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  1. Putting them up here first... Revolution ZEN - Green Fade. $300 (includes shipping in Australia) Very clean, very good condition 9/10. Flown less than 10 times. Fitted with "French" bridle, standard bridle included. Would be "Like New" if not for pinholes created when a dog tangled with the lines and pulled the kite over. These have been repaired with CA. Very difficult to see (even harder to photograph!) *** SOLD *** Revolution Triple Stack. $360 (includes shipping in Australia) Matching Rev 1, Rev 1.5 and Rev 2 fitted with tuneable stacking lines. Very good condition, 9/10. Small hole in Rev 1 repaired with applique star - see photos
  2. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    How critical is the length? I happen to have 12 x 580 mm in 5.5 if that's any use. I can also do 600mm long if necessary, but it means I'll have to cut to length and have some wastage
  3. 6 or 5.5mm carbon tubes

    How long? How many?
  4. What the??????

  5. First impressions are good!
  6. No, I made a metal stencil thingy with that rounded slot. Then I placed it along the leading edge at measured intervals and used a conical tipped soldering iron to hot cut each hole. Didn't take long, maybe 10 minutes. Sometimes the manual way of doing things works just fine
  7. The leading edge mesh on my workhorse finally fell apart. I let the holes at the fold points get too long - 18cm and 20cm. It has had a hard life over the past 5 years, so I'm not complaining, but it is time to do something about it. Instead of putting the same fibreglass mesh back onto the kite, I decided to experiment with 1.5 oz ripstop instead. Check back in 2022 for a comparison...
  8. Quads heading north

    Hmmm.... not sure. I'm making it for Davide, he said he's not in a hurry.
  9. Quads heading north

    I'm on a roll here!
  10. I'm happy with the way these have turned out. They'll be gracing the skies of Poland pretty soon
  11. Welcome Olivia to XK!

    Fantastic news - congratulations to you both
  12. Don't fly just one!

    Sorry, while Justin was flying I was tweaking the bridle on Greenie Meanie. It now flies, rather than pulls like a truck.
  13. Don't fly just one!

    @Kiwininja demonstrated the massive progress he has made in his quad line flying - must have a good tutor ;-) He'll be flying in the team very soon!