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  1. Night Buggy

    Some years ago we rode under a super moon! I have a video somewhere. It would be handy to use lights + a red light on the rear of your buggies as its hard to gauge on a moonless night whether someone is hurtling towards you or not.
  2. Super Tracks - video

    No worries. It was bound to happen at some stage and I'm sure it will happen again. Someone on YouTube reviewed the Fusion describing it as a very expensive disposable camera, I have to agree and it helps to know this beforehand. Riding with the fusion just 3" inches off the ground at high speed with stones flying all over the place is probably beyond what the designers had in mind. Their extreme sports marketing campaign belies the Fusion's fragility. Consider it as a new way to film rather than an out-and-out action camera. The first generation of anything is never going to be free of design faults. I'm sure future designs will incorporate replaceable lenses.
  3. Super Tracks - video

    Thanks DrWind. All these great comments make breaking the camera completely worthwhile. Here's the lance used for the camera. Actually its a telescopic mop handle.
  4. Super Tracks - video

    Thanks Mez. The kite rolled onto its back during landing, dragging the camera through wet sand and over stones. Its irreplaceable lenses were completely ruined, £700 for ten minutes footage. Not sure I would do it again. I then had to wait four months for the wind to return before I could resume filming. When I said "Never has a video cost me so much in time and expense" I wasn't joking. :/ Cambersands is located on the southeast coast of England with France just a stones throw across the channel. Its not a great beach but its all I have. Popular with Londoners, so can get very busy.
  5. Super Tracks - video

    Thanks! As the tide recedes the beach is naturally split in two down its entire length separated by a river of standing water. On one side its super smooth, fast, safe and free of obstacles which of course makes the entire experience as dull as dish water. On the other side however, its full of stones and parked kites, line sets and dangerous pilons, barking dogs and windsurfers giving me the finger. Happy days. Synchronise the wobbles to the music? Behave. xD
  6. Super Tracks - video

    Thanks! You assume right my good man. The camera captures in 360. The rest is in post ( Adobe Premiere ), although the included Fusion software will hold the horizon for you, or let you chose your own Yaw, Pitch and Roll. Once you have selected those axis in three dimensions, everything then rotates around that point. Clever stuff! A very low tech solution for mounting the camera was used in all my shots. At first I used a thin steel rod as I thought it would cast minimal shadows, however it gave a noticeable bounce as seen in the video. I later discovered a broom stick gave super steady results and I learnt how to hide shadows in Adobe from YouTube videos. Regarding your picture, the broom stick was pushed into the end of the center strut before the kite was inflated. Once inflated, the bladder holds the stick rock solid. The stabilisation comes from sensors inside the camera that continuously record all the tiniest shakes and vibrations as data. That kite footage cost me my camera. Glad you appreciated it. xD Thanks! And thanks again, my mission was to stump you. You are not alone. The Fusion uses two lenses, one on each side of the camera, both are slightly off-set from one another and both record 180 degrees onto their own SD card. You then import the footage into the Fusion software which then stitches together the footage from both cards and in the process hides the camera's selfie stick giving the impression that its floating in mid air.
  7. Bye Dad.

    Sorry to hear of this Joel.
  8. What a shame. Nothing better to do than play power games by exercising their authority. Technically buggys are banned from Purley Way here in Croydon. I've only been approached twice since 97. We had this council worker walk over to us while we were having a smoke. Obnoxious little man, told us to leave in plain sight of a family of pikies dumping household waste into bushes using tipper trucks. I told him why he doesn't walk over there and ask them to leave. No response. We are an easy target. Were you flying during the week? These council workers normally only work Monday to Friday.
  9. Moose Pictures

    Another Moose rolls on by without me. Three dimensional ride. Great pictures! Thanks
  10. Super Tracks - video

    Never has a video cost me so much in time and expense. I hope its not a total waste of yours.:)
  11. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Thanks for answering all my questions. You seriously got me thinking about this trip. If it happens then it won't be for a coupe of years unfortunately. I need to save hard, but what a trip it will be!! I'll give Chook and roblukin a nudge when the time gets close. Thanks! Tom
  12. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Thanks! I've decided that the road trip will start from Perth, head out to Lake Lefroy, then Kingston, 13th beach and Sandy Point then do it all in reverse. I'll be there as soon as I save the monies. I've driven the coastal road from Melbourne to Adelaide in 2009 and must have past Kingston without realizing it was a buggy spot. Shame, as I had my Blade 4.9 with me. Very picturesque route! Would love to do it again. Something to save for. Can't find Port Douglas in SA. DId you mean QL ? Open question to all. ( don't want to keep bothering you Mez ) When is best time of year for buggy action both in WA and SA ?
  13. It’s not my problem. Worrying trend.

    You can drown in a pool full of people as its very hard to recognize someone in trouble. I nearly drowned in Bali back in 97. Rip tide dragged me out and I got pummeled my huge crashing waves, again and again and again. Came up gasping for air each time. My lungs ached as I filled them to capacity before the next wave sent my down deep. The beach was crowed with Aussie holiday makers that day, yet I was dying. I remember waving to this guy for help. He was standing at the shore holding the hand of his young son. They were pointing directly at me but did nothing. They slowly turned and walked away. One of the most lonely experiences of my life. I don't blame them. I suspect that they never actually saw me against the monster surf, or simply did not recognize the signs. I still often think about that day. My own fault for swimming when the red flags were flying I guess. Messing about on the water is far riskier than people give it credit. This guy has had a wake up call. The water may be busy with kitesurfers, but when the shit hits the fan, you'd do well to assume that you're on your own or you'll waste valuable time. Be prepared.
  14. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    Great price! I decided a few years back that if I ever have to fly long haul again, that I'd do it in either business or first class, even if that means taking some years to save the cash. My last return trip from Australia had me sitting next to the kitchen galley at the back of the plane for 14hrs. I vowed never to travel that way again. I'm excited about the possibility of a road trip from Perth to Melbourne. I'd stop off at Lake Lefroy on my way. Other than Lefroy, where else in Australia is epic buggy action to be had ?
  15. London to Perth ** Non Stop! **

    I envy you. I wish I could have slept through it, unfortunately I've never been able to get comfortable in economy. Hopefully someone will record the return leg in first class so I can gently fall asleep while watching.