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  1. WANTED! Kite Buggy and Kite. TAS.

    yeah what Spooter said rare finds in Tassie, go checkout the Edith Creek one on Gumptee may be the only one for a while.
  2. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    It's on my radar again!
  3. Landboarder knocks out power at Howrah

    And that type of journalism is what our beloved Mockery newspaper is known for !!
  4. Landboarder knocks out power at Howrah

    The field used to host an annual kite festival and i used to fly there regularly, test new kites out etc but they don't like buggiers or landboards on the sports fields as there is a perception that will cause too much damage to the sporting surface unlike the stops on soccer boots etc...just saying! Lots of light towers and a few powerlines about but when you know what you're doing and applying some commonsense you pick the safer areas of the field to fly to mimimise risks or go fly somewhere else. As far as avoiding bans we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Cheers all !!!
  5. *video* Kiteflyers of Tasmania

    uh? did I hear someone say "pub" !!
  6. Landboarder knocks out power at Howrah

    Hi guys, Well we havn't found out who it was but I'll be disappointed if the local council bans kite flying at the park because of it. BTW if it was someone on EK and who's feeling a bit sheepish about owning up to it don't worry we're not gonna tell ya you're an idiot for what you did as you'd know that already eh? Just PM blackant, spotter or myself and we'll give you some safety pointers for kiting locally Cheers, Dave
  7. Cloudy bay?

    Better get ready to go down there then...lets see... -buggy packed (check) -bridled hanky on handles (check) -harness (check) -Quick Release if wind too strong for hanky.... oh bugger wheres the quick release!?!?
  8. Kite Making Three

    Wow looking for the right word here..."inspirational" will do! Well done Kieron a great job well done. Thanks for posting it. Cheers, Dave
  9. Cloudy bay?

    Yeah we gotta go do this beach TimS.
  10. Wanted - kayak

    Excellent stuff John it looked real peaceful and fun. We bought a couple of sit on top kayaks the other week am now just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit...bring on spring I say! Ah the Kayaking, Kiting and Kamping !! LOL Cheers, Dave
  11. Kiting PR in OZ

    Yeah !! PM Spotter or myself and we'll try to tee that session up! Have been looking for a good excuse to hit Greens Beach. Everytime i've been there its been high tide grrrr!!
  12. The Sewing thread

    You've created the whole world in your own backyard! Looks great! Arrgh!! The northern ice cap has melted!! And thanks for not leaving Tassie off the map! LOL Cheers, Dave
  13. The Sewing thread

    Its lookin good so far....cant wait to see the finished pics! Note to self: Must get onto making my own soccer ball. Cheers, Dave
  14. briskites buggy

    Cane toads I'd be watching out for Joel, they'll send ya hopping mad chewin on one of those babies (i imagine)
  15. Wanted flexifoil Blade IV 4.9m

    No worries.