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  1. bob2


    That looks bloody amazing. Bob2
  2. bob2

    short kiting video

    That three wheel thing was a standard huffy slider minus the handle bar. I had big plans for lots of slides and jumps but I bent the axel. Too many pies for the poor trike to deal with. thanks yo. Bob2
  3. bob2

    short kiting video

    Always having fun. Mind you, I was schooled by the office ninja. Bob2
  4. bob2

    short kiting video

    Hi All Short video using many different wheeled vehicles. I have recently got a few new vehicles but having trouble getting the right conditions for filming. have fun Bob2
  5. Just learnt some back flips and some other things. Bob2
  6. bob2

    Kitesurfing video New Brighton

    Hi Southerly The wind has been pretty poor lately near my house. Watching this video has made me happy. I've watched it a lot. Cool jumps, amazing looking location. I just sit back and dream. Great work. Bob2
  7. Southerly, I like the logic. Just the cash money side the equation needs to be balanced. Now that sounds like a fine idea. Any particular type of ski I should be looking for? What about a snow board - would it work? I've already had a quick look on gumtree. Some expert opinion on what to get would be greatly appreciated. Or power up with my huffy slider that I have in parts at the office. I want to try out some kite powered 360 spins. Umm. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't "roller derby" involve deliberately bashing into each other and intentionally causing chaos and destruction. But, BobM, good point. You are right of course. Protective gear is the best way to save some unnecessary pain.
  8. Hi Southerly Jibes are pretty fun and surprisingly easy. On land at least. The sail kind of tells you when to flip it over. Unfortunately, the beaches near me don't lend themselves for land boarding/dirtsurfing. They are just plain boggy. Which is a shame as there some good long stretches (not built up) near me. Can't have it all though. Bob2
  9. Since last time, I have been on gumtree again and picked up some roller skates and a windsurfer. I've only been out on both these a few times so not that good yet. But soon I hope to get some Jedi like super powers. I have been practicing with the roller skates for a few months before trying the kite. There is also some action with my mountain board, rip surf, dirt surfer and dirt board. Since filming this, I've already stepped up the skills with the roller skates and windsurfer. So the next video will be a little more interesting trick wise. Bob2
  10. bob2

    ripsurf toy and kite - short video

    Hi Southerly The bottom is basically two caster wheels set at an angle. It's a uni directional board. I've attached a video by a pro using the board so you can see how it works. I need a kiting neighbour. Come on over. And yes, I have a few toys. But as the saying goes - N+1. I'm now on the hunt for a cheap windsurfer to learn some land sailing. Bob2
  11. hello all I've been busy on Gumtree and picked up a ripsurf for $50.00. They are awesome. They are pretty cheap new as well - I think about $130 from Target. They are easier to ride than a rip stick and have a real surf feel to them. The wind was a bit rubbish (a bit too light) but I think the potential for speedy carving action is there. So, if you like longboarding with a kite, consider adding one of these toys to the play box. Bob2
  12. Just saw this and thought I would share. Looks very cool with the no straps and no hands air time. The guy has a pretty smooth style. Bob2
  13. Just saw this and thought I would share. Looks very cool with the no straps and no hands air time. The guy has a pretty smooth style. Bob2
  14. Just saw this and thought I would share. Looks very cool with the now straps and no hands air time. The guy has a pretty smooth style. Bob2
  15. "dirty surfers". like it. Still not that good at turning the things around though. Any tips? they are angry little guys. Mine got me well and truly. Now you are just being super tricky. Mountain boards would be super hard to get some pop or tail tap for a late grab. Always willing to give it a go though. They are such nice guys. Always out there mowing it and watering it just for me. My Council rates well spent I think. Yep. Its a move that takes particular skill. I'm always up for a few each time I head out. Never gets tired.