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  1. RedSky

    Here for advice - Plummet

    Wow, 5 times in a row! So you're the one. Thanks A year is too long. I'm about the same as you. Less than a handful of sessions last year. Summertime here means a packed beach full of families, loose dogs and a hundred kiteboarders all on top of each other. Maybe that will be my next video, just avoiding gear, and power sliding into sand castles. I do miss the winter storms and empty beaches. Not to wish the summer away of course, it can wait. Enjoy your beach time and consider uploading a video sometime, I'm always keen to see where and how other people fly.
  2. RedSky

    Here for advice - Plummet

    Great choice of kite!!!! Well done, you now own the fastest kite on earth. The 6m is my dream purchase but its prohibitively expensive. We now expect some buggy speed records from you. Before that happens, fly to Gatwick airport. I will pick you up, drive you to Cambersands, spend the day showing you the ropes and drive you back to the airport. Take a look at the guy doing 0-142kph in just 5 seconds using a 6m switchblade. @jeffnyc Did you get out ? I had a session yesterday, my first since January I think. Heading out again on Tuesday. Hopefully to get some footage for Super Tracks II.
  3. RedSky

    Here for advice - Plummet

    Unlike jeffnyc I am stalking you. And i know what you did last summer. The 8m Jeff suggests would be a great starting point. Also roblukin is quite correct, LEI's are a different beast and you really do need to know what you're doing. We can help with set up procedure. Out of interest, what are you riding ?
  4. RedSky

    Had a quick session on Tuesday

    Hey Tiger, You are correct my good sir. I believe you mentioned that you had your honeymoon close by in Rye? I do love this beach, although its less than ideal for speed runs. You have to get the power down straight away if you want to go fast or you'll run out of room quick, so gale force winds at a minimum. The kite is a Genetrix Hydra 7m, a great storm kite yet pulls strongly from 35kph. The canopy is extremely flat, held rigid by a bridle that connects directly to the struts. This makes it possible for the kite to be that flat. The canopy stiffens also as the wind increases but relaxes as gusts hit. There's so much depower that you could easily stall the kite in gale. Perhaps the only LEI you could ever hope to hot launch in high wind and live. On the downside , heavy bar pressure, its not for everyone. I do miss the light bar of the 7m Cabrinha Crossbow for this reason, another great kite for high wind, although it tops out earlier than the Hydra. Its a shame they stopped making that kite and to add insult to injury there's now no production of the Genetrix Hydra either. They've decided to temporarily postpone production.
  5. Had a short session yesterday. The forecast looked promising, 60kph with 82kph gusts, perhaps enough wind to reach my PB, who knows. Got rolling at 10am. Tide in by 11:15am, so had to be quick. The beach was in perfect condition and I had it all to myself but the wind started to drop during the hour, and of course picks up again as the tide covers the beach. Still, I topped out at 100kph but I'm paying the price. My arm is killing me. It felt broken yesterday, like I needed a sling to put it in. Today is better though. Did not bother reaching for the trim when heading up wind and because time was against me I just ignored it. The load on my right arm was too much. I need one of those trim extensions I think. Anyway, here's hoping for better conditions next time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB9yUGw0ISg
  6. RedSky

    Hobbies - the definitive list

    Thanks igeighty. Been looking at the ultra light Dobsonian 16" with Goto. Stop laughing! I don't think a smaller telescope will trigger my interest much. I want to see deep sky stuff in detail. I think that's what will get me hooked. Okay, maybe a bit ambitious for a first telescope but it collapses down to a fairly small size. Maybe I could take it on an airline. You guys in Australia are lucky. I remember the night skies near Ayers Rock. Overnight camping beside the road, looking up at all those stars and wishing I had brought a pair of binoculars with me. Never seen so many stars in all my life. Blew my mind! There were only a couple of light wispy clouds to spoil an otherwise clear sky. Woke up during the night to have another look and was surprised to see those same clouds hadn't moved! I since realised now that they were the Magellanic clouds xD. Sorry for hijack 123matt
  7. RedSky

    Hobbies - the definitive list

    I'm giving astronomy some serious consideration. Been eyeing up some great looking telescopes.
  8. RedSky

    Kiteboarder in trouble

    I ripped this video from kiteforum. It was originally a FB post. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3wYoK2nV0w
  9. RedSky

    Night Buggy

    Some years ago we rode under a super moon! I have a video somewhere. It would be handy to use lights + a red light on the rear of your buggies as its hard to gauge on a moonless night whether someone is hurtling towards you or not.
  10. RedSky

    Super Tracks - video

    No worries. It was bound to happen at some stage and I'm sure it will happen again. Someone on YouTube reviewed the Fusion describing it as a very expensive disposable camera, I have to agree and it helps to know this beforehand. Riding with the fusion just 3" inches off the ground at high speed with stones flying all over the place is probably beyond what the designers had in mind. Their extreme sports marketing campaign belies the Fusion's fragility. Consider it as a new way to film rather than an out-and-out action camera. The first generation of anything is never going to be free of design faults. I'm sure future designs will incorporate replaceable lenses.
  11. RedSky

    Super Tracks - video

    Thanks DrWind. All these great comments make breaking the camera completely worthwhile. Here's the lance used for the camera. Actually its a telescopic mop handle.
  12. RedSky

    Super Tracks - video

    Thanks Mez. The kite rolled onto its back during landing, dragging the camera through wet sand and over stones. Its irreplaceable lenses were completely ruined, £700 for ten minutes footage. Not sure I would do it again. I then had to wait four months for the wind to return before I could resume filming. When I said "Never has a video cost me so much in time and expense" I wasn't joking. :/ Cambersands is located on the southeast coast of England with France just a stones throw across the channel. Its not a great beach but its all I have. Popular with Londoners, so can get very busy.
  13. RedSky

    Super Tracks - video

    Thanks! As the tide recedes the beach is naturally split in two down its entire length separated by a river of standing water. On one side its super smooth, fast, safe and free of obstacles which of course makes the entire experience as dull as dish water. On the other side however, its full of stones and parked kites, line sets and dangerous pilons, barking dogs and windsurfers giving me the finger. Happy days. Synchronise the wobbles to the music? Behave. xD
  14. RedSky

    Super Tracks - video

    Thanks! You assume right my good man. The camera captures in 360. The rest is in post ( Adobe Premiere ), although the included Fusion software will hold the horizon for you, or let you chose your own Yaw, Pitch and Roll. Once you have selected those axis in three dimensions, everything then rotates around that point. Clever stuff! A very low tech solution for mounting the camera was used in all my shots. At first I used a thin steel rod as I thought it would cast minimal shadows, however it gave a noticeable bounce as seen in the video. I later discovered a broom stick gave super steady results and I learnt how to hide shadows in Adobe from YouTube videos. Regarding your picture, the broom stick was pushed into the end of the center strut before the kite was inflated. Once inflated, the bladder holds the stick rock solid. The stabilisation comes from sensors inside the camera that continuously record all the tiniest shakes and vibrations as data. That kite footage cost me my camera. Glad you appreciated it. xD Thanks! And thanks again, my mission was to stump you. You are not alone. The Fusion uses two lenses, one on each side of the camera, both are slightly off-set from one another and both record 180 degrees onto their own SD card. You then import the footage into the Fusion software which then stitches together the footage from both cards and in the process hides the camera's selfie stick giving the impression that its floating in mid air.
  15. RedSky

    Bye Dad.

    Sorry to hear of this Joel.