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  1. I've listed the Weekend & Christmas Break tides for Summer 2017/18 at Waratah Bay that are ideal for land kiting. Ideal for either day trips or over-nighters. The break over Christmas looks absolutely amazing this year, the best days in Jan for those not heading over to Kingston 2018 look awesome too with some of the best weekends rounding off the end of Summer during February. Subscribe/Follow this topic to keep up to date
  2. Big Daddy Deluxe!

    Ahh now I understand what long weekends are for, so you've got a day either side to setup and pack back down
  3. Big Daddy Deluxe!

    There will be no sentences that involve you, me, 'sneakiness' and a swag I was really surprised by the quality considering the price and comparing it against my old Darche swag. They're 3 seconds up and 3 knots of wind until they're flat on your face. The only "instant" tents I'd look at are the inflatable ones, however they're $$$. Swag has mattress, sleeping bag etc all in one rolled up and takes 2 minutes to setup. Built strong for frequent use and longevity. 1 bulky item thrown on roof racks next to roof box. Instant Popup tent requires separate mattress, separate sleeping bag etc. Built light for small packaging and light weight travel. 3 items floating around inside the car. I'd rather sleep in this..... Than this.... The added bonus of me owning a swag shitting @nigel is always nice
  4. Big Daddy Deluxe!

    Early Christmas present from the parents... Sandy Point overnighter's sorted. This swag is.... HUUUGGGEEE! Getting Olivia's approval....
  5. Four Wheel Kite Buggy

    No need to wonder, you can now own it and experience the discomfort yourself
  6. Four Wheel Kite Buggy

    It's Gav's @ Peter Lynn. I think it's being offloaded / sold. @The Duke would feel right at home
  7. Four Wheel Kite Buggy

    At least this one doesn't steer backwards like the last one @Chook and @BobM brought to kingston
  8. The Dark Force

    I thought that was the purple ones? Your name isn't @nigel so you're more than welcome to test fly them If I was a lesser man I'd take my bat and ball and go home I do believe you still have a 9M Stretcher-FR ?
  9. Happy B'Day Andy666

    Happy B'Day @andy666, I thought you'd appreciate some photos of your younger self
  10. The Dark Force

    Joining the dark side of the force for 2018
  11. Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Bull & Jenny dropped in this morning for a couple of hours, they were down for the Melbourne Cup. Lake was discussed, not much rain there lately however not as dry as it was years back. If we can get the top 1/3 or top 1/2 it would be a good result. Anyway, you're the one married to the meteorologist what's the forecast?
  12. The Block 2017

    Your 'Columbo' skills are wedged right next to 'Alex Sanz's Human Powered Windmeter' Try this... https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/memory
  13. The Block 2017