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  1. Kite and buggy storage

    Looks pretty organised to me ;-)
  2. Yeppoon 2018

    Once again, Linda and I will be at Emu Park "Festival Of the Wind" on the weekend of April 7/8th. Come on over if you want a bit of time on the sport kites :-)
  3. Couple of new builds 2018

    Panels not lining up...
  4. Couple of new builds 2018

    Hey Chook, I've got them in stock if you're interested. I currently use them on my quads; very happy with them.
  5. Gotta start the new year with a new kite! Just a shame the wind was too strong to give it a real fly
  6. Custom Rev ZEN - SOLD

    Price drop... just in time for Santa to bring it to you ;-)
  7. Custom Rev ZEN - SOLD

    Last chance guys! It is now advertised elsewhere - I've kept a lower price here for Aussie buyers
  8. Custom Rev ZEN - SOLD

    Only putting up stuff I haven't flown for ages! And believe me, this isn't clearing out the bags
  9. Custom Rev ZEN - SOLD

    Putting them up here first... Revolution ZEN - Custom Green Fade. $360 $325 (includes shipping in Australia) Very clean, very good condition 9.5/10. Flown less than 10 times. Fitted with "French" bridle, standard bridle included. *** SOLD *** Revolution Triple Stack. $360 (includes shipping in Australia) Matching Rev 1, Rev 1.5 and Rev 2 fitted with tuneable stacking lines. Very good condition, 9/10. Small hole in Rev 1 repaired with applique star
  10. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    How critical is the length? I happen to have 12 x 580 mm in 5.5 if that's any use. I can also do 600mm long if necessary, but it means I'll have to cut to length and have some wastage
  11. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    How long? How many?