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  1. Kathleen

    Sand in Your Undies at Kingston SE 2019

    That's no good @roblukin hope you didn't do any damage to yourself
  2. Kathleen

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    Thanks @mik333 I think he is on the mend
  3. Kathleen

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    We should be there late Friday afternoon if no one else catches Mr5's gastro.
  4. Kathleen

    Ways to bring kids for a ride along.

    @twojaythomo @nigel has three buggys he connects together and a bike trailer for the littlest. The bike trailer would be too small for a 6 yr old so you would need a second buggy to attach to yours. Nigel has an assortment of ways of attaching them which he can explain later. At the front he has his GT followed by his Libre (5 yr old gets this one so his feet don't accidently drop down at speed), attached to the Libre is the PL comp with a bike trailer attached to the back. You will also need some decent goggles or at a minimum sun glasses for your passenger as a fair bit of sand gets flung onto your passenger and you want them to be comfortable so they enjoy the ride. Our kids use their bike helmets but I like my full face one as it keeps out the flying bits of sand. There is a pic of the buggys all connected in the meets/events forum under Sandy Point summer 17/18 on the last page of the thread and if you zoom in you can see some of the connections
  5. Kathleen

    Opening of Spring Road Reserve

    @SoutherlyBuster it's not too late to book a flight for the weekend, just a quick trip accross the ditch for you with landboard and kites accommodation could be arranged.
  6. Kathleen

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    We'll be there so count us in for BBQ hope the weather is better than last year
  7. Kathleen

    First INTERNATIONAL Flash Mob Kite Fly

    Thanks for organising this @jo a great time had by everyone. The kites looked fantastic and we were so lucky with the weather. It was great to catch up with everyone again.
  8. Kathleen

    First INTERNATIONAL Flash Mob Kite Fly

    I haven't heard it's not on so would say it is, just wear your best winter woolies and bring your raincoat just in case @Mez. The sun is out at the moment and you will need a range of kites because the wind is mean't to drop off later in the afternoon. Come and meet @nigel 's newest creation "Louee the Moooooeeeee" (if the kids don't change it's name).
  9. Kathleen

    Couple of new builds 2018

    It looks great @riffclown
  10. Kathleen

    Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    @Tiger37 Don't let reviews about management put you off as management has changed. It depends what you are looking for it's a small park and the facilites are old but clean so it gets the thumbs up from us. As @igeighty said it's straight accross the road from the main beach you can't get any more convienent. Can't help with Walkerville as we haven't stayed there but most parks in the area will be busy at this time so wherever you decide book early. Also keep in mind there is often wildlife on the road at dusk/night so be careful at these times.
  11. Kathleen

    Eco Charging....

    @SoutherlyBuster can't agree with you more l love camping with no mobile service and therefore no internet
  12. Kathleen

    Happy Birthday.....

    Happy Birthday @mik333 hope you had a great day. Travel safely on your holiday Kathleen and Nigel
  13. Kathleen

    Applique Workshop

    Alex and Georgia love their kites and are so proud that Daddy made the kites for them. They all look fantastic
  14. Kathleen

    Couple of new builds 2018

    They look great. I like the one with the different coloured diamonds.