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  1. indigo_wolf

    Yet more windows problems

    Fresh install of Windows 10 or an Upgrade? How old is the machine/hardware? Can always try restoring the defaults for your current power profile, in case something got out of whack. Solved: Windows 10 sleeps after 3 minutes, no matter what ATB, Sam
  2. indigo_wolf

    Yet more windows problems

    http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-power-sleep-fix-released-windows-update ATB, Sam
  3. indigo_wolf

    Rocket bike

    ATB, Sam
  4. good day Mr Wolf

    1. indigo_wolf


      And a fine day to you as well...  :Thumbs-up-smaller:

  5. indigo_wolf

    MBS Pro 100

    Full specs are available on the other side of the hyperlink.... ComponentsMatrix Pro Channel TrucksRockstar Pro Aluminum Hubs (Silver)Orange EggshocksT1 Tyres (Black)F4 Pro Ratchet Bindings (White, Alum L brackets)Reverse Cap Composite DeckStainless HardwareSpecs:Overall Weight: 15.2lbs / 6.9kgOverall Length: 46.95" / 119cmAxle to Axle Length: 39" / 99cmDeck Length: 39.4" / 100cmDeck Construction: Reverse Cap Composite (RCC)Deck Stiffness: 5Deck Tip Angle: 30 degreesTruck Width: 15.5″ / 39.4cmAxle O.D.: 12mmBearings: 12×20mm Stainless ATB, Sam
  6. indigo_wolf

    Speedy Stitcher / Sewing Awl

    A sailmaker's palm is usually used to push a bare needle, but can be used to "catch" the needle of a Speedy Stitcher if you don't want a palm that whistles in the wind. ATB, Sam
  7. indigo_wolf

    Another new Ozone...

    Going to assume closed cell foil kite. Wondering if the pre-release page on the KBing site is accurate with the listing of 8 Sizes ranging from 4-14m. ATB...Sam
  8. indigo_wolf

    A lament to days of your

    Should be corrected to read "walk of reflection." ATB, Sam
  9. indigo_wolf

    Gifted and Repaired, ID Please?

    Posted this on PKF, but will x-post here for giggles.... One of these recently turned up on GWTW. There was a smaller version called the Supernova But it was small (3-4 foot range) and the spars passed through. The larger one was called the New Tech Kites Supernova Extreme, and the spars terminated in pockets. ATB, Sam
  10. indigo_wolf

    Beginner looking for a buggy

    Might want to look at the Flexifoil Navaro or Xxtreme Basixx... both are geared for freestyle. ATB,Sam
  11. indigo_wolf

    How long does it take to empty your bladder?

    Bee sting is one and done unless you are practicing interpretive dance right next a hive. A pair of shorts full of fire ants is a gift that keeps on giving... ATB, Sam
  12. indigo_wolf

    Do Looks Matter?

    Hopefully, this is just a pause before the post a page for newer models. ATB, Sam
  13. indigo_wolf

    Do Looks Matter?

    I moved a couple of years ago, so a full day of kiting with friends (read similarly minded lunatics) has been off the table for quite some time. I am more than a little bit embarrassed to say that I don't believe all the kites would be able to fit in one car. Not sure whether insurance works the same way here. Everyones's kite bags generally got placed under multiple co-joined tri-awnings. ATB, Sam
  14. indigo_wolf

    Do Looks Matter?

    Flexifoil was supposed to redo their entire landkite roster, but they never made it clear whether that change was going to be done all at once or multiple stages. New color schemes were give to the (Big) Buzz, Sting and Rage. The Quark was replaced by the Control . The product pages for the Blurr and Blade are still up, but it is unclear where they are slated to be discontinued, replaced or revamped. ATB, Sam There's probably been a bit too much homogenization in the most current line-up, but there was a whole lot of fun & whimsy in the first 2 generations of the Wainmann Rabbit Gang. ATB, Sam
  15. indigo_wolf

    Do Looks Matter?

    Kite bags don't stay in cars or outside.... they're indoors unless in transit. Don't really travel all that much but when I did, traction kites traveled in Best American Duffel (B.A.D.) bags that still look pretty good after 15 years of Air/Car/Train abuse. Dual, SLK, and other non-traction kites travels in in SportTubes or Bazuka hardcases. So the assorted mult-kite bags (R-Sky, HQ, Vector, Flying Wings, Prism, etc) are in pretty decent shape. There's also a difference between travel worn and starting out butt fugly. Someone at Flexfoil needs to be taken out to the woodshed for their current affinity to Lego/Playschool colors on some of their landkites. ATB, Sam