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  1. .Joel


    Amazing. 😍
  2. .Joel

    2019 Cabrinha Bar $300

  3. .Joel

    Bye Dad.

    1yr today. House was filled with people today to celebrate and remember. We've kept his gyros busy and spinning the past year
  4. .Joel

    Peter Lynn Buggy + Kite Package

    @alison melia 2.5m left.
  5. .Joel

    The keeper of kites.....

    Genuinely felt safer leaving my kites with her on the beach
  6. .Joel

    Ozone Riot 9m

    @Northern Kites Australia / @Northern Kites Au . . . . .
  7. .Joel

    Peter Lynn Buggy + Kite Package

    Only a couple of small Nasa's left at the moment.
  8. .Joel

    PrinCube - Totally Awesome!

    Will this make your Christmas list? Nifty little project with lots of uses. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/princube-the-world-s-smallest-mobile-color-printer
  9. .Joel

    Ozone Wasp Wing

    They've come out mainly aimed at hydrofoiling, an inflatable version of @bakersdozen's fixed wing so they float when you hit the water Ozone Wasp: https://www.kitepower.com.au/products/ozone-wasp-v1-wing-surfer Duotone: https://www.briskites.com.au/catalog/wing-surfers-and-foil-wings/duotone-foil-wing-2654.html + Naish, Slingshot and others are all making them now as well.
  10. .Joel


    Do you have an old kite to test it on? I can send some up your way
  11. .Joel

    Stockton Beach Disappearing

    https://www.news.com.au/technology/weve-lost-our-suburb-entire-beach-washed-away-in-massive-erosion-blitz/news-story/5e1f38423747ad87c431b55e240de721 And it's chewing away at the town as well...
  12. .Joel

    Kite buggy and kites

    Maybe in 1950.... Please list a price for the package, thank you.
  13. Interesting experiment about filling your kite with Helium. I actually always wondered this myself
  14. Interesting video regarding the state of kiteboarding brands
  15. .Joel

    Kite Artists & Prints

    T-Shirts are easy to find, it seems prints and wall art is a little trickier Please share links to artists and places that release wall art & prints. Megan, Kitesurfer & Artist living in Antigua. Megan's Prints: https://www.lifeofmegan.com/prints/ Megan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megananxo/ How Megan creates her drawings: Feel free to share any links to other people selling kite related prints.