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  1. andy666

    Wanted Peter lynn charger v2 15m or Phantom v2 15m

    Me too 😄
  2. andy666

    Easy buggy backrest

    Needed a backrest on my Peter lynn bitsa buggy, but I don’t have easy (Cheap) access to an engineering workshop anymore, so I came up with an easy diy design. parts needed: 1m of 32mm stainless tubing. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114008760179 2x 32mm tube jointing connector thingys (if someone knows what these are called that would be great) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/123935778624 I do have a cheap pipe bender, so I gave it bit of a bend. Sorry @Chook, I should of done your trick of filling with water and freezing so it doesn’t kink, but it a slight bend that nobody will see 😉 then Just cut it to length and bolted it on. All that was left was wrap a pool noodle around it and make a cover. I have also been gathering the bits I need to build a composite giga axle. But that’s for another day...
  3. Are you selling any of your arcs?

  4. andy666

    Wanted to buy dirtsurfer

    How hard did you look? Found one for $50. It’s located in WA, but for $50 it’s worth paying postage. PRICE REDUCED!! Downhill Dirt Surfer on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1246855500?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=ios_VIP&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  5. andy666

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Liver vmax $300 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/580140955933492/
  6. andy666

    Thinking of you all!

    Well that’s all over my head. But I guess it’s been a lot of experience and learning to get to know what works. 👍
  7. andy666

    Thinking of you all!

    Bloody nice looking setup @Chook It just looks like something that is made to go flat out.
  8. andy666

    My Collection

    Cheers @SoutherlyBuster Yes it’s an addiction. how are things going over there. How does the lock down actually work? Are you allowed out for food? Work? Sunlight?
  9. andy666

    My Collection

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jODlnE6_AY&feature=youtu.be Peter Lynn Arc Kite Collection.mov This is my collection of Peter Lynn Arc kites. It all began with a couple of f-arcs a few years ago, that I picked up direct from the peter Lynn factory in NZ. The collection and my interest in arc kites quickly grew from there. The full list of kites shown in the video is below, but some of the rarest are the 24m Charger, 6m Hi-arc, and custom size f-arcs. There are also a few kites not included in the video as they are either doubles or in the post to me now (yes, the collection is still growing) Nearly all the kites have and do get flown, with a few still needing repairs to get the ready to fly. In the video.... 600 Hi-arc 600 F-arc (fully custom made by myself) 900 F-arc (cut down from 12m) 1200 F-arc 1600 F-arc 1830 F-arc (cells added to a 1600) 630 S-arc 840 S-arc 1120 S-arc 15m Guerilla II 8m Venom II 10m Venom II 13m Venom II 16m Venom II 19m Venom II 16m Scorpion 12m Synergy 10m Charger 12m Charger 15m Charger 24m Charger 15m Charger II Not in video.... 600 S-arc (prototype) 1200 F-arc (brand new factory condition in bag) 1600 F-arc (brand new factory condition in bag) 1830 F-arc (spare) 13m Venom II (spare) 16m Venom II (spare) 19m Venom II (spare) 15m Synergy (currently in the post)
  10. andy666

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Flysurfer 21m speed 4 Lotus $900 6 knots and you are on the water. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1244077171?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=ios_VIP&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  11. andy666

    Video Les Hemmes

    Haha, yep been there many times. Usually do more distance walking backwards try to get the kite in the air then actually in the buggy. that aero sounds so crispy.
  12. andy666

    PKD Buster Soulfly 3.3 help

    All the bridles On either the left or right of the kite, except the ones along the very tail edge of the kite should come together and connect to the lines that go to the top of the handles. the trailing edge bridles should come together nd connect to the lines that run to the bottom of the handle on that side.
  13. andy666

    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    And then there was one... At this time I am still planning on heading to yeppoon.
  14. andy666

    Vliegers & Co Closing Down Sale

    That is very true.
  15. andy666

    Vliegers & Co Closing Down Sale

    Yeah I have been following them for a while on Facebook. they are venom 1’s in the most readily available sizes. In my opinion their “sale” price is probably what they should of been selling them for in the first place.