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  1. Breakfast Buggy

    Breakfast buggy! You're getting out so often that you're in danger of running out of video titles..hehe. Shame you couldn't stay for lunch. I noticed you're flying LEI..3struts. Which kite ?
  2. Sunset session 2018 - Number 1

    Be sure to pack those new bearings out with white marine/ lithium grease. Everyday, newspaper headlines, 100mph winds to batter Britain but they're either in the wrong direction or tides get in the way. Maybe its best that they do. I'm itching to get out. Its also pretty quiet on the forums, not much in the way of videos, so keep 'em coming.
  3. Sunset session 2018 - Number 1

    Number 1? One of many I hope.
  4. Merry Xmas everybody - Ride Hard and Ride Long

    Makes you wish everyday was Christmas
  5. No ride but the view was pretty good

    Looks totally unspoiled. I'm imagining a pirate ship in the bay. Those bugs look slick. Always and forever a fan of Beach Racers.
  6. Merry Xmas everybody - Ride Hard and Ride Long

    Hey Jase, I hate Quik I don't understand it. The create feature wants to add music that I don't want. and the editing, wtf! I just don't get. So I got impatient and used Fraps to copy and paste the video into my preferred editor. In the process I lost much video quality. Is there a way to export the footage with the gauge's or are you stuck using Quik? Anyway , I had an enjoyable practice session. I hit 55 with my new kite which I bought back in November but hadn't used. Also tried out the new gopro. It was set to a narrow field of view unfortunately. Things look faster when you have it wide. I was nervous when I started out but soon got back into it and by the end I was showing some contempt. Hehe. Had to sine wave the kite just a few times. I shouldn't moan. It was a great re-introduction. The best thing is, it has given me back my confidence. There was no way I could jump straight back into the bug and ride a storm after such a long absence. Things have changed at the beach since I was last there. New flood defenses, steps to beach and lots of concrete bollards. It looks great but whoever designed it paid no mind to buggy riders. Its supposed to be a designated kite zone. Makes it very difficult to get my bug on and off the beach. It zapped all my energy. ahrrrrlkjdvldofjpsdofsdklgm;pgke Off now for Christmas dinner. Have a good one.
  7. Merry Christmas Extreme Kiters!

    Have a great time and make the most of it. Enjoy!
  8. Merry Xmas everybody - Ride Hard and Ride Long

    Good video. I'm hoping to buggy early Christmas morning at the beach before Christmas Dinner at my parents. A cheeky session. Never rode on Christmas day before. I expect the roads to be empty, although I half expect the beach to be strewn with like-minded kitesurfers. This will be my first time buggying in about 3-4 years and about 5 years for the beach. Your videos have got me spending money I don't really have. I bought a gopro 5. I love your overlaid speed dial thingy's and tomorrow will be a good test for it. I'll post up a video here if it all works out okay. I guess you guys in Australia and New Zealand are already sitting down to Christmas dinner. Remember to wrap up warm before you go out. Don't want you guys catching a cold like me. Have a great Christmas.
  9. Death Kite Nomination

    Ha! Thanks! I look forward to bakersdozen Kingston video and your stretching session .:) I've always suffered with lower back pain but since taking a break from the buggy, I can't even sneeze or cough without bracing myself first. A lack of kiting has definitely made it worse. Trouble is, I don't do any other exercise either. Use it or lose it as they say. Hope you have a speedy recovery, a great Christmas and an even greater time at Kingston.
  10. Death Kite Nomination

    Joel, would you please kindly take 100 posts and 100 points off my total. Thankyou.
  11. gps cocks

    He's wielding a big club that's for sure
  12. gps cocks

    Paste this into Google Maps 50.8137° N, 2.4749° W
  13. World record at Lefroy.

    Impressive to say the least. Looks like he spun after the blowout too. Hooj balls.
  14. this is england

    I love it! Haha! No problem man. Glad you enjoyed your time here. Safe journey and catch you next time.
  15. this is england

    Hey! If you're passing my way and would like to buggy my local field this weekend let me know (Croydon, Purley Way). I can bring the buggy, a harness and I believe I still have some Flexifoil blade kites. They are all I have unfortunately as the LEI's got stolen a few years ago so I've been out of the game since. Would be funny to meet up. You ride and I'll film it.