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    KaoS reacted to .Joel for a blog entry, Website Upgrades   
    The new season down under is upon us, so it's time to upgrade the website and launch a new section  
    Today I've done the basic upgrade, there's a few areas to fix and polish then I'll be launching a new section which will keep you hooked for hours  
    There will be some errors and issues, they can be submitted here: http://www.extremekites.com.au/bugs/ 
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    KaoS reacted to BigE for a blog entry, Phase 4 -COMPLETE!   
    Now suffering with sewer's back, from being hunched over the sewing machine like Rumpelstiltskin, bar fitting the four leaders as it comes down from it's hanging place, this puppy is ready for a test flight

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    KaoS reacted to BigE for a blog entry, Phase 3 - Complete!!!!   
    One complete kite, hot off the machine:

    Time for a little sewing machine rest.  
    Now for a bit a trigonometry, the software package I've been using doesn't cater for the modification I've done to the wing tips, so I need to recalculate the 4 wing tip lines with additional brake to a 5 line cascade no brake.  It's something I did on my 12 and 7m after flying but by trial and error, this time I want to calculate it prior.
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    KaoS reacted to BigE for a blog entry, First Rib off the production line   
    One side's worth of ribs all cut out and the bottom of each "V" hot cut ready to hem.

    The top edge has a roll hem, I insert Dacron tape at the tops and bottom of each triangle to give stability and strength.

    And finally, I've sewn 4mm Dacron sleeving to the hem creating a loop at the top of each triangle.