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  1. .Joel

    Simpsons Go Kiteboarding

  2. .Joel

    Ride Up, Fly Down

    Snowkiting the very peaks and flying down
  3. .Joel

    Flexifoil out of business ?

    Unsure about speculation, realistically they were 'gone' as a kite company years ago. They went from being a kite brand to selling plastic water bottles, hammocks, towels and whatever else they could print 'flexifoil' on and progressively reduced their range of kites year after year. Real shame, my old Flexifoil Blade IV's remain my favourite fixed bridle kites to this day
  4. .Joel

    Should I ask for warranty?

    Sorry, looking at the photos I can't see anything wrong with the T-Shirt. You'll need to contact QCAT for any future remedies
  5. .Joel

    Dash Cam Videos

    These are always entertaining, however this one just takes it to another level
  6. .Joel

    Reedin Kites

    Kevin Langeree announces launching his new kitesurfing brand Reedin Kites. He's partnered up with Damien Girardin whom previously worked for Naish Kiteboarding. I remember interviewing Kevin back in around 2009 for a podcast after he had just won the world freestyle championships. A decade later being at the top of the sport he launches his own brand. Incredible progression, can't wait to see how he moves forward. https://www.reedinkites.com/
  7. .Joel

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    I washoping that someone had taken over the reigns of the cafe/farm. Unfortunately not.
  8. .Joel

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    He was never a fan, just a chameleon in pansh clothing. Flexi Buggy & Kites $550 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/yanchep/surfing/kite-surfing-powerkite-kite-buggy-flexifoil/1236679218
  9. .Joel

    2020 Vision at Kingston

    We won't be there this year, it's too close to No2. Does anyone know if Sandy Grove is still operating?
  10. .Joel


    Amazing. 😍
  11. .Joel

    2019 Cabrinha Bar $300

  12. .Joel

    Bye Dad.

    1yr today. House was filled with people today to celebrate and remember. We've kept his gyros busy and spinning the past year
  13. .Joel

    Peter Lynn Buggy + Kite Package

    @alison melia 2.5m left.
  14. .Joel

    The keeper of kites.....

    Genuinely felt safer leaving my kites with her on the beach
  15. .Joel

    Ozone Riot 9m

    @Northern Kites Australia / @Northern Kites Au . . . . .