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  1. andy666


    I have some spare kite fabric that I was going to do a side by side comparison on between silicon and storm sure, but it’s getting myself motivated to do it that is the problem 😄
  2. andy666

    PL phantom2 15

    @winddrifter What $$$ if selling?
  3. andy666

    Soul on Waves

    Nice. What size?
  4. andy666

    Composite Laminating

    Yeah 600 gsm is pretty heavy. I think from memory I’m using 250 or 300. You can always add extra layers. you will need to clean off the blush, waxy build up, from the cured resin in between layers. It’s water soluble so warm soapy water and green scourer works well. or if you use peel ply when vac bagging the blush comes off with the peel ply.
  5. andy666

    Composite Laminating

    I’ve vac bagged 2 boards now, with average results. slow set epoxy gives more time (and less stress) when setting up light weight fibreglass helps get into the corners. what did you use for a vac pump? I just cut the compressor out of an old fridge I got off free on gumtree. Check out kiteforum.com there is a gear builders forum with heaps of info https://kiteforum.com/viewforum.php?f=107&sid=189339b87ab74a2ec5d01c406ad96da8
  6. andy666

    Peter Lynn Synergy (is back?!)

    Yeah, I’m not sure why they reused the synergy name though 🤷‍♂️
  7. andy666


    Sorry, didn’t see your question before. no I haven’t done this myself, but I should give it a go. I’ve also wondered if dissolved stormsure glue would work better then silicon???
  8. andy666


    @Northern Kites Australia Do you see how on the spray can you linked to it says “silicon lubricant”? That’s why it won’t work. It will never dry. The silicon and turps mix terry talks about uses a silicon sealant, which will dry. you would need to use a clear natural cure silicon. https://www.bunnings.com.au/parfix-300g-clear-all-purpose-silicone_p1232674
  9. andy666

    Kite buggy and kites

    Where are you located? Would you be willing to post?
  10. andy666


    Cheers terry for the write up. It does seem like a very simple method of extending the life of the kite. do you find that the sand sticks to the silicon?
  11. andy666

    Filling your kite with Helium?

    Yes! The age old question had finally answered. I’m sure everyone has had this though about how to improve the light wind ability of lei kites, but I guess that idea has been busted. 😄
  12. andy666

    Here for advice - Plummet

    @72hundred I haven’t flown the switchblade, but I can tell you that you will not be flying it in 27 knots. Those numbers quoted on the cabrinha website are for twintip riding. They are also the extreme limits of its range. you need a lot less power in a buggy, because there is less rolling resistance / drag and no need to have enough power on tap to get up on a plane like when kiteboarding. another guy that will be able to give you more advice is @roblukin. He flys exclusively pump up kites in the buggy and is a bloody good pilot.
  13. andy666

    Kitesurfing Brands... Interesting Video!

    Yeah, it’s a bit crazy how many brands there are. It makes you wonder how the smaller brands survive.
  14. I made mine that the measurement is to the end of the bridle loop.
  15. andy666

    Now this is interesting

    The impression I got from the video is that it is just replacing the Dacron struts and the bladder material that s being replaced I can see some super light weight 17m+ LEI’s coming out that will compete with the big foil kites in light wind efficiency.