drone....

    Holy shit. How powerful must that drone be to stay stable in those winds! probably only has a 2 minute flight time though 😄
  8. andy666

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    I know those rev storage bags aren’t cheap to buy new, but $100 is asking a bit. Or maybe I’m just a cheap bastard 😄
  9. andy666

    FS: bar and lines

    Sorry sold.
  10. andy666

    Land paddle boarding ( land SUP)

    Looking good @Northern Kites Australia, getting a bit of speed up on the down hill sections 👍
  11. andy666

    Kite GoPro mount

    do you want to mount to the strut or the lines just above the depower? strut mount = head strap. Google a how to video line mount = line mount. There are plenty of options available. Head strap as strut mount Or a purpose made option
  12. andy666

    Hottest Sexy Female Kiters! (Pt2)

    Great kiteboarding video, that features 4 amazingly talented and sexy kiters
  13. andy666

    Yeppoon 2019

    That’s a bummer mate, but I hope everything works out and she gets better soon.
  14. andy666

    The things you find at jaycar

    Haha, someone had a good laugh when they adding products to the jaycar online store. Too bad they are now out of stock https://www.jaycar.com.au/flux-capacitor/p/OUTATIME
  15. andy666

    F#@k It All....

    That first jump was HUGE!