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  1. IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    Incredible place, great video!
  2. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    That trip is on my very short bucket list. It may take some years or it may not but either way I'll be sure to let you guys know. The non-stop flight makes it much more doable.
  3. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    That's messed up. Maybe they use smaller planes for internal flights and thus space comes at a premium. The idea that I can fly direct to Perth from London is a game changer. I've always wanted to take the buggy down under without all the hassle, and risk losing my stuff along the way.
  4. I must be living in a cave. I had no idea this was possible. Warning, the video is over 17 hours long
  5. Hottest Sexy Female Kiters! (Pt2)

    Nice ass. I bet he works out. She flew the kite right at him and he still can't catch it.
  6. Grandfathers Axe

    Here in the UK we'd call your buggy, Triggers Broom.
  7. Louth Bay Drone chasing GT Buggies

    The camera guy has a good eye. Quick reactions, he did his best to keep you both nicely framed. Some good riding there and amazing location. Maybe its my age, but the only thing I'd change in this video is to insert the theme tune to Miami Vice from 1:20 onwards.
  8. Yet another windy day...

    Could be worse. You could have no wind at all with snow and temps of -10c.
  9. Greenland Snowkite Crossing

    I once bought an 8.5m Blade II from a woman who used it to cross the Greenland ice sheet. It seems to be a regular thing now. Of course, this is how Indians came to be in North America. They crossed the Bering Strait during the last ice age using home made buggies on skis which they called sleds. The women were responsible for weaving the Ripstop and Dyneema line sets. True story.
  10. 3 Day Buggy Spree

    Picture postcard location. You guys are lucky. Such unspoiled beauty.
  11. The Need For Speed

    I've been absent for a good few years. Its great to experience riding the bug again but yeah, I don't miss the sand in my eyes. Will have to invest in a pair of goggles that don't steam up.
  12. The Need For Speed

    You win
  13. The Need For Speed

    5 hours ago, Jase Shepperd said: Great video... love the acceleration 👍👍👍. see you’re on beachracers as well. What kite are you running? we are hanging to crack the 100km/hr but can’t get anywhere near that, seem to hit the 70km/hr then it seems a lot of the power is pulling buggy sideways and thus losing speed.. what’s the go🤔... just need to grow bigger balls???? Really don’t need another flight of bewilderment and pain to find out 👍😳 Thanks Jase! I was running an 8m Genetrix Hydra. I'm no expert. I'm constantly messing with the setup and testing new ideas but it seems that I have hit a brick wall too. Long Version Its likely that location dictates whats possible, except we can't know whats possible unless we push the limits. I'm certain that my location will never give me 80mph in the buggy. I'd have to relocate else where for that. I believe that our beaches have an inherent upper speed limit. Yours may fall below 100kph and no amount of advice will help you go any faster. Hopefully that's not the case. My beach is narrow and short, therefore I have little choice but to ride in fairly breezy conditions in order to get the power down early. Your location may call for a completely different approach. What applies here may not necessarily apply there. Correct me if I'm wrong but your beach looks even narrower than mine. Yet I noticed that there are no 180 turns in your GPS path data, so I'm assuming your beach is lengthy? Your options may solely rely on flying a smaller kite in much higher winds. You're flying a 9m SS Rev with a 30knt range? Perhaps its that upper 30kt range that's holding you back. What's the highest wind speeds you've seen at your beach and how often can you expect them to come ashore ? Your equipment needs to be optimized for those higher winds. The official wind range has your 9m Rev topping out at 30knots with trim applied?.. without trim applied I'm guessing your kite tops out somewhere in 25-27knts range. The reason I ask this is because, for speed runs, you want to avoid applying any depower. You'll notice that my kite is always fully lit, both on the trim and bar. I'm almost hanging on with my finger tips. You only sheet out to slow down. Its uncomfortable sure but it is what it is. So I'm kinda doubtful that your fully lit wind range of 25knts will give you 100kph in the bug at your location. Do tell me if I'm coming across as an arse. You may need to downsize or find another kite with a larger range and one that you can safely ride in high winds without ever trimming the kite for depower or sheeting the bar out. Doesn't have to be all the way in, but close enough. You need to let the kite breath a little if it's starting to choke. Short version To conclude, I'd recommend a kite with an upper wind range of at least 40knts or at least a kite capable of easily doing so and flying that kite in a 35knt wind. Then you should easily get to 100. That is if you get 35kt winds of course. Might be worth looking on ebay for a cheap 5m Best Warro and using that in high winds. I can vouch for its ability to go beyond the official range. Flight of Bewilderment - Now there's great video title
  14. The Need For Speed

    Great. Now I can't look at my bug anymore without seeing the Eiffel Tower.
  15. The Need For Speed

    Thanks igeighty, yeah I'm loving the overlays too. It was Jase Shepperd's video Solo Ride where I first saw it in use and thought what a great idea. Wow, I did not expect anyone on Extreme Kites to be familiar with Cambersands especially the ranges. Rye is very picturesque I can see why you chose it for your honeymoon. Cheers Thanks! It was a good test for the GoPro's GPS accuracy, considering its a camera. It gave a fleeting 64mph but the two dedicated Garmin GPS units gave 63.0mph and 62.9mph. I'd say that's plenty close enough to convey speed for video purposes.