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  1. Someone giving his new(2nd hand) Chrono a fly

    Oooohhhh..... he's got himself a foil
  2. Super intersting!
  3. Bye Dad.

    Thanks guys, and appreciate those who came to the funeral. The morning before the funeral I dressed Dad with the family and he went wearing his Extreme Kites Buggy T-Shirt underneath his suit It has gone from being very real and being incredibly hard, to just a surreal feeling of emptiness. My kiting gear is still stored at his place, so it's a bit raw at the moment to go load up the buggy on the car without him to go for a kite. The aim is to enjoy Christmas then get back in the buggy in the new year, and have a big gyros.
  4. Bye Dad.

    Sometimes things just don't go to plan... Jim Theodorakopoulos 26/09/1963 - 10/11/2018 My Dad's battle with cancer is now over, but the memories he left behind are not. For nearly 15 years he'd come to our Sandy Point meets and lend a hand, a lot of people here will remember him from the XK Meets where he'd come setup the Gyros and cook. Dad's first passion was Fishing, he'd always pack his rods then comment that I would "find the windiest blown out places on the face of the earth." So eventually he put the rods away, bought a Kite Buggy and packed that instead. Once his kite control and confidence grew, so did the blind optimism that despite whatever the forecast said it was going to be a good day's kiting and we should go! I'll miss him, our family will miss him, and his grand daughter who grew exceptionally close to him the last six months will really miss him.
  5. Tread Marks @ Speed Week 2018

    @nigel translated
  6. Garmin etrex 10

    Har Har Har.... No that's my other eTrex Just a few too many "extras" in the kit, this being one of them.
  7. Garmin etrex 10

    Garmin etrex 10 GPS. $100 + post.
  8. For those that enjoy a sail between their legs...
  9. First time foil flight

    Picture of your bar setup? The new trim ropes for the Ozone bars have a bungee in them. If you're handy you could buy some 2mm/3mm bungee cord and splice it through the centre of your trim line yourself. Your other option is to get a metal ring, have it run around the centre depower line and attach the loose end of the trim line to it. Similar to the way Peter Lynn do it here.
  10. Home Brewed Kite Buggies

    Received this from Fa Be yesterday
  11. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    The Phantom 2 was discontinued a couple of years ago.
  12. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    I see a trend starting here @Cheezycheese GT-Rapide & PL Phantom1's..... you're welcome here anytime I really like the new rear-axle connection on the Rapide V, and the new footpegs with the GT in the middle are sweet.
  13. Eco Charging....

    You're all doing it wrong... No tents, no sleeping bags, no food. Really get back to nature... dumped in the middle of nowhere, naked, with the rhythmic clapping of your thighs as you walk for music.
  14. Tread Marks @ SPEED WEEK 2018! Saturday November 3rd - Tuesday November 6th. More info to follow.