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  1. Website Upgrades

    Quick Update: Extreme Kites has changed to using SSL throughout the whole website.  You will now see a "padlock" sign to the left of the URL in your browser or mobile device.  There may be some image errors displaying over the next 24 hours as the system has to go back through nearly 15 years of posts and content and re-adjust all URLS to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

    More updates to come ;) 

  2. Competition Time!!

    Once again Born-Kite shows its support for the Extreme Kites Community and I thank Steffen for his support.  One of the, if not the smallest manufacturer in Land Kiting doing the most to help us encourage more participation, content and information sharing.  Hats off :hatsoff:

  3. 3 minutes ago, jhn.holgate said:

    Just a thought with the Dolly - if you find it tricky to pull/push it slowly and smoothly

    Some good ideas there John :good:  
    For convenience I use a large thin elastic band.  It has a dampening effect, provided the surface has some drag to it.
    On a fast flat surface, I drag part of my arm on it as the friction allows you to keep a more steady movement.

  4. World Records on Extreme Kites

    3 hours ago, Clive said:

    Any chance of getting the filter section to allow a " select all " in each component. 

    You can select all:

    Option 1) Click the first item, scroll to the bottom of the box, hold shift and click the second item.
    Option 2) Click the first item, then hold either command on OSX or CTRL on Windows, and select all additional line items you want included in the filter.

    On a tablet, just click multiple lines and it puts a tick next to each.

  5. Extreme Kites T-Shirts

    28 minutes ago, mezzararty said:

    Shall be placing an order in the next month (once the wage starts to come back in) Not sure what colour to pick - love the orange!

    You can change the T-Shirt colours to whatever you desire :good: 
    I've always liked how bright the Orange is as well, two other colours I quite like are the Purple and Asphalt. 

    speed-seeker-women-s-women-s-t-shirt-3.jpg speed-seeker-premium-women-s-womens-premium-t-shirt-3.jpg


    Some more colours that are available too... check the dropdown on the product listings for more colour options.






  6. On 13 September 2016 at 0:21 PM, DrWind said:

    I managed to pick up a Guerilla II 1500 just last week and it looks like it has been flown once. Plenty of life remaining and still a very forgiving kite to fly.

    It's amazing how many kites people have bought, and they've sat there pristine for years just on a shelf until one day they clean the shed out and rediscover them.  


  7. Smokin

    Looks awsome!  Last night.... Grilled Oysters, Calamari and Flathead.




    Then today I came across this, and I think I need one of these smokin' BBQ helpers....


    Mon barbecue de Samedi soir... <3

    Posted by Avions de chasse on Sunday, September 4, 2016


  8. Smokin

    Looks great.  I use two Weber Q's, the Family Q and Baby Q which are both gas bbqs.  

    I've mastered pork belly on them, however wanted to do a slow briskett so here's one that I cooked over the space of about 6 to 7 hrs.  I use some hickory & apple woodchips in a foil pocket, and to keep moisture I use an apple cider to the side of it and just baste it once every hour.





    @ssayre we should start up an XK food blog and collaborate on there :D 

  9. Extreme Kites Reviews

    Our reviews have now hit Page3 and the section continues to grow with members submitting new Reviews.
    I'm also bringing across old reviews from past versions of the website.

    Link: http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/ :good: 

    As always, reviews help the whole community so if you have a kite that hasn't been reviewed, or even if it has a second point of view is always welcome :)