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  1. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Access XT 4m SOLD

    Funny, but I had thought exactly the same.... The BloMax It actually worked pretty well, except that the stress that was getting put on the welds where the side rails meet looked like it would eventually do damage to the Vmax so I didn't end up using it that much. There are some videos on the thread. There's a lot of sideways force put on the mast so I think it needs much better bracing than I used. Chook is the man to talk to if you want to go down this route at some point. One thing about a proper Blokart that is really hard to beat is the fact you can pack it up into a largish 'suitcase' and stick it in the car boot.
  2. jhn.holgate

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    Must be time for an official 2020 Kingston thread. Dates will be however long you wish to stay up until Australia Day (26th Jan). (later if you wish). Some of us turn up two weeks prior, some one week prior. It's all very casual with no particular structure. I think the Blokarts will be there again this year - if you've got any details of that, pop it in below. Let's hope for a dry claypan and a clean beach. I'm booked in 13th - 26th and will bring a few more single liners this year as the foreshore fly is becoming more and more spectacular every year. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
  3. jhn.holgate

    20/20 Vision at Kingston

    Must be time for an official Kingston 2020 event thread thingy. Possibly the main event is now the Australia Day fly on the Kingston foreshore which has become more spectacular every year. I believe I've seen somewhere that the Blokarters are also having a meet around this time - if you have the details of that, add them below. I'm booked in for the 13th - 26th. Here's hoping for a dry claypan and a clean beach.
  4. Yowzers. I'm gonna head in completely the opposite direction - up to Hattah for a couple of days. I'll take that scumbag @Bill with me. Sounds like it would blow the cardigan right off your back..
  5. jhn.holgate

    Flysurfer 4m Peak 2 SOLD

    No problems, Mark. If you pm me your postal details I'll get it wrapped up and see what it will cost to post to you. I am heading off for a couple of days tomorrow so Wednesday will be the next time I can get to the PO.
  6. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Access XT 4m SOLD

    Sold. Thanks Alison
  7. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Riot 9m

    I could chuck you in some 6m lines and a cardigan if you like, Mick....
  8. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Access XT 4m SOLD

    Hi Alison, Yes, it's still available. I'm in central Vic, You're in Tas? - I'll work out the postage.
  9. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Access XT 4m SOLD

    And while I'm thinking about stuff that I'm not using anymore - I still have the Access XT 4m sitting in it's bag and this one has still got the bar and lines. It's blue, it's a 2010 model in good condition but has certainly done a few km's. $150 and postage and it's yours.
  10. jhn.holgate

    Flysurfer 4m Peak 2 SOLD

    Excellent nic, the Darth Maul model Flysurfer Peak 2 4m has only clocked up country miles, no city driving. I have used the bar and lines on a Long Star 2 so this is kite only - $80 plus postage. Sold.
  11. jhn.holgate

    Ozone Riot 9m

    How about $80 plus postage and I'll throw in some long Ozone Handles (no lines though). C'mon, it's a bargain!!
  12. jhn.holgate

    Competition Time!!

    Big congratulations to Darren 'twas a pleasure to meet you and it was excellent that we at least had enough wind to give both the LS2 and NS3 some air time. The LongStar 2 really proved to have some legs....
  13. jhn.holgate

    Born-Kite Longstar 2

    Thanks guys! Some video to go with it. I won't be on the forum for a while but am happy to chat or answer questions via my email. Cheers, John.
  14. jhn.holgate

    Born-Kite LongStar 2

    Review is up: Video to come.