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  1. Applique Workshop

    Alex and Georgia love their kites and are so proud that Daddy made the kites for them. They all look fantastic
  2. Couple of new builds 2018

    They look great. I like the one with the different coloured diamonds.
  3. First INTERNATIONAL Flash Mob Kite Fly

    Sounds good.
  4. Shout out to all the regulars....

    Hi Mez, still around I'm still learning to fly my 'Roses' kite and had a good session on Saturday afternoon before the kids needed to ride their bikes and scooters and the wind died away. Alex had a ball at Dingley flying his two stringer not sure what he loves more his bike or his kite. Maybe the kite as it went to kinder for show and tell.
  5. Happy Birthday Joel

    Happy Birthday @.Joel Hope you have a great day
  6. Grandfathers Axe

    @nigel didn't include the broken seat buckles - I think most of the seat is tied on
  7. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    See I let Mr A have the comfy Libre and he sleeps in it. It was fun in the PL in the back. Great family day out.
  8. Sit Stand Desks, Anyone have one?

    Haven't used one but the receptionists at my physio have just got one and they like it.
  9. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    Just bumping this it's a great day out for anyone with kids - plenty of activites for everyone
  10. Low Wind Racing

    Hope @nigel doesn't get ideas about "sailing" Alex's green machine on the local netball courts.
  11. Dingley Reserve Night fly.

    You might be in the right spot to get a view of the superload keave Dingley at 9pm. Don't plan on using the Dingley bypass to get home after the fly it only travels at 20km per hour.
  12. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    It's ok @.Joel - not going to happen he left the 6m Phantom 1 at home or maybe the Phantom 2 is a faster kite? Guess we find out later in the day.
  13. Merry Christmas Extreme Kiters!

    Merry Christmas to everyone from Kathleen, @nigel and family
  14. Death Kite Nomination

    Pic's or video needed as proof @.Joel if the person doing the nominating is not there to witness the flight?
  15. What's on your Christmas list for Santa?

    @Chook I just showed Alex and he said wow with a big grin on his face. This year he wants Santa to bring a harvester and a lego set with a ute, trailer and ATV's.