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  1. ripsurf toy and kite - short video

    Hi Southerly The bottom is basically two caster wheels set at an angle. It's a uni directional board. I've attached a video by a pro using the board so you can see how it works. I need a kiting neighbour. Come on over. And yes, I have a few toys. But as the saying goes - N+1. I'm now on the hunt for a cheap windsurfer to learn some land sailing. Bob2
  2. hello all I've been busy on Gumtree and picked up a ripsurf for $50.00. They are awesome. They are pretty cheap new as well - I think about $130 from Target. They are easier to ride than a rip stick and have a real surf feel to them. The wind was a bit rubbish (a bit too light) but I think the potential for speedy carving action is there. So, if you like longboarding with a kite, consider adding one of these toys to the play box. Bob2
  3. Just saw this and thought I would share. Looks very cool with the no straps and no hands air time. The guy has a pretty smooth style. Bob2
  4. Just saw this and thought I would share. Looks very cool with the no straps and no hands air time. The guy has a pretty smooth style. Bob2
  5. Just saw this and thought I would share. Looks very cool with the now straps and no hands air time. The guy has a pretty smooth style. Bob2
  6. "dirty surfers". like it. Still not that good at turning the things around though. Any tips? they are angry little guys. Mine got me well and truly. Now you are just being super tricky. Mountain boards would be super hard to get some pop or tail tap for a late grab. Always willing to give it a go though. They are such nice guys. Always out there mowing it and watering it just for me. My Council rates well spent I think. Yep. Its a move that takes particular skill. I'm always up for a few each time I head out. Never gets tired.
  7. I've had a few of my gum tree purchases out and about. The latest purchase was my new Pro 90 Mountain board. Rides like a champ. Very light and perfect for spins and board offs. Nice balance. I also tried out an old Prism Nexus stunt kite and got schooled trying a backside 180 off the ramp. When the wind is up, they move like a mother and have a bit of pull on them. Probably only crack a 0.5m2 of surface area. Bob2
  8. 7 year old with Peter Lynn Uniq.

    Fully nailing it. Nice control. Bob2
  9. https://www.facebook.com/pg/abcsouthwest/videos/?ref=page_internal I hope the link works. I was at my local oval when an ABC dude asked to film. He had a cool camera on a stick that smoothed out the bumps. Looks pretty cool. Nothing fancy but the filming was pro. Bob2
  10. just getting the hang of this quote thing. it's a standard cloth 12m speed 3. It's one awesome kite. I'm sure the newer ones are better but ... I for one don't have the money at the mo or the room on the oval to get the full potential out of them in terms of speed and jump power. So, the Speed 3 is stuck with me and me with it for a while longer. Probably a lot longer. that is not cool. Bob2
  11. thanks guys I understand to be really true to the 80's spirit you have to do early grabs. So I wasn't playing strictly by the book with all the late grabs. As a side note, I have seen early grabs making a comeback on skating videos. They even do them to grinds down handrails. But while that may be hard, they look pretty ugly. The board was a steal. I also picked up my MBS Pro 90 on the weekend from Gumtree. Thanks again Andy666 for the tip off. Just about brand new and looks so perfect for kiting. I have to wait until my birthday before giving it a ride. The soundtrack is in keeping with the 80s theme. Nice spotting there Mfwetu. Bob2
  12. hi all I recently picked up this dirt board for $90 on Gumtree. Pretty cheap I think. They work a treat with a kite. They require a little more wind than a standard mountain board and don't have the sideways grip. However, they are good for cruising and are good for 80's style skating tricks. It felt like I was back in the early 80's after watching the Search for Animal Chin. I want to learn doing a few 360 airs next like they do with the strapless surfboards. hope you like it. Bob2
  13. Got one thanks all.Wanted - Cheap mountain board

    sorry that mountain board is mine. Picking it up tomoz. Nothing to see here. Move along now, Bob2
  14. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Hi Andy666 Great work on the gumtree. That mountain board for $150 is located about 400m walk from my house. And I really need a new one as my current one has a crack running through the middle and is held together by metal plates scavenged from computer stands. And its a Pro 90 no less. It will be a total step up from my Core 90. Just waiting to hear back from the seller. Hopefully it will be mine this weekend. thanks heaps Bob2
  15. Open day Baw Baw

    found this. looks like so much fun with the air bag Bob2