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  1. andy666

    Elliot Heads and Woodgate- very nice

    sounds good. Have you got any pictures mate?
  2. andy666


    Done I bit of testing/experimenting over the Christmas holidays with kite recoating. firstly I worked out what solvent dissolves silicon the best/fastest/easiest. I tried acetone, turps, mentholated spirits and shellite. i worked out that shellite was the best option. Dissolves the silicon easily and evaporated quickly. the way I made up the mixture to coated the test pieces was to mix about 1 part silicon to 10 parts shellite in an ice cream container. I just mixed it for a couple of minutes then poured the liquid into a pump up garden sprayer. Make sure not to pour any remaining bits of solid silicon into the sprayer and only do it when you are ready to coat the kite. Have everything ready and work quickly. i made up a porosity tester a while ago, so dragged it out. The tester is calibrated and doesn’t give results that can be checked against a database. But it does give a guide and can be used to compare old kites to new. The cloth is sandwiched between the 2 seals, held together with magnets. It creates a vac by lifting a water column inside the bottle and you can simply time how long it takes to drop between marks on the bottle. I used an old flogged out peter lynn s-arc for the test and a bit of brand new chickara from a cut up f-arc. i first tested them uncoated to get a starting point. i then put some pin holes in the fabric and retested. next came the recoating. I lay the kite on the grass and sprayed the test area. making sure the cloth was well wet. Do NOT spray on cement, timber decking, etc. any silicon overspray will creat a VERY slippery surface. I let dry for 24 hrs and retested the porosity. I was amazed. The difference was HUGE! the fabric isn’t now crunchy, but feels soft and slippery. And is extremely hydrophobic. I don’t think that it will improve the strength of old fabric or how long it will last. But it will definitely improved the ability of the kite to hold air. The next step I guess is to coat an entire kite.... THE RESULTS: test area 1 uncoated - 2:17 (average over 3) test area 2 uncoated - 1:58 (average over 3) control area 2 - 15:00 (calculated as it took 5 minutes to drop 1/3) test area 2 with 3 pin holes - 1:35 test area 1 coated - 15:00 (calculated) test area 2 (with 3 pin holes) coated - 18:00 (calculated) so it has not only improved the porosity, but actually increased it to a level greater then the new fabric.
  3. I had a zipper on my 16m venom 2 give up on me last week. Bloody frustrating, as it was the inflate zipper and I was about to launch 🤬. The slide was so worn out that it won’t close the teeth anymore. anyway, I have fitted new waterproof zips to an arc before, but they can be a bit expensive and hard to find. So I thought it was a good chance to test out a Velcro alternative. its basically just a short sock and Velcro opening similar to the deflates in the flysurfer kites. the Velcro valves work quite well. I inflated the kite and slowly opened the Velcro. No air was escaping until it opened far enough to for the end of the sock to open. Sorry, no pictures before they got sewn in. But a few pointers I worked out for anyone wanting to do this mod. -Make the sock width about 50mm more then the zipper opening in the kite. - place sticky ripstop inside the kite where the zipper stitching was removed. - measure from the opening in the kite to the cell wall, subtract 1cm. This is how long the sock needs to be. -sew the sock in the direction you would use it to inflate the kite (pointing towards the centre) - sew a deflate valve into the trailing edge to replace the deflate zipper.
  4. andy666

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Flysurfer 18m sonic 2 for only $1200 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1235123225?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms 8m pansy aurora II $250 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1235409637?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  5. andy666


    Nice. It looks like a brilliant location
  6. andy666

    Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120

    I have never seen a vortex for sale. Sorry. but if PLNZ do start remaking old arcs, I have a few on my wish list
  7. andy666

    Hmmm. How do you guys go?

    Yeah, I buy cheap shitty kites 😂
  8. andy666

    Testing the UL quad

    So smooth. You make it look effortless
  9. andy666

    PrinCube - Totally Awesome!

    Wow, now that does look interesting. It’s amazing what clever people are able to come up with.
  10. andy666


    I have some spare kite fabric that I was going to do a side by side comparison on between silicon and storm sure, but it’s getting myself motivated to do it that is the problem 😄
  11. andy666

    PL phantom2 15

    @winddrifter What $$$ if selling?
  12. andy666

    Soul on Waves

    Nice. What size?
  13. andy666

    Composite Laminating

    Yeah 600 gsm is pretty heavy. I think from memory I’m using 250 or 300. You can always add extra layers. you will need to clean off the blush, waxy build up, from the cured resin in between layers. It’s water soluble so warm soapy water and green scourer works well. or if you use peel ply when vac bagging the blush comes off with the peel ply.
  14. andy666

    Composite Laminating

    I’ve vac bagged 2 boards now, with average results. slow set epoxy gives more time (and less stress) when setting up light weight fibreglass helps get into the corners. what did you use for a vac pump? I just cut the compressor out of an old fridge I got off free on gumtree. Check out kiteforum.com there is a gear builders forum with heaps of info https://kiteforum.com/viewforum.php?f=107&sid=189339b87ab74a2ec5d01c406ad96da8
  15. andy666

    Peter Lynn Synergy (is back?!)

    Yeah, I’m not sure why they reused the synergy name though 🤷‍♂️