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  1. KaoS

    Thinking of you all!

    It took a while, but I found a little bit of unoccupied sand on the weekend
  2. KaoS

    Thinking of you all!

    I hope everyone is (and continues to be) fit and healthy, and coping. I suspect a major effect of the current situation will be a significant impact on people's emotional well-being, especially as it drags on. Remember, we can all use forums to keep in touch, air our thoughts/worries, and offer each other support. Fingers crossed, we'll all be catching up in person sooner rather than later. Kingston 2021 may end up being HUGE. Stay safe, and keep in touch
  3. KaoS

    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    Apparently the Lions club are buying a bunch of printed banners to use instead. As you say, not the same, but the average member of the public probably won't realize there's much of a difference. C'est la vie. We'll just have to change the location of our annual get together... Kingston 2021??
  4. KaoS

    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    Sadly, we won't be at Emu Park 2020 ... the local Lions club sent a short email email stating "we will not require your services this year". 😧
  5. KaoS

    Problem Solving

    No kidding? 😆
  6. Meet "Lolly" the lionfish - made by Rolokite
  7. Bridal line: noun; The almost invisible thread that is used by young, single women to ensnare unsuspecting, male prey. 🤕
  8. Correct! You have to allow extra for constructing the loops, etc.
  9. I'm pleased with how these ones turned out. Hopefully, the new owner in Colorado will like them too.
  10. KaoS

    Dual and Quad sport kites

    No, never assume... INSIST!! 😤
  11. KaoS

    Dual and Quad sport kites

    ... and just your colour, I feel sure! 😁
  12. KaoS

    Dual and Quad sport kites

    I've always felt kites are for flying, not collecting. The slow progression of arthritis in my thumbs and wrists means these don't get flown... but they should. Hopefully a new owner can do them justice. Posting here before I put them on other sites next week. Rev I - Lee Sedgewick model. Excellent condition, flown maybe 3 times. Fitted with Revolution Strong frame (as standard), Race Rods frame included. $275 shipped in Australia. KaoS Quad. Excellent condition. Fitted with Revolution 1.5 Race Rods frame, "Spanish" bridle, and "French Sticks" on the rear (for faster, more stable reverse flying). $275 shipped in Australia. Level One "Reloaded". Brand new, never flown. Complete with original, unused lines, straps and winder. $200 shipped in Australia. *** SOLD *** Blue Moon "Killer Bee". $295 shipped in Australia. *** SOLD *** Blue Moon "Mongoose" STD (black) and UL (charcoal) - matched pair. As new condition (unflown by me, but flown once by the original owner/collector). $295 each or $500 for both, shipped in Australia. *** UL IS SOLD *** Sensible offers will be considered Thanks, Kevin