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  1. jhn.holgate

    Wanted to buy! Buggy plus 2-3 kites!

    Also, further down is my Libre Vmax & LongStar 2 9.5m & Peak 6m in Ballarat.
  2. jhn.holgate

    Born Kite Long Star 2 9.5m

    Bump for $450. Buy this and Trev's 3.5 & 7m's and you've got a great set of long star 2's
  3. jhn.holgate

    Born Kites Long Star 2 and Control Bar

    Sad to see you selling your gear, Trev. But great kites and a bargain for someone. One thing I absolutely loved about my 3.5m is not only is it grunty for it's size in lighter wind - I think we could actually buggy in 12 knots and up - but even in 25 knots, let the bar out and very little pull at all. Easily betters the Peak 2 4m and Access XT 4m.
  4. jhn.holgate

    Vmax and 6m Peak 2

    How about $420 for the Libre Vmax and $420 for the Peak 2 6m?
  5. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Riot 9m

    No problems, Luke. Sold.
  6. jhn.holgate

    Born Kite 10m Nasa Star 2

    I can get a price for you if you'd like - it's fairly compact so I don't think it would be unreasonable.
  7. jhn.holgate

    Born Kite 10m Nasa Star 2

    Bump for $220. Stand out from the crowd as I've not seen anyone else with one of these!
  8. jhn.holgate

    Born Kite Long Star 2 9.5m

    Bump for $480. 😊
  9. jhn.holgate

    Vmax and 6m Peak 2

    $450 each or $995 for both.
  10. jhn.holgate

    Vmax and 6m Peak 2

    As I'm just going to keep my little alloy bug and the nasa wings, it's time for the Vmax to move on to someone else who'll enjoy it as much as me. 10,000km on the odometer, but no city driving. Ok, there may have been some stop/start buggying from time to time. Pics are in my Vmax review. Alloy rims/midis/wide fork/backrest. The only thing I can see that will need attention is a tear starting where one of the straps from the axle pulls the seat back. There's a bit of a rip starting in the home made front mudguard - but it's a cheap bit of rubber. $450 and you're picking it up from Ballarat And what about the cheeseburger wrapper? 6m Peak 2. Good nic. $450. this one: (the buggy is also in the video).
  11. jhn.holgate

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    Pretty good actually. Rob and Chook are still buggying atm. Lots of single line kites on the foreshore - particularly stunning on Australia Day. I've been out of action with a bung foot so the buggy stayed on the car this trip. Claypan was in good nic - I believe there was some blokart/landyacht racing going on. I think Rob and Chook were out there a couple times. Cooler than usual though. I've got some pics and videos to go through - though no buggying this year.
  12. jhn.holgate

    Born Kite 10m Nasa Star 2

    Talk about hard to please!!
  13. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Riot 9m

    Done. Not sure if my messages are working - if you haven't got a reply from me, my email is jhn.holgate@gmail.com Cheers. Northern - not it's not a depower, it's an Ozone Riot.
  14. jhn.holgate

    Born Kite 10m Nasa Star 2

    How about a 10m Nasa wing?? Excellent condition. Kite only in bag - no handles or lines. (I run this on the 3 line bar) Mucho grunt but not particularly lifty. Knees and feet are beginning to dictate what I can and can't get away with these days, hence the bigger kites are going. May be some other stuff after Kingston depending on how I go. $250 posted in Aus. (I can bring it to Kingston too). It's the one at the start of the video: (not the blue/white one in the preview - it's much prettier than that!)
  15. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Riot 9m

    Bump for $75 plus postage!!