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  1. m.klinge

    Pimp my ride

    Holy fack those are great looking! 😍 //M
  2. m.klinge


    Your always welcome in Denmark as well, we have an old airfield as well (though 4 hours from me so haven't been to it yet) :-) //M
  3. m.klinge

    Pokemon Go

    Today it seems the user if this app was the cause of a man's (21 year old) death in Denmark. The van he was driving ended up hitting a three by the side of the road. Pokemon go was still running in his phone when the police arrived. Now that strictly doesn't mean he was playing and driving, but one would certainly think that was the case... Not that this don't happen when people are texting and driving as well, but just shows why fiddling with the phone while driving is a bad (and illegal) idea... //M
  4. m.klinge

    Landboarding crash at Brighton Beach

    Just a wee bit heavier :-p //M
  5. m.klinge

    Best Covers of All Time

    I was instantly thinking of this track, it's by far (imho) the better version compared to the original :-) //M
  6. m.klinge

    Flysurfer speed 5

    Well yes and no. With my Speed 4 I used it up to 10-12 ms (20-24 knots) and had a blast (usually in those winds it's only if it was building since I got it in the air). Low wind is just to keep meet sane and the itch away :-) But if it's like the speed 4 the fun begins at 6-7 ms (14-16 knots) on the TT. //M
  7. m.klinge

    Flysurfer speed 5

    Oh look what turned up at my doorstep yesterday! Can't wait to give it a go :-) I liked the color of the 12 meter better but the orange isn't too bad on the eyes :-) //M
  8. m.klinge

    Flysurfer speed 5

    I've just offloaded my Speed 4 15 meter to make some cash for the new speed 5 15 meter :-) I'm really looking forward for it to arrive, hopefully within the next 2-3 days. Luckily the Danish summer right now is windy enough for my 9 meter :-) Will let you know when it arrives :-) //M
  9. m.klinge

    Speed 5 15m and 18m

    Which makes sense since they're German based :-) Once I get my Speed 4 Lotus 15 meter sold a brand new speed 5 15 meter will be coming my door :-) //M
  10. m.klinge

    Flysurfer speed 5

    Sounds about right :-) //M
  11. m.klinge

    Red Bull Ragnarok 2016

    Haha yeah it kinda puts things a bit in perspective :-) If you do, don't worry last year there was a few participants without any kiting experience just a week prior to the race :-D It's like even if you feel you're doing bad you most properly still have like 10-15 guys and girls behind you - as long as you cross the start line :-) //M
  12. m.klinge

    Red Bull Ragnarok 2016

    The field it's made of people with very little snowkite experience to top snowkiters add in freestyle kites and light wind - yeah within a 15 minutes from starr the 350 kiters are scattered all over the course :-) It's usually a 20 km roundtrip in a direct line between the gates. This year the course was crossing itself making it seem (and feel) even more chaotic :-) //M
  13. m.klinge

    Red Bull Ragnarok 2016

    Thanks guys :-) There's more official pictures in www.redbullragnarok.com :-) //M
  14. m.klinge

    Red Bull Ragnarok 2016

    Heh yeah I can see why that would be quite expensive for you down there :-) Being both a kiteboarder and landboarder snowboard would seem like the best choice - but the snow is often very icy (No chance of finde much powder and the track) and the wind is often very light, so snowboards are actually more complicated to ride compared to skies. They're also much harder on the knees due to the conditions - but if the conditions was ideal I would go for a snowboard. Actually I did go out on the snowboard the day after the race :-) This year 22 out of 350 kiters did the 5 laps within the cutoff time - so yeah quite challanging :-) //M
  15. m.klinge

    Red Bull Ragnarok 2016

    It was some really hard conditions this year. We had everything from 0 (Yes completely zero) knots to 20-ish knots. Sunshine and whiteout as well. I had a bit of trouble with trimming my speed 4 15 meter after replacing the depower strap on the beach before leaving for the race. As such the kite wasn't perfect for the conditions to say the least, but I made it work. I managed to finish 2 laps and 3 gates (Out of 5) - so basically half the entire race. Which landed me at a position 91 out of 131 in mens skies class. Once more my lack of skiing abillities was a drawback for me, but I'm getting better every year :-) I've attached a few pictures to show the mood prior to racestart :-) All in all I'm quite happy with my result, I'm by no measure a race kiter let alone a snowkiter, so it's not about the placement for me. Though I wuld like to finish all 5 laps next year :-D //M