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  1. Home Brewed Kite Buggies

    Received this from Fa Be yesterday
  2. Peter Lynn Arc Comprehensive FAQ

    The Phantom 2 was discontinued a couple of years ago.
  3. GT Buggy on New York south shores

    I see a trend starting here @Cheezycheese GT-Rapide & PL Phantom1's..... you're welcome here anytime I really like the new rear-axle connection on the Rapide V, and the new footpegs with the GT in the middle are sweet.
  4. Eco Charging....

    You're all doing it wrong... No tents, no sleeping bags, no food. Really get back to nature... dumped in the middle of nowhere, naked, with the rhythmic clapping of your thighs as you walk for music.
  5. Tread Marks @ SPEED WEEK 2018! Saturday November 3rd - Tuesday November 6th. More info to follow.
  6. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    And now it gets more interesting So B&M (Boards & More) we're designing and manufacturing North kites such as the Rebel, Vegas, Dice etc, they also make ION accessories and a few other brands. They're now moving forward as "Duotone" or "True" ... However the owners of the North name (Oakley Capital / North Sails/Group) apparently are re-entering the market and will keep the North brand going... So essentially the design team behind the largest selling brand became Duotone... North, one of the longest names in the history of Kiteboarding will now essentially start all over... https://www.kiteworldmag.com/news/northkiteboarding2019/
  7. Jetman Dubai : Young Feathers

    Alright, things are progressing a bit
  8. Eco Charging....

    I can see a small row of these lined up on the top of either @nigel's or @igeighty's & @Mez's campers.....
  9. Home Brewed Kite Buggies

    Fa Be.... building something new..... Looks pretty solid with that double side rail
  10. Happy Birthday.....

    Happy B'Day! It's time for a duggeeee hug!
  11. Snow Time Sale - Kites - Ozone & PL

    There was a Flysurfer in there?
  12. Happy Birthday.....

    Happy B'Day @mik333, may you forget where you stashed your blade 1's in your old age....
  13. Need a defrost button.....

    Ice Ice Ice.... The night before the morning ice we were coming back from Chadstone, and one of the soccer fields was covered in fog under the spotlights, you could make yourself disappear in there it was so thick!
  14. Snow Time Sale - Kites - Ozone & PL

    So you are reducing the room for the kites that you do use?
  15. Multi-Rotor Thread

    That didn't take long Mavic is a brilliant piece of kit